1. Maliki79

    Maliki's Location Loader ver 1.1

    Maliki's Location Loader ver 1.1   Features:  This plugin allows users to designate a location for players to respawn after loading a saved game. Howto: 3 game variables are required to use this plugin.  They can be changed like any other variable to place players where you want. Detailed...
  2. Buglely

    Music In the menus

    could someone by chance know a script or want to make one but I want to be able to hear SE, ME, BGM, or BGS on the save menu.  I found a script involving animations and  music. So the menu Plays background music but when I selcect the save menu the music stops. Is there a way to let the music...

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I usually don't enjoy survival games, but I absolutely love Conan Exiles.
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I've developed a habit of thanking cleaning ladies for their work.
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Spent a whole bunch of time today reworking the area in the video because someone said it was too illusory. So I reworked it so it changes less, moved the grass up to the same level as the player.... And found enough extra resources to make the grass moves when the player touches it. Also lots more water, because it looks amazing. I'll probably put up a short updated video later today.

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