1. isaias20

    [Request] saving text while (save progress) script

    is there any way to display the text "saving ..." while the player save the game? (RPG Maker VX Ace) Sometimes, when you have been playing for many hours and a lot of progress and you save the game, the program takes a long time to save, so it would be appropriate to show a message or something...
  2. Block saving while on transports

    Is there a way to block the player from saving when they are on the boat/airship/ship? I want my game to be like the FF series where you can save on the world map and selected save points/crystals but not when you are on the transports. I've looked around a bit and can't find any information...
  3. Ispguy

    Trouble With Saving Using Plugin

    I am currently making a short rpg horror game. I felt inclined to add a stamina system so that the player can only run for so long before having to let it recharge. I used Silver's Dash Stamina to achieve this. The problem is when using the plugin I can no longer save the game. I've tried...
  4. rpghexe

    Removing saveing from menu.

    Hi, so in the game in creating I have added an actual object in the game that serves as a save point, that the player can use to access the save menu from. Because of this, I want to remove the option to save from the menu, aka the pause menu, because two ways to save just seems a bit overkill...
  5. DarkEspeon

    Creating chapters for the game?

    Hello! I'd like to know if it's possible to create a chapter system. Most of the time people want to be able to return to these chapters later on, but I don't need to be able to go to any of them. I just want some kind of a display at given moments? Like an animation, or I don't know what...
  6. Benja

    A problem with Jet's APPDATA saving script!

    Hi there! So recently, I've received a complaint from a person who played my game! They are from russia, and are having some trouble with the game, and i have pinpointed the error to jet's appdata saving script, which claims to be compatible with non english characters. This is the...
  7. TheTitan99

    JS Request: Partial Save/Modify Save

    I am requesting a way to modify only certain parts of a save file, without doing a complete save. I think it'd be easier to explain this in examples. Example 1: In Undertale and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, cutscenes play differently (usually faster since you've seen it already) if...
  8. TriceratopsX

    I need to save the world! Where was I?

    Alright so when a player leaves a game unfinished for a while (days, weeks, months) before coming back to finish it, how do you guys remind them of where they were in the story? (current events/quests)
  9. Joronjo

    Less than 20 saves in game

    Is there a way to modify the stock js files to change the amount of files i get in a game? I don't think 20 save files are completely necessary for a short game.
  10. NoTaku

    RestoreLocation load the game at a specific location

    This simple plugin will allow you to restore a saved game with the player in a specific location that you can set in a variety of ways. You can clear the stored location (thus allowing the player to save anywhere), modify it a piece at a time, use variables to set the location, set the location...
  11. Save/Load Game at a Specific Location (Dark Souls Bonfire-Esque)

    Description: 1) The player is able to save his game anywhere, but upon loading the game, he is returned to the last place/map he marked as a return point (similar to Dark Souls' bonfire system) 2) The player is able to use an item to mark his current location (mapID,mapX,mapY) as the location...
  12. File Scene and Saving Problem

    I am making a little tutorial game to show her how simple it can be to make a game but the problem I have is when I playtest and try to save the game cashes and when I try to load the save it says "Script 'Scene_File' line 241: ArgumentError occurred. marshal data too short." I haven't messed...
  13. Messed-UpSaia

    Problems with saving. Please help!

    Hello! A noob here with noob problem. I've just started making an rpg (horror based) and so I watched one tutorial after another. I managed to learn but I have one small problem: The save. I'm not entirely sure why but first I made a cutscene about a girl chasing her dog, then after a few...
  14. Save Tileset settings

    Hi, so I recently bought RPG maker VX ace and decided to mess around with it. I downloaded a tileset and set the passage options for all of the tiles. When I started a new project, I realized that I needed to redo the entire tileset for the new project. Is there a way of saving tileset settings...
  15. Matseb2611

    [Ace] Trouble with Jet's AppData Saving script

    Hi. I've been trying to use Jet's AppData Saving script, which is supposed to keep save files in a separate folder, but I keep coming across an error. The moment I launch the game, I get a script error, saying "Line 42: Errno::ENOTDIR occurred." And then it says 'Not a directory'. I am guessing...
  16. Ultimacj

    Worse saving system ever?

    In your opinion what is the worse saving file feature you've experienced in a video game platform?  This can range from any game/any genre.  I'm just curious what your thoughts are! For me the top two ranking ones would prob be: Castlevania II (NES) or Rambo (NES) for its insane 30 character...
  17. Ultimacj

    Save Feature

    I've had a few people who beta tested my game had problems saving.  Upon investigating, I thought I had 'Disable Saving' in any of my events.  This was not the case (it happens on my laptop though not my main machine and they both use Windows 7 and both are signed on as administrator). Unless...
  18. Amplifaè

    Project processing takes forever

    Hi, Okay, erm, I got myself thr RPG Maker VX Ace Programm a few weeks ago from that steam sale. I have been reading tutorials, trying out stuff, making my own first game. But after a while I noticed that certain options take forever to finish. I speak of options like: "New project", "Open...
  19. Koi

    Monsters respawned after re-entering game.

    My game has over-world monsters, and in one section they are "hidden" in thorny hedges, and come flying out at you. This is done just with two events, the monster event having a blank page to begin with, and then another event to walk over that triggers the monster's next page where it will come...

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