1. Beginning a New Game and Need Help knowing where to look.

    Hello all I am looking to make a game that will boil down to a series of 3 vs 3 party battles. The mechanic's I am having trouble figuring out are. Setting up my encounter space. The image that is attached is a rough mockup of how I would like the battle screen to look. The file is...
  2. Black Mamba

    Visual Drop/Loot Animation in-battle

    i want a system when you kill the enemy they really drop from him, show a animation with Icon from iconset or predefined pictures bounce in the ground and desapear, and show in corner of the screen loot/drop names examples: i made a mockup here:
  3. SaburoX

    Ace Tankentai Support Questions.

    I'm trying to make use of Enu's Tankentai Sideview Battle System , and I've got several questions since there are features that work differently than what I'm familiar with. 1. What ATB should I be using? When I first switched over I saw people suggesting Fomar's, and then in the tankentai...
  4. Rikifive

    [WORKAROUND] Hide actor when performing skill

    Hello everybody, I'm using Reedo's Side Battle System and ... He's offline for a long time and I think he'll not help me with that. I have two things I would love to have in that script: 1) Hide character, when performing skill. I'm using MOG scripts, and it does provide hiding actor, but it...
  5. mr_ringtales_workshop


    Hey there RPG MAKER community. I'm working with VX ACE, and I've come across a big limitation for myself. My characters all use pretty big weapons, buster swords and axes, things like that. BUT, the iconset uses such... tiny little icons. It is very hard to make detailed weapons and it kind of...
  6. Zacyia

    Tankentai/Journey Issue [States]

    Ok, I have been having this issue for a while now, and this to me is "game breaking." It seems that journey only allows for states to be applied or removed. It does not give the option to chose a 10% or 30% chance of a state being applied. Is there ANY way to get around this? Other wise I will...
  7. TheoAllen

    Theolized Sideview Battle System

    Theolized Sideview Battle System (Or if you prefer, you may call it Theo Animated Battle) Version : 1.4 (with patch) Type : Battle System / Battle Engine Opening : This is my first battle system script and my masterpiece script so far. At first, I made this script for my own personal use...
  8. Reedo

    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition (RSSBSACE) Version 1.7b September 30, 2013 By Reedo   References None. This is an original script by Reedo.   Description This script is a recreation of the original RSSBS created for VX back at the end of 2009.  The script has been completely...

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