1. MichaelaThisten

    RMMZ Horror Ideas?

    I have a few upcoming projects in mind but I'm a raging addict who always wants to hear more ideas! It could be anything from a plot idea, to a monster/villian idea, tips and tricks or a particular scare setup-as long as it's horror related, and you don't mind if I potentially use those ideas in...

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It's a Spanish devlog don't get scared!.
Just read the forum rules just for kicks and rule 14 reminds me of this:
I'm in the process of converting all locks and intimidate/persuade dialogue options into D20 DC based success/fail (modified by player skill). Before, it required a certain flat amount you had to meet, but with rolls, it offers more freedom. For instance, you can repeatedly try to unlock a door instead of just not meeting the requirement to unlock it.
Since we get very close: If you want to enjoy the advent calendar as it is intended, wait til your date and the day in the URL line up, so you have the final day on actual christmas and not the day before... time zones ;3
Crossover Inn is getting very crowded, and I love it

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