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    Scene Tutorial VX ACE

    Scene Tutorial VX Ace version of an old script from MA from VX   This script allows you to create tutorials for the scenes in your game, such as for the menu or for the battle system, by freezing user input and allowing you to control the movement of the scene through a special tutorial common...

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Our water started to work again, now i don't have to fill up our toilet with water again.
Finally able to return to work after months of lockdown. My poor feet are hurting :( I need to get used to working again haha
My birthday was yesterday and tomorrow marks the day my grandpa died around 5-6 years ago. I think about him a lot, and surprisingly had grown to become interested in programming- something he'd done for a living among other things. Funny how life works. I'm just glad I was able to enjoy yesterday with my immediate family. Anyway- guess who's 9 + 10?
Sometimes I don't understand my life LOL :3

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