1. AceOfAces_Mod

    Udefined method when editing a gameover script.

    Consider the following scenario: You installed DoctorTodd's GameOver +. You modify part of the script like this: class Scene_Gameover < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Start Processing...
  2. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over - development version

    Fellow MV developers, I'd like to present to you the Custom Game Over plugin (find the thread for the stable version here), and request your help testing two features that I'm trying to make sure are properly bugfixed. If your game freezes up or has other problems while you're using it, please...
  3. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over behavior

    Custom Game Over Version 1.3 by McKathlin Introduction Change what happens when the party dies or an event calls Game Over processing. In some games, after the party dies they find themselves in a recently visited safe place, where they can continue their game with all...
  4. Torqus

    AutoLoad Latest Savegame on Gameover

    AUTOLOAD LATEST SAVEGAME ON GAMEOVER   Hello everyone. Today is a glorious day for me, I finally did something by myself with this program :D Changelog --> Version 1.1 Added line 56, the game wouldn't resume BGM or BGS after being autoloaded, now it does. Description As the name says...

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