1. subengari

    RMMZ createDisplayObjects command execution order

    Salve, fellow makers! Behold the following snippet: Based on the first function, Scene_Map.prototype.createDisplayObjects, it is my belief that this.createWindowLayer (and therefore this.createRewardsLayer) should be executed before this.createTreasureChestSprites. However, upon execution...
  2. RMMZ Transporting Player without being on Scene_Map

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to look, I am trying to make a debug menu in which the player can transport between all maps and then change positions accordingly, I've been able to display the maps, but when I try to transport the player it only seems to update when Scene_Map is open, but I...
  3. RMMV Scene lifecycle? Where to do clean-up?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering, what is the lifecycle of a Scene like? I wrote a plugin to draw some stuff on screen in Scene_Map. I did that by creating some sprites an adding them to the scene's children. Now menu windows are partially transparent in the game but I do not want the things I...
  4. Isabella Ava

    How to fill a window with color?

    Hi everyone, I have add an custom window on map, i wonder how to fill it with a solid color and hide the window skin? (so only a colored rectangle are showing instead of a window filled with color) =D thank you very much
  5. Anomaly

    Making sure I'm not loosing my mind here.

    Hey everyone! Normally, I never really post help topics because I would usually figure everything out myself. Coming from VX Ace and using MV finally. (I bought back in 2015 as a pre-order). I took it upon myself to finally dive into JavaScript. Having coded a lot in Ruby before (RGSS3's...
  6. Window Displaying Tile Contents

    As part of the strategy engine I'm developing, I want to have a small window in the lower left corner that displays information on the tile the player's is currently standing on. I'd also like it to display soldier counts and a few other bits of relevant information when an event with the...
  7. Jragyn

    J MapTime Regen

    J_MapTime V: 1.0  Creator name: J ( Jragyn, J, Jeremy, take your pick) Introduction This is a stand-alone plugin that puts use to stats like HRG/MRG/TRG on the map. I'll say this many times, but even though it does work without a HUD, I imagine that it would make the most sense to find a...
  8. ougitou1

    In map teleport system

    Hi all!  Is it possible to create an in map teleport system using the set destination method in rmmv, to create something like the instant transmission in gba's Dbz buu's fury?
  9. brinsleylogic

    Character update/render methods

    Hey guys, Been playing around with some of the sprite update methods and was wondering: Is there a way to stop the Scene_Map from updating its sprite logic, but still have the sprites animate? I had overridden the Scene_Map.prototype.update method and called just...
  10. ZelsesWind

    Calling Scene_Map via scripting without ignoring Common Event? Rpg Maker XP

    Hello, I have a little technical problem wich is driving me crazy and I hope I'm not doing wrong by posting it here. I couldn't find a troubleshooting portion on the page. I did a little battle system all via common event, wich is kind of simple, but I wanted to use the rpg maker XP Skill Menu...

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