1. Anomaly

    Making sure I'm not loosing my mind here.

    Hey everyone! Normally, I never really post help topics because I would usually figure everything out myself. Coming from VX Ace and using MV finally. (I bought back in 2015 as a pre-order). I took it upon myself to finally dive into JavaScript. Having coded a lot in Ruby before (RGSS3's...
  2. RupamOntherocks

    Brand New - Grand Menu

    Hi, after a long time, I'm posting a new menu script. It's my second script. This is menu script, with many customization. This script require another script called "GUI Configuration". That's all, plug and play. If you want to change any adjustment just go through the script. I made...
  3. ramza

    Popup dialogue window

    Hello. I'm still pretty new at this javascript thing, and I've mostly been learning by disassembling other people's scripts. Unfortunately, nothing I've managed to look at has helped me figure out how to go about doing the following: Popping a window with text over the menu scene Making that...
  4. NotFlamingo

    Script to stop parallel common event

    Hello, I'm trying to make custom hud that updates itself every frame or at least every second. I need it to show pictures and item counts. I need it to auto-hide on specific regions, also when player opens menu and when map event says to stop showing it. I successfully created custom hud...
  5. RupamOntherocks

    Organized Menu MOD

    Script Name: Organized Menu MOD Auther: Rupam Ontherocks This is my very first script which provides a Scene_Menu in organized window view. Free to use in any project. Note: This is a single player menu system. MOD Features: - Categorized Menu Windows.                                      ...

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