1. Jonforum

    Advice and tip for assignment new parent Sprites?

    hi What are your advices or tricks for new parent assignment to a Sprites and the opportunity to return to the original parent. example: to change parent i do this Game_Picture.prototype.spine = function(id){ var newParent =...
  2. Jonforum

    Best method to search a children id? very fast ?[SOLVED]

    Hi What would be the most effective way, for find a child or (sprite) in the _pictureContainer ? SceneManager._scene._spriteset._pictureContainer.children The problem is that I have a lot of picture and their CHILD id are messy.! I use the filter() method, but it is very heavy in resource...
  3. Access scenes in SceneManager, Open windows without freeze and blur filter

    Hello, so my questions are: How can i access the instance i pushed to the SceneManager? How can i display a window at the screen without freezing and filtering? This is what i got until now: var _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand = Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand...

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