1. RMMZ Transporting Player without being on Scene_Map

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to look, I am trying to make a debug menu in which the player can transport between all maps and then change positions accordingly, I've been able to display the maps, but when I try to transport the player it only seems to update when Scene_Map is open, but I...
  2. Is randomizing scenes/events possible?

    Wanted to ask if there's a way to have a random chance of choosing between several choice branches. Example: I wanted to have a thing where the player can walk into a location and have a random chance of finding different characters there. So, would it be possible to have something like an...
  3. Nekohime1989

    Creating Custom Scenes

    //============================================================================= // Manor Mouse Map System // MM_MapSystem.js //============================================================================= var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.MM_MapSystem = true; var Rachnera = Rachnera ||...
  4. Akrib

    Excecute command during different scenes

    Helleo everyone, I'm currently working on an in-game tutorial on how to use the equipment screen in the game. This requires me to show pictures and text while the player is in the equipment-scene. Sadly, there seems to be no way to excecute any command during the scene itself. Is there any...
  5. Akrib

    Change Cursor Image

    Hello everyone!, I have a rather specific request: Is it possible, to change the cursor graphic for different submenus? For example: In the equip-scene there is the slot-window and the item-list-window. Would it be possible, to have the standard cursor for the slot-window, but then have a...
  6. Akrib

    Skill list as item list

    Hello everyone, this is what I'd like to do: - have an equipment slot named "Skills" (no problem here) - display the skill-list when this slot is picked (instead of the item-list, from which you'd normally choose an item to equip). Is it possible, to modifiy the scenes.js file so that the...
  7. Indsh

    Pause game

    So I am creating a game which has an ABS. When things are ''Calm" you can change your formation but when things are "Crazy" a further option screen opens up, through a common event, so you can control the AI of your party. What I would like to know is how to "Pause" the game in the same way...
  8. SaburoX

    Calling a specific scene index?

    I know I can load a scene in VX Ace with the script call SceneManager.call(X). So my question is, how do you call a scene but jump to a specific index or category, or otherwise automate moving in that scene? I'm trying to put together a tutorial sequence, and I can load Scene_Item. That'll load...
  9. Kino

    How Scenes Work

    Introduction Scenes are the backbone of your project in RMMV. There are many scenes such as the map scene, menu scene, and battle scene. If you plan on adding new menus in your game, scenes are an important concept to understand. So, what's a scene? What's A Scene Scenes are parts of your game...
  10. Riku_Masamune

    Quitting Funtion from End Game.scene *fixed*

    So, like with VX Ace (maybe prior to those too) in the Game End window there was a quit to windows. So I took the liberty of adding it in. It works! But the wording doesn't show up, but if anyone would like to help edit the files to where 'Quit' shows up, that'd be appreciated. RPG_Scenes...
  11. Neil London

    Dialog while event is walking questions

    I hope this is in the right place   I'm trying to start an event movement with dialog while it is moving, BUT I don't want the next dialog to start until the movement is completed and the event start moving again.   From what I understand, you either  have the event moving with no...
  12. How do you have multiple windows open at once and overlap them?

    I have a HUD in my game that I am working on and I am an amateur at javascript (I really don't know what I'm doing). I have made a decent and functional HUD. The way that I made my HUD is such that there is a window on which I draw the contents of my HUD and then I hide the window skin...
  13. SonicXAssassin

    Making an event with multiple charecters

    I am trying to do an event were I need two other characters (other the event that activates the scene ) that are needed. After the scene I want to put in I want to have all of the then erase the other events with the main event at eh same time, or in a set order if I have to. What do I do so I...
  14. Milena

    Custom Scenes not stop event activity

    Is there a way that custom made scenes won't stop the events running in the screen? For example, when we access the menu, the NPCs moving on the screen (events) would pause. is there a way to disable that?
  15. Kino


    Intro: This plugin allows you, the developer, to create save states for things like multiple endings. This way you can keep each ending for viewing later on the title screen. Version: 1.00 Features: Creating save states Enabling save states Disabling save states Removing save...
  16. Tsukihime

    Windowskin Change

    This plugin allows you to change your windowskins using simple script calls. By default, the game only supports one windowskin, but with this plugin you can use multiple windowskins and change them during the game as needed. Custom windowskins can be used to allow players to customize how...
  17. Tsukihime

    Window Background Colors

    By default, RPG Maker’s window colors are determined by two things 1. The windowskin file called “Window” in the img/system folder 2. A standard background opacity defined in the code So for example, the default windows are dark colored with a semi-transparent opacity. However, what if...
  18. Kino

    EISTeleportationSystem Updated: Version: 1.03

    Intro: This plugin allows you set up a teleportation system in game. Version: 1.03 Change Log: Added ability to change player direction during teleport <teleportMap: <x> <y> <direction(see numpad)>  Example: <teleportMap: 11 6 6 > -- Player will be facing right after...
  19. Tsukihime

    Window Background Designer

      Tired of the same old windows? Want to use your own custom image to create your menus and user interfaces?   This plugin allows you to assign images to your windows and use them as the window backgrounds. It also allows you to remove the window frame so that all the player will see is your...
  20. Tsukihime

    Party Switching Scene

      In RPG Maker, you have a party of actors. This is the party that you control normally when you explore the world, participate in battle, and so on.However, what happens if there are more actors available in the game than you can recruit? We need to put those actors somewhere.This is where...

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