1. Tsukihime

    Party Switching Scene

      In RPG Maker, you have a party of actors. This is the party that you control normally when you explore the world, participate in battle, and so on.However, what happens if there are more actors available in the game than you can recruit? We need to put those actors somewhere.This is where...
  2. Kino

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Intro: This is a plugin that allows you to create books that the player can read in game via events, or common events. It brings up a book scene, which lets you go through a book page by page. Changelog: KRBook.js replaced by EISLibrarium.js Add multiple language...
  3. Milena

    Pre-terminate for JS

    In VXAce, there's a part where when you do a Scene and terminate it, there's the pre_terminate function that allows you to do something before termination. For example, I want to change the location of my menu before I terminate it, but then I can't do that because when I press cancel, it...
  4. Torqus

    Escape codes in Scenes

    So, I don't see anyone asking for this. I don't remember who did this in VX Ace, I think it was Victor and someone else had it too, a script that allowed to use the escape codes used in messages (specifically looking for Color and Icons) in the rest of the scenes, like the menu. So if I wanted...
  5. Tsukihime

    How to Event your own Splash Screen

    In this tutorial I will show you a way to create your own splash screen using events. This allows you to create any kind of splash screen you want without having to figure out how to write a plugin for it. Here is an example of the splash screen I use for my videos, which I created using...
  6. Milena

    Simplifying instances of scenes

    I have a function that has conditional operator inside of Game_System that checks if the scene I am in currently is at Scene_Menu or Scene_Map. However, it is very natural that this code: if(SceneManager._scene instanceof Scene_Map || SceneManager._scene instanceof Scene_Menu) {}becomes...
  7. Tsukihime

    Menu Music

    Ever wanted to play some music when you open up the menu? For example, on the map, you might have the regular map music playing, but then when you go to the menu, you have a separate BGM specifically for when players are going through the menu. With this plugin, you can do that just that! Not...
  8. Torqus

    Adding Extras with choices to menu

    Hello. I have a question about the menu, I'm using YEA Menu Engine, I already know how to add commands and make them call a Scene, ex: add Controls and that calls Scene_Controls, which shows a picture with key bindings info. What I don't know how to do is a command that opens more commands...
  9. ♥SOURCE♥

    Cutscene Skip. Plug-and-play COMFORT for your players!

        Cutscene Skip is a way to pause cutscenes and have the ability to skip them at will! We specifically designed this system so you can easily add it to any existing game with minimal effort, no matter the development stage! Everything gets executed properly. Event commands and their results...
  10. Tsukihime

    Writing Your Own Simple Menu Cursor

    In this tutorial, we will be writing our own menu cursor using a custom picture of your choice. By using a picture, you can design your cursor in an image editor such as Photoshop or Paint and then load it into the game. Goal We want to have a menu cursor such that It is easy to change how...
  11. Tsukihime

    Message Face Control

    This script provides a message code that allows you to change the face that will be displayed in the message box. This allows you to display different faces in the middle of a message. The message code is customizable so you can choose what code you want to use in case of conflicts with other...
  12. ♥SOURCE♥

    Menu Scrollbars

  13. Tsukihime

    Scene Event Animations

      This script is an add-on for the Scene Interpreter. It allows you to display various screen effects such as pictures  weather  tone change  screen flash  fade in, fade out This allows you to display animations in your scenes using basic eventing. If you can call a common event, you can take...
  14. TinyMine

    Scene Tutorial VX ACE

    Scene Tutorial VX Ace version of an old script from MA from VX   This script allows you to create tutorials for the scenes in your game, such as for the menu or for the battle system, by freezing user input and allowing you to control the movement of the scene through a special tutorial common...
  15. Tsukihime

    Splash Screen Map

    This script allows you to create splash screens using events. When the player launches your game, a special "splash screen map" will be loaded and start running. You can use events in this splash screen map to set up your opening sequences, such as any splash screens using "show picture"...
  16. Tsukihime

    Window Animation Designer

    This script provides animation properties that allow you to easily design window animations. Rather than writing how the animation should be performed, you simply write what you expect it to do, and this designer handles the animation for you!   There are two types of animations opening...
  17. Quigon

    Simplified/Minimal Equip Scene

    I've been scratching my head over this for a few days now and've realised that editing the default scripts is getting me nowhere, so I thought I'd come and make a request here~   I'm looking to have an equip scene that looks like this. Enjoy my awful mockup.     So as you can see from there...
  18. Tsukihime

    [RGSS3] Creating your own window handlers

    This tutorial describes how you can create your own window handlers for any windows that you use for your scene. Some other environments call them "event listeners". For more information you can read the wiki article on the general concept. Handlers allow the window to communicate with the...

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