1. tale

    com_sho Tileset Packs (compilation)

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets that I resized for VX/ Ace here. There are 2 packs: mv_rtp and non-rtp mv_rtp folder: - akumu (nightmare) - arabian - dangerous neighborhood - forest - horror_house - horror_house_splatter - kabe (fancy room) - mvtiles (modern...
  2. Kirri

    RMVXA Your character in my game!

    Hello! :kaohi: First of all I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, so I'm sorry in advance. So, what is this about? = I want to add side story/side quest to my school game 'IMAGINE'. I also need to make the background characters different from each other to prevent clones anyway...
  3. Kirri

    RMVXA IMAGINE: Roleplay Club [Demo Available!]

    Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE Genre: Fantasy, Combined Genre with School Theme! Progress: 19% (Current Gameplay time: Approximately 30 minutes) Download DEMO now: [/spoiler] - Phone Menu System - Skill Buy with IDEAS - INDIVIDUALITIES SYSTEM [/spoiler] I'm very open to all...
  4. Kirri

    Are school-themed games boring?

    Hello, smhaaokir here! :kaohi: So, are school themed games boring? Most, if not all RPG Maker games with school theme are horror. I'm a fan of Persona series, Mana Khemia and a lot of not-so-similar games. I'm currently working on a school game myself and it's not horror and I'm really...
  5. RMVX Setting-School

    Hey, I am new to RPG Maker and still learning how to use the program, I will most likely be using vx. Anyway Im trying to come up with an interesting story and was thinking of a unique RPG setting, that would be interesting, and was hoping to get some feedback to see what you all think of the...
  6. RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    Hello everyone. So this is the first game DEMO I have made with rpg maker -- The Drones. Update: -Renewed the character sprites, since I think tall sprites look so much better. -Minor change to dialogues. -Will replace the tilesets later on as the project continues. Synopsis: The game is a FF...
  7. tale

    com_sho Standard School Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Preview- Zip includes- sch_A5 | sch_D | sch_inside | sch_wall Terms: - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to contact comshou - Credit...
  8. Codamo

    RMMV Finals Failure!? The Teachers are Missing!

    I wanted to make a small, simple game to get used to RMMV as I literally bought it today. I familiarized myself with the basics (watched a 30 episode series) but for this I'll be avoiding combat. My goal is for your typical nine- or ten-year-old to enjoy this, while being no less charming or...
  9. HakuroDK

    Essay for Surveying Game Industry Class

    Hey there! It's been a long time, RPG Maker community, how are you? Well, I've been accepted into a Game Development program at my local community college and for one of my first assignments this week for my "Surveying Game Industry" class, I had to write an essay about what got me interested...
  10. Need help with my bachelor thesis study of animations in RPG dialogues!

    Hi! My name is Marcus and I study game development graphics/animation in Sweden and need help answering a form about roll-playing dialogue animations for my bachelor thesis! The form takes about 5 minutes to answer! Link to google form: Thanks in advance!
  11. _Shadow_

    The Show Text Event Command and the Control Characters

    Okay this is an executable of the tutorial source I gave to Rhino. Please report any typos and mistakes I missed so I can fix them. Feedback is truly appreciated. Edit: Link updated (9th of April)
  12. Zuri

    RMVXA Timorous

    "There are many people around me, but why do I feel lonely?" Game Progress: 10% Screenshots: [/spoiler] Characters: Story: Gameplay: Credits: Please support me, the game developer (Zuri) on this game!:kaojoy: [VERY SHORT DEMO] (click to download)
  13. School Tileset

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: MV Art Style: Similar to the default tilesets in MV Description: So I've been browsing around for a few hours now looking for a school tileset and have found plenty of good ones but for older versions of RPG Maker. I was hoping someone could create or...
  14. Hollow 1977

    Driving Me Crazy - Bus Addition

    First let me say I don't have kids out of my own preference but I still yearn for their safety. I was running a little late for work this morning and of course I get to the bus and have wait about 5-10minutes for the bus to pull out. After a few minutes I get honked at then a car pulls around me...
  15. Damage Control

    RMMV The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin (School Mystery RPG Game)

    The teaser trailer of The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin The Mystery in the Campus - The Assassin The Second Segment of the MTC Series and First Thread in RPG Maker Forums Created by LeonardPlaysMC New Update: Version 1F Contains: -Bugs fixed in few levels. -Bonus scenes are implemented...
  16. CyberDragoon

    Tileset Needed For VX Ace

    Heyo! So, I need someone to make a modern day tileset of a school for VX Ace, with the following things: (Thanks if you do this) Desks that are connected to the chairs(see spoiler below for link to real life image) in a diagonal, horizontal, and vertical direction. (Think North, North-West...
  17. tabzeethecat

    School Tileset

    Hi I'm looking for a Japanese style school classroom/school tile sets I could use for my game. Does anyone know where I could find some good resources or even someone who I could commission to make me a full group of tile sets? I also wouldn't mind trying out and making them myself if people...
  18. Lee Sang

    Seven Mysteries: The Last Page (Supernatural, Horror)

    "Why do you believe?" RMN | Facebook | Presskit | Play Store That night, at the only school of a small town, a group of students unintentionally discovered their school had been hiding things that should have been left unknown. Every student knew about the tales of what happened there...
  19. FelixTheDog

    Need Help

    Hi im felix. I need help dooing a school project for rpgmaker MV. I know the language but i need a mentor. Please email me at There will be a small payment or if all posible you could do it for free. Email me please
  20. DolbyisMV

    NEED A FREAKIN SCHOOL RESOURCE I am kinda making a school theme rpg which might relate me in "real life" and when I ment real life I ment my dayum imagination so I am finding school theme resources or I just have to hire someone to make me on -_-

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