1. MV spaceship/space station tileset?

    I'm making a game (as a learning exercise, nothing commercial) set on a spaceship. Has anyone made appropriate tilesets and is willing to share?
  2. AerosoftPlanning

    RMMZ Venture Quest | Vocational Education meets JRPG Adventure?!

    VENTURE QUEST Produced in collaboration with Venture Community Services via their Advancement Center vocational program, Venture Quest is an vocational exploration/job simulator juxtaposed upon a JRPG Adventure. Interview for and work for several different workplaces while going out fighting...
  3. JBat Resources

    Hello RPG Maker community. I recently made a few assets for a side scrolling space game I'm working on, and since I have acquired so many great resources off of this website I thought I would contribute something in return. This isn't much to start with but hopefully someone finds it useful...
  4. Starmage

    RMMZ Esper Unleashed

    Hello everyone! This is my submission to the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Game Jam "Build Your Own Game Jam"! I picked the themes "Purple" and "Survival" for this entry. https://itch.io/jam/build-your-own-game-jam/rate/980407 The game had the honor of having 7th place for the overall ratings of...
  5. DMHenry

    RMMV Asteroid Tagger (Short story-driven sci-fi game)

    It's the distant future, and the rapid development of space exploration has allowed mankind to establish numerous settlements, cities and small pockets of civilization all across the Milky Way. You're Werner Huang, an "object mapper" - someone whose job is to explore and identify astronomical...
  6. sainti

    RMMV Proverbs of Hell

    FEATURE-LENGTH DEMO NOW AVAILABLE * Warning: this game contains political themes, drug & alcohol use, and strong language. Blood is integral to the plot. * Decades ago, a corporation called GNCO pioneered the technology of Blood+: a line of injectable hematologic supplements that grant...
  7. Rinober

    Speed Mappings / Time-Lapse Videos

    Hi there! I decided to start a speed mapping series to introduce my graphics to you. I felt like some animated examples of usage are still missing for my graphic style, so I really hope these speed mappings will give you an idea of what to expect from my graphics and what can be created with...
  8. HuntingSwan

    RMVXA Shadow Fate

    Hi everyone! I'm making this post to let you know about my game that's coming out on April 5th on Steam! Here is the steam page where you can follow and wishlist it! STORY In the city of Atro, a clandestine organization dedicated to vengeance has recruited a supernatural being known as...
  9. RamenKitty

    RMMV Legacy of Doug RPG Idea Discussion Thread *Dark Themes, Mild Language*

    This is an idea discussion thread about the characters, story/gaming mechanic ideas, and other ideas as well. Rules: 1. Just do whatever you want. As long as it follows the guidelines of this website. Anyways, here's what the title of my RPG franchise is. It's basically about a young man...
  10. sokka

    [MV] YAVI (robot collecting, sci-fi, comedy)

  11. AeroFunk80

    RMMV DEMO AVAILABLE: bio-Synthetica (Sci-Fi/Horror Adventure)

    Here for the demo? You can scroll down to my Steam page or CLICK THIS LINK Take on the role of R3-M1, a newly activated robot, as they venture through a dark, dystopian world in search of answers. Yet, the clues lie buried within dust and ash, data files and audio clips left behind by decaying...
  12. sokka

    RMMV YAVI (Sci-Fi, Comedy)

    Hi everyone! After 5 years of hard work in a car factory I decided to change my life, create a game and sell it on Steam. I had no idea about making games before and many people called me crazy for trying to start with a commercial game, but I don't care. Thanks to this forum and amazing people...
  13. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Final Farcity II, a concept for a sequel (Contains Adult Humor)

    Hello everyone I have once again crawled back into the "Game Ideas and Prototypes" thread to make a post about another game that may or not go into production or may just be very well stillborn. But first some back story, which is handily accessible via this handy dandy spoiler. I hope you...
  14. Mythical

    Looking for digital flooring & server walls

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Anything that would fit with the default Ace tiles is preferred. Description: I'm looking for two things mainly - a digital style flooring, and perhaps electronic walls (as in, full of computer servers). They don't have to be animated. I...
  15. AllosaurusNE

    RMMV INFINITE DREAM - group of nobodies gets transferred to a world of knockoffs

    INFINITE DREAM : The Best of The Best RPGs Out There! *** WARNING: Game contains flashing lights, crude language, intense violence, and adult situations/themes *** UPDATE: The game has just recieved a MAJOR content overhaul in a recent update, which further improves the gameplay experience...
  16. [MV] Futuristic Sci-Fi Eye Visor

    Im looking to create a futuristic techno visor for the character generator in RPG Maker MV. Im trying to make the art style more common to the default one and the one's people post as most of the characters I plan to make will be mashups of various resources online. All credits will go to the...
  17. EmmaB

    RMMV Sci-fi Game Idea

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I hope this is the right place to put this thread. Sorry if I've got it wrong... :blush: I'm currently toying around with a game idea I'm wanting to start on and I was hoping to get some feedback as to whether it looks like a good idea and something any of you might be...
  18. Razelle

    RMMZ Concrease

    Synopsis: Two best friends discover a true horror left behind on Earth, from back when people still lived there. Determined to stop it, they head to Earth to put an end to something that must have persisted for at least two hundred years since humanity has been away. However, the psychological...
  19. Nenen

    nenen’s VXAce Resource Edits v1.3

    Inevitably, I'll edit assets whenever working on a project, and I'd like to share them with everyone. So… Here’s what can be shared. A mix of clumping/rearranging, Recolors, Frankensteining, and other edits. Won’t include those too specific/non-versatile to share, and others are not allowed...
  20. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Phantasy Star: Konpaku's Journey

    So for a while now I had been burnt out on the creativity side for a while now bouncing from one idea to the next without any real excitement or any interest...UNTIL NOW! So instead of an original idea, I decided to embark on a quest to recycle old ideas from dead projects and combine them into...

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