1. CalebW

    Mythic/Mecha/Sci-fi Resource Request

    Good afternoon RPG makers, This request covers a spectrum of: Sprites SV Sprites Faces Damage Posses I have scoured near what I believe to be the entire resource section in this forumn and here are the things I can't find that I would love to see made. Leviathan | Zoids | Dinosuars |...
  2. Psychronic

    Galacti-Chron's Alien Worlds Tileset Pack

    This package contains a tileset for building various alien worlds. This tileset will allow you to build different types of alien or strange worlds. <---SNIP---> TERMS OF USE: Use for whatever you want. You don't need to give me credit. If you do give credit, much appreciated but I don't care...
  3. JaeJaeCee

    RMMV L.A.N.I.

    This game was made for Touchfuzzy's 1 map challenge. Synopsis: Screenshots: I only used 7 events and 9 switches for the game... Genre: I would think that this is Visual Novel, as most of the story and interaction is through text Characters: L.A.N.I. Download Link
  4. Irineu

    RMVXA Extrate - Update 29/10/2019 (Demo 2)

    Basic Information: Creator's name: Irineu Genre: Fantasy/RPG/Sci-Fi Start Date: 2016 Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Introduction: Warning: I'm Brazilian, so my English is not the best. Sorry for any grammar errors. I have used the Rpg Maker tool since the beginning of 2016, I have already created...
  5. Kemsyn

    RMMV DemonCyber: The Hit [IGMC 2018]

    DemonCyber: The Hit, is a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk JRPG, set in a city where crime and corruption dominate and gangs with illegal cybernetics rule the streets. You play as Vesper, the youngest member of the Demons, a motorcycle gang that takes cyber enhancements so far that they're...
  6. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Colors of Damnation ACE

    Colors of Damnation ACE is a 2D-shooter, developed by me and my brother, which is basically about shooting different colored enemies with the right colored bullet. A race against time, where you can also use and combine items to make things easier or collect bombs to blow your enemies away. You...
  7. manpaint

    RMVXA ARCH ULTRA Demo (Dystopian Fantasy)

    DISCLAMER: I strongly reccomend to be 16+ when playing this game to fully understand the concepts involved. "Why does the Imperator remain in this timeline?" I said to myself, "They are about to abolish democracy, all because of a video on SocioCloud. It will be no different than the other...
  8. tale

    14 Sci-Fi RTP Battle Busts

    Sci-Fi faces/ portraits based on enemies design. Includes: SF_Actor3-5: GothicLolita | SF_Actor3-6: SweetLolita SF_People2-1: Boss | SF_People2-4: Assassin SF_People2-5: Preacher | SF_People2-7: Yakuza SF_Others-4: DarkLord2000 | SF_Others-5: Bodyguard Also: SF_People2-6 | 2-8 SF_Others-3 | O-6...
  9. angrychill

    TRADE One Room - help needed!

    One Room (WIP title) A short text-based game !!DISCLAIMER:!! this game will mention and tackle some issues such as suicide, illness, and depression. Please take caution when reading or deciding to involve yourself in this project. Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis “One Room” (working title) is a...
  10. RMMV Programmed Nightmare

  11. mcoorlim

    RMMV Through the Cracks (Demo Available)

    Let the World Burn Content warning: A fair deal of profanity. Eleven strangers find themselves trapped in a high-tech research facility with no memory of what's going on or how they got there. In the apparent absence of any guards or handlers, they must piece together their situation alone...
  12. KingOfDunkshire

    RMMV For the Glory of the Palm-Crossed Strangers

    For the Glory of the Palm-Crossed Strangers Enter a world where dungeon-crawls are a hobby and weapons are a commodity. Corporations sell equipment and adventurers buy in. Fletchings change hands and arrows fly, all for the glory of the palm-crossed strangers. Synopsis: An adventurer named...
  13. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    Reclamation - A Steampunk/Sci-fi/Fantasy Mishmash SYNOPSIS This game is set approximately 200 years after the collapse of the economy. Most of the world has reverted to feudalism, but one island is re-industrialising under the tutelage of a supercomputer originally built to avert the collapse...
  14. RocketKnight

    RocketKnight Assets - RPG Maker XP

    (Later i'll put some banners, so the thread will look nice) Sci-fi stuff I saw years ago a sci-fi tileset made by @Amy Pond so i decided remade almost the entire thing: You can check the original here, please if you gonna use my version credit Amy, RocketKnight and Berseker (he made some...
  15. Nightblade50

    Need a developer logo :)

    Hello. I want someone to make me a logo with my name on it, as well as some small character art. This will be free. You will get a free copy of any commercial games I may release. So here is what it should look like. My name (Thomas Smith) should be at the bottom, with sci-fi styled text. What...
  16. flynnmichael81

    Colony Prospector [STEAM]

    GET IT ON STEAM version 1 Price $4.99 Engine: RMMV “Colonisation failed… Un-aesthetic environment played a pivotal role. The colony survived nearly seven years before a serial killer claimed her first victims, thirteen more soon followed. After she was caught, and publicly killed, there was a...
  17. Nightblade50

    Need balloon icons

    Hey. I need some balloon icons for my sci-fi game in VX Ace. They should be laid out just like the default ones found in the System folder, animated, with the same emotions, but instead of the background being a white bubble, it should instead be a small talk balloon that is black with a green...
  18. JtheDuelist

    FREE Downfall FES Legends (Decided to move project to a different engine)

    Engine: I have decided to move this project to a different engine... Synopsis: This is a game styled like Fire Emblem Heroes, a turn-based strategy RPG where the characters you can use are only limited to what is pulled from a gacha/summon style system, but set in the universe of my RPG series...
  19. Matseb2611

    Pegasus-5: Gone Astray

    Trailer: Features: Follow an intense and thrill-inducing sci-fi story set in outer space! Choices matter – The choices you make have an impact on events in the story and how other characters feel about you. Relationship building – What you choose to say or to do will cause you to win or...
  20. Nightblade50

    Resources For Delta Origins

    EDIT: The resources in this thread can now be found in my VX/Ace Resource thread, here.

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