1. astracat111

    The Symphony of The Knights [Update 6/18/2016]

      Note: I am not a good digital painter and as such the following screenshots are not final visual  representations of the finished product.   Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi Sub-Genre: Swordfighting, Sports Synopsis: 600 years into the future, man has...
  2. HalcyonDaze

    Robot Generator Parts

    Anyone into making generator parts want to take a crack at robot parts? Like interchangeable heads, torsos, arms, etc? Could be really useful for anyone making a sci-fi game. Many of the current generator parts are made more for fantasy-style stuff.
  3. Raine

    Looking for space style sci-fi resources for MV

    Hello all. I'm looking for a space themed futuristic resources, mainly tilesets, but also, if possible, other stuff like characters, vehicles, etc; for RPG Maker MV size. I found some interesting stuff on the 32x32 format for VX/XP/ACE, but I'm not skilled enough to rescale the stuff for the...
  4. Matseb2611


    Buy here: On Steam General Features: ·      Build a team of vigilantes and undertake missions in the city to deal your own brand of justice! ·      Choose your missions wisely, for you have a limited number of days between the main story tasks. ·      6 different vigilantes to choose...
  5. JAD94

    The Perfectionist (Now on Steam!)

    Synopsis: Features: Cast: Screenshots: Gameplay Videos: Demos (Windows & Mac): Full Release (Windows & Mac): Credits: Contact: Websites: Release Date (Windows & Mac): 2/22/2019 Release Date (Steam): Released 1/11/2019
  6. CobraA1

    Space and Starships request

    Hey, wanted to make a request for more Sci-Fi "stuff." To be more specific - I'm looking for resources that are applicable to a starship style fantasy. A tile set that would work well for creating starship layouts is highly desired. A curvy/clean look similar to Star Trek interiors would be...
  7. TheAlphaRune

    Chiaroscuro-The Great Catastrophe

                                                                                                                      Chiaroscuro-The Great Catastrophe                                                         Demo Download Link [Version 5] Game Synopsis Many centuries into the future, the...
  8. Lollo Rocket Diver

    Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

    Hi there, I'm here to present to the forums my last RPG made with RPG Maker 2003: Theia - The Crimson Eclipse.  The game is already completed and released, but only in italian language, so I decided to put it in the Project Development section. I released it in January 2015 in italian language...
  9. signaltome

    Bound - demo version (removed)

    This game is no longer anything. Due to next to no interest I see no reason to keep the game linked here any more. The demo can still be found on my youtube channel but what you see is what you get. Have started a new project, update one same channel. (lazygamer). Goodbye for now.
  10. KidCreator

    Robot SV Battler

    Resource Type: Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Ace RTP Description:  It's quite a simple request really, but one that I simply don't have the artistic ability to complete. I would very much like the green and blue robot sprites from the RPG Maker VX Ace expansion (pictured below) to...
  11. C"Shad"Schwarck

    Void Zone

    >>CREATED WITHRPG MAKER VXACE<< ---|||SYNOPSIS|||--- The world is full of caves.   It is within the cave cities that our protagonist, Kigg, makes a living as a member of the Void Scouts, a courageous group of explorers, protectors, and monster hunters for hire. The Void Scouts...
  12. Tarsus

    Miles Dauntless, Space Detective (Finished, kind of)

      RPG Maker MV   Noir Sci-fi Murder Mystery   Gane jam is over, final submission can be found here Game is not complete, I plan on expanding the Jam version.   You are Miles Dauntless, the one and only detective on board the Goddard...
  13. Ascension 2 Galaxy

      Ascension 2 Galaxy is a science fiction RPG reminiscent of early 90s JPRGs yet taking inspiration from newer works as well. It's a sequel of sorts to my text RPG, Ascension, but is set in the broader galaxy instead of the fantasy world of Rynn. Once again, you are Lieutenant Allison Hunt, this...
  14. Pahhur

    [Alpha] The Lone Gunman

    Hey folks! This is my first RPG Maker game, and there's something I gotta put out there right now:   There is no custom art or music yet, this will change. I have a couple of artists that are going to be working on this project with me, one will be doing the images and one will be doing the...
  15. fitsbach

    [UPDATED: April 11th 2017] The Sci-Fi Hangar| New Crate

    Hi guys, welcome to my first thread! I'm new to Pixel Art, and I'm trying to deliver some Sci-Fi items to the enthusiasts of the genre. Unfortunately I'm not active as I used to/would love to but I'm taking requests. Since I started this thread in 2016 I received a lot of messages and...
  16. Wren

    Animation resources for Sci-Fi games

    Resource Type: Animations Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description:  I'm looking for some laser beams, bullets, missiles, explosions, blood splats, burn scorches, etc type of animation sheets to import into a sci-fi game to help with side view battle systems based in SCI-FI universes.  I...
  17. EternalShadow

    Beyond Reality

    RMVXA | V 1.1 ONLY $9.99 ON ALDORLEA Click Here to Purchase via Aldorlea Now ONLY $4.99 ON STEAM Click Here to Purchase via Steam Now   Travel Beyond the Reality You've Always Known. Two thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Jastamune was thrust into a war, the only survivor being a...
  18. Escalus

    NecroTricks: An Eccentric, Offbeat, Science-Fantasy RPG

    You've probably come to this topic, wondering what kind of name NecroTricks is. Well, I'll keep you until the end, friend! You have to see the rest to figure out the title!   Genres: RPG, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy (Science-Fantasy)   Rating and Themes: 13+, for mild language and small uses of...
  19. ash55

    Cartoon / Alien Project (Custom Art and Battle system)

    Hey guys on the RPG Maker reddit it was suggested I make a blog, so I thought I'd use a thread here for that purpose (and to explain my game in one concise place). DOWNLOAD: *Link removed for time being since I just tried downloading it and I got an error. I'll try to get something up asap...
  20. Maomi

    The Legend of The Legendary Worlds

      The Legend of The Legendary Worlds The Legend of The Legendary Worlds is an action role-playing game created with RPG Maker VX ACE and along with many different community scripts created by other talented individuals. The game is currently under development and you are more than...

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