science fiction

  1. DMHenry

    RMMV Asteroid Tagger (Short story-driven sci-fi game)

    It's the distant future, and the rapid development of space exploration has allowed mankind to establish numerous settlements, cities and small pockets of civilization all across the Milky Way. You're Werner Huang, an "object mapper" - someone whose job is to explore and identify astronomical...
  2. l8rose

    VNMaker Verloren: Starcrossed

    In Space, no one can hear you cry... or something like that. You've been chosen as a replacement Mechanic for the Orion. A starship engaging in a diplomatic mission to the Akeh Space Station in the Canis Major System. All was going well, you entered cryo sleep in a backup cryo chamber and...
  3. dollyt

    RMMV CATO: Critical Hour Sci-Fi RPG Full Demo

    Critical Hour The CATO: Critical Hour demo is here! With nearly five hours of gameplay, beautiful music, a fascinating story, and sometimes hilarious dialogue, it is the start of a great adventure in a futuristic world where you strive to conquer a mysterious enemy against all odds and the...
  4. winlu

    Winlu's Cyberpunk Tileset

    Hi there. :) Since a few days I am developing a big tile set in Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi style. The first released package will be only the inner part. Are there any who are interested in improvements and suggestions? What would you like? There is still a lot to do, only the time is missing. The...
  5. Pianotm

    RM2k/3 [RSW] Vega Legacy Episode 1

    (I'm pretty sure an episode of an episodic game doesn't count as full game, so it probably counts as a demo) Violence Warning. Download here! In 2180, humanity has colonized the solar and has repeatedly failed to expand into the stars. Explorers, adventurers, and thrill seekers journey as...
  6. Starmage

    Rave Heart (Released on Steam)

    Features - Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore. - A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories. - Side-quests and Optional bosses. - Discover different extraterrestrial races and their cultures. - Emotionally involving...
  7. Heindal

    Two tutorials for JS game development

    Hi guys, I have some experience in coding. So far I coded a lot of html 5 games / add-ons for Battle for Wesnoth. I have a small app developer degree, but so far I don't code for work, I code in my spare time as hobby. I however have a radio show (as hobby) as well and as I was looking for...
  8. Victor_Gurr

    New member, offering some free BGM for use and critique.

    Hi, hello, hey, namaste. Here are a few track best used for a science fiction/dystopian setting. I've used the tracks offered in RPG Maker MV to base these on in terms of length, file type, etc., but any input from you guys to help me improve would be greatly appreciated. This is my first...
  9. Draconic_Story_Teller

    FREE Help wanted - Magic-science game

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Initial characters are close friends and coworkers - both of which are miners in a fairly fruitful silver mine. One character, Rolland, does the vast majority of the heavy lifting and hitting work in the mines, while Vanessa provides magical assistance to miners...
  10. RhysO101

    Has Anyone Seen An MV Modern World Tileset with Single Tile Buildings?

    I'm looking for tilesets with modern buildings in their own tile, on their town. I'm wanting the building compacted into one tile. I need one for a little personal project.
  11. My Future World

    This is the ideas for my future world that will happen after the Information Age. Here it is. Era 1: Post-Information Age (2020-2040) -the immediate future. 20 or 30 years or so Era 2: The Fusion Age (2045-2055) -the advent of fusion power eliminates the need for fossil fuels and ushers in an...
  12. Kilgore Trout

    RMMV Mars Underground [release date 15 March 2019]

    Demo will play in a new browser window. Compatible with most recent tablets and phones. Factsheet Release: 15 March 2019 Developer: Matt Sanderson (from Australia) Demo: Gamejolt / / indiexpo Full game release date: 2018 Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android Website...
  13. Matseb2611

    Recommend me some Sci-fi RPGs

    As a fan of the sci-fi genre, I am interested to see if there are any good futuristic/sci-fi RPGs I've missed. There seem to be much less sci-fi RPGs out there than medieval fantasy ones. This goes for all game types: triple A, indie, RM, paid or free, etc. Just a few things to take into...
  14. Lunarea

    JSM Futuristic Music Pack

    Today's release is a brand new futuristic music pack. Whether you're mapping a tech-heavy laboratory or eventing an all-out robot attack, this pack has some great tunes to help you craft the perfect map. Click here for details and sound samples. Member+, click here for your discount!
  15. Xoltox

    Flamin' Art Corner?

    Flamin' Art Corner Uh... nothing special just some art work of my own... I'll try to update every day... The sections divide the kind of artwork I do... I hope you like it... and im not so so good at the thread intro speech... And im still learning... Note - Spoilers might be IMAGE HEAVY and...
  16. prince of mars

    Doom at the gates of Hell a fangame made in rpgmaker xp and fple

    introduction: my first rpg its a doom fan game made using rpgmaker xp and first person labyrinth explorer Genre: science fiction and horror Engine: RMXP, and FPLE : First Person Labyrinth Explorer and a hell of a lot of doom sprites Concept this is a horror rpg you will switch between top down...
  17. Science Fiction in the Making

    Hello, I'm new to the Forums and I am working on a Science Fiction game. I am not sure what type of game it will be (RPG/Novel/Strategy ect) because I do not know how to use Scripting and I am going on what the game started with. It will be in the essence of games like Star Control 2. I drew up...

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