1. tale

    com_sho Sideview characters (Sci-Fi edits)

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm sharing edits that are inspired from Japanese-style Sideview battlers here. To get material- Right click on the images and Save Image As. Terms of Use If you use characters and face set, you need to license for RPG Maker MV or RPG tkool MV. These are...
  2. Hyptosis

    RMMV The Prince of Landis (Blood Warning)

    A small-town boy learns from a nihilistic alien how to stand up for himself. -- Story 199X. In the town of Landis, Oregon, a young boy's meager life is forever changed by the dark influences of a strange visitor. Can Evan stand up against schoolyard bullies? Will he have the courage to take on...
  3. remainderstudios

    RMVXA Before I Leave - Scifi and Mystery Game - Download now!

    Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11469/downloads/11183/ TRAMA CONTACT US: Official email: remainderstudios@gmail.com Dudas, preguntas, enviar videos y juegos, informar errores y más.[/spoiler][/spoiler]
  4. marsatche

    RMMV Big brother & little sisters in a post-war setting

    Yo fellas! I'm writing the story of mha protagonists, in hopes for some inspiration to make their skills in game. ((But mostly it's just for story ahaha~)) I need some writing advice — or rather, criticism, to keep my gear going. Because I'm an only child, I can barely attach myself to real...
  5. KazukiT

    RMMV Path of the Martyrs

    If this is the wrong thread for this, feel free to move it where it needs to go. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playtesting my game. Any sort of feedback is appreciated. Link to game's demo: https://kazuki-t126.itch.io/pathofthemartyrs-demo Path of the Martyrs was...
  6. RMVXA STEEL VENOM (RPG/Adventure Sci-Fi Mystery)

    Updated 9/19/19: Replaced the pictures, edited some of the post. No demo available yet, hopefully I can build it up to a version 1.0 before anything else. ===================================================================== Okay, synopsis...
  7. Nekohime1989

    Nekohime's Space Art

    I've always enjoyed drawing space scenes in in gimp. I decided I would post some. I generally work with a big canvas. So I will use spoiler tags for each image.
  8. rrrllll

    RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    Hello everyone. So this is the first game DEMO I have made with rpg maker -- The Drones. Update: -Renewed the character sprites, since I think tall sprites look so much better. -Minor change to dialogues. -Will replace the tilesets later on as the project continues. Synopsis: The game is a FF...
  9. Golden Fish Entertainment

    VoltAge: Genesis

    VoltAge:Genesis ver.1 is out now! Available for $1 US; supporters on ******* (see link in the signature) will receive a download code for the game. "Journeys begin and end; the story does not." -Old...
  10. GrayCrow

    Animated star field fpv

    Hi! I'm looking for some help on creating an adjustable JavaScript star field on rpg maker mv. Much like the old Windows screensaver or a "star trek" space flight. This would give the user the feeling of flying into space. Ideally id like it for outside combat usage and would allow for...
  11. Pix3M

    RMMV Colony Gaia - Satirical Biopunk RPG

    Colony Gaia Warning: Marxism, undertones of social politics, some adult themes Colony Gaia is a satirical indie RPG taking place in a far future where genetically-engineered technology has become the primary form of technology of ordinary people. This is super early in development so expect...
  12. GentleCyanide

    RMMV Legends of Macrocosm

    Introduction Greetings, Vestige Games consist of two people GentleCyanide and KabukiCat. We're casually trying to make a fun Parody Meta RPG "Legends of Macrocosm" game in our spare time. Full time we work as professional concept artists in the games industry, and were looking for an outlet...
  13. Orgaya

    RMMV The Halcyon Project Development Thread

    SYNOPSIS LORE PROGRESS TRACKER Storyboarding: 50% Planning stage. This will likely take the longest. Update: Basic story structure created, with each chapter/episode given a theme and synopsis. Filling them out with details will take priority...
  14. Marquise*

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop

    Welcome to the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop Where your storytelling needs need in space vehicles and extra-vehicular activity in galactic environments might find just the little something you were looking for! Terms of Use & Credit I was searching what else I could do after...
  15. mlogan

    mlogan's POP! style stuff

    Hi all! While recently looking for some things in some old files, I found some things I'd made while working on a game using POP! tiles. I wanted to share them here and am doing so with permission from Vexed, as a few pieces use edits from base material. (If anyone has questions on why this was...
  16. Aramil

    VNMaker Memoria

    [ Hello everyone, I’m Aramil the developer of Memoria a text adventure game set in an unknown future. You are Adam, a guy who lost his memory after an incident involving his cryogenic pond. Memoria is a playable, branching story of survival against riddles and choices. Your crew is still...
  17. HalcyonDaze

    MV Sideview Awning Edit

    I remember someone making a sideview version of the awning from SF_Outside_C as a tile edit, but after two hours of scouring the internet and the forums, I can't seem to find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  18. vandingo

    Laboratory tileset

    Hi I would greatly appreciate I'd someone open heartedly make me a rtp style laboratory tile for MV :) By laboratory, I mean stuffs like a chemistry set, xray machines, incinerator, and other doctor like things. I guess it's SciFi in short. Thanks in advance <3
  19. somenick

    Galactic 123

    Galactic 123   This will be a fairly short RPG game, possible to complete in under 7 hours or so.  It is the adventure of 4 broke space adventurers who learn about a treasure in a ruin located in an undeveloped planet.  There will be a deeper plot but not yet fully shown or featured in this...
  20. Morpheus

    Old purchase not appearing in MY ORDERS

    I already made a ticket by emailing sales support about it, but i made a purchase of this tilepack a few years ago when I was working with VX ACE and recently got back into it but this product isnt in my library. I remember buying it because it had a bunch of nice interior tiles, along with a...

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