screen tint

  1. Hayolee

    How to Run Plugin Code

    Here is some code I've written: I have a parallel process event that sends the plugin command "run". I want it to be an incredibly simple day and night cycle just to get the hang of creating plugins, running them, etc. I can't seem to get this to run.
  2. portouwrico

    I put a screen tint on one map and now it's on all my maps even after taking it away

    I put a screen tint on a map that was supposed to be nighttime, which worked. But when I went to any other map afterwards that tint stayed. I've tried: making a new event where i set the tint back to normal Deleting the original tint event resetting my game and no matter what now all my maps...
  3. TheTalkingGiraffe

    Screen Tinting

    I've come across a problem in my game that I'm having trouble figuring out. I have a party scene in my game with flashing different coloured lights and to achieve that, I tint the screen. The problem is, that if I tint the screen and check the box the says "wait for completion", all my other...
  4. Tint Screen On Instant

    Hello all! I am new to RPG maker and was hoping for some advice, I have been playing around with it for a while and now understand how to use events etc.. however, I want to make a night time map and I have found you can do this using the screen tint event but that only activates when the...
  5. HopeFragment

    How to display an animation over a tinted black screen?

    There is a part in my game where the screen is tinted totally black with just text going on it. At the end of it, the screen is supposed to fade to white using a custom animation I made in the database. But because the screen is tinted black, the animation won't show up. Is there a way to make...
  6. xcom

    Battle screen tint control question *solved!*

    So I made an underground map.  Since it is underground, I did a parallel process on the map to give it a "darker look".     The problem I'm having is that the battles are also showing up darker because of the tint.  I've been messing around with the encounters, but I can't seem to get anything...
  7. Kes

    Tint lost after using menu

    This does not appear to be a script related issue, which is why I'm posting in the general support forum. this is a problem I've been trying to sort for the last couple of months but which appears to be going nowhere.  Here are the details. Using Shaz's multi-fog script, I am showing a greyish...
  8. Peridot Gaming

    Screen tint and battlebacks

    Hi all.  I have found an issue as part of my game.  I apply a Screen Tint to each map to give it the right sort of mood (night time, or darkness for caves), and have discovered that when a battle happens (all mine so far are evented calls to battle processing) the screen tint is still applied to...

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