1. Pauzh_

    End game results screen

    I want to make a results screen that is displayed at the end of the game that shows the following: Total time steps taken enemies killed battles escaped total time for each boss battle saves ranking from 0-10 based on the other listed results I also want it to activate the new game + script I...
  2. rpghexe

    Changing Game Over Screen

    Howdy y'all, so I'm trying to change the default game over screen to my custom one and it's giving me issues. I got the from SumRndmDde Game Over Core plugin, I followed the tutorial to change the image, and when I get a game over it just gives me an error that the file could not be loaded. I...
  3. ddblue

    Deploying to iPhone leaves unused white space on the left of the screen

    Hey all, Just trying to test some things out on an iPhone, and it has not been easy going. After a lot of work, I've managed to get my project working on the simulator, but even with the resolution set at a 16:9 resolution as is recommended here (1280 x 720), the game doesn't take up the...
  4. KnockzyBunz

    I can't move any windows. ;-;

    So I recently got a new graphics card for my computer and tweaked the resolution a bit, after that I booted up RPG Maker MV and now every time I open another window like an 'Event' window or the 'System Settings' window, I can't move the window around or do anything, which is really frustrating...
  5. Nisshoku

    Animated Title Screens?

    So back in RMVXA, I used an animated title screen script that I downloaded from the SoulXRegalia website. I was wanting the same thing for my game and was told by a friend that he saw that they made plugins for RMMV that will animate the title screen. Unfortunately, the SoulXRegalia site has...
  6. MushroomCake28

    MUSH: Screen Resolution Menu Option

    Introduction: I don't know why I didn't start a thread before for this plugin since I've created it a long time ago. It basically adds an option to tweak the game resolution in-game. Note: I didn't test on rpg maker mv version 1.6.0+ since that version forces you to update your old js files...
  7. tale

    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    dsScreenLayoutSize - ver1.0.3 (2018/09/08) Creator name: Douraku Overview Plugin for resizing menu screen layout Features - Parameters for height and width layouts of Map, Menu, and Battle. Screens When changing the screen resolution with YEP_CoreEngine or etc. You can set the size of menu...
  8. Amarok

    Dragging screen with mouse?

    Ive been searching for something like this for a few days with no luck. Has anyone attempted this at all? my game uses mouse for mostly everything, wich limits me to only use maps that fit the screen. For several reasons being able to drag the screen around with the mouse would be really...
  9. GuanyuMaker

    Blurry Movment

    Hello. I'm curious if its possible to handle and fix it or it is something deep in the engine's core. Made a search on this forums and I'm impressed I only found one topic from 2015 on it with no answer at all. The game gets blurry when it faces character movement. If I move the character and...
  10. Stonga

    YEP Action Sequences - How do I make a projectile attack?

    Hey, pretty new here. So, I'm using many Yanfly plugins and want one of my characters to have a projectile attack, where they throw a shoe at an enemy. The shoe flies straight, but i would like to animate it rotating. (this is an in-battle attack) I've seen a thread...
  11. JonicOokami7

    SaGa3/FFL3 style battle screen.

    With this (admittedly huge parody Injoke) of a game I'm making it's graphical style is heavily inspired by the SaGa trilogy on the gameboy. (or Final Fantasy Legend in the west). I figured there would already be a script to do a similar layout to what I was looking for (see Picture disclosed) I...
  12. Dantalion_Crowley

    [RMMV] Renaming the title menu commands

    Although some newcomers might have asked about this, I should as well just to get it out of the way. To put it simply, how do I turn this... ...into this? I realise that there are many ways to make your title menus look pretty, but I only want to change the names of the commands. Thank...
  13. Poupouille

    [PLUGIN] Allow processing when events disappears from the windowscreen

    Hello, As you know, RPG Maker stops processing anything that disappears from the screen. Do you know a plugin to prevent this? Thank you
  14. portouwrico

    I put a screen tint on one map and now it's on all my maps even after taking it away

    I put a screen tint on a map that was supposed to be nighttime, which worked. But when I went to any other map afterwards that tint stayed. I've tried: making a new event where i set the tint back to normal Deleting the original tint event resetting my game and no matter what now all my maps...
  15. Rexodiak

    Question Regarding Resolution and Black Bars

    Hi all! First of all, apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find any useful answer, secondly I'm very new to this program... so you can already expect how much I know about this... So, I downloaded YEP's Core Engine to adjust the resolution of my game to 1280 x 720, the...
  16. Glitchy Black Bar at Top of Screen During Every Playtest!

    I'm new to RPG Maker MV, and I was running through the tutorials when I go to playtest and I get a glitching black bar at the top of my screen a few seconds after the title screen. I'm running RMMV through Steam on Windows 8, I've tried reinstalling, restarting my PC, adjusting my graphics card...
  17. Exayda

    RPG Maker MV Full Image Event CG?

    Hello, I would like to make a game that can display full images that cut away from the main game screen such as those in you might find in a visual novel. I believe most of the tutorials I've found are to make images appear but not full screen. Also I'm not sure about how to change from image...
  18. 3x Resource hud in the top right corner

    Yush, i like to ask if this is possible. It's there possible show 3x diffrence resources in the top screen in game mode. Meaby x items what was in player invetory. I like to see or get visible someting like this: X money, X Wood, X Stones. What can see in gameplay in gameplay screen without...
  19. Hyouryuu-Na

    Shaking screen vertically?

    Hello... I was wondering if it's possible to shake the screen vertically. Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?
  20. Jack_Gram

    Entire Game Crashed

    I lost power while I was working on my game, I cannot find my back up hardrive I didn't lose anything but When I try to boot up a playtest of the game, all it says is Now Loading... I really really don't want to start from scratch.......any help would be much appreciated..... EDIT: I also...

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