1. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    [Windows 8.1] Playtest White Screen Glitch

    Hello, this problem has only just happened to me and I would appreciate some help. So, anytime I try to playtest or run game.exe in a deployed file, it just shows a white screen with no name. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. http://imgur.com/a/tGsdx As you can see, it's in...
  2. Mr. Trivel

    Error Stack on Screen

    Name: Error Stack on Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-16   About the plugin: QoL improvement to show error stack on screen for easier bug reporting.   Screenshot: How to use? Plug and Get Errors...
  3. Changing screen opacity based on player movement

    Hi, I want to see opacity changing whenever i'm getting closer to one place and vice versa(based on y axis of player position). By this i mean that when i go down it gets darker and when i go up it gets brighter. I will be thankful if someone will help. :)
  4. [MoreLoadingScreen]

    Hello to all. I apologize for my bad English, I'm Italian and I try to translate into English the best possible... This is my first plugin that develops, usually I do not plugin development, I am a normal person who likes to use rpg maker to create games and that's why I always keep updated...
  5. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    Hi guys, when I want to show a picture in a scene's script this wild error appears: this is the script to show it: What am I doing wrong?
  6. ScytheMeister94

    RPG Maker MV Screen Size?

    While I love scrolling on google looking for the question to already be asked, it would seem it has not or not correctly. I am trying to have a picture stretch the whole screen but I can't with out the screens default resolution size. Anybody know?
  7. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Save/Load Screen

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Save/Load Screen Created: 2016-03-14 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Shows faces instead of character sprites and adds 4 lines of things.   Screenshots:   How to use? Just change plugin parameters to your needs and...
  8. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Title Screen

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Title Screen Created: 2016-03-14 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Changes title screen by making commands images and adding Press Start before command window appears.   Screenshots:   How to use? Title screen image...
  9. How do you make tint screen stop?

    I'm trying to make an event where a monster shows up to scare the player and for the most part I've got it down but I can't get tint screen to stop when I want it to. After the screen fades and everything is done it just stays tinted. I'm sure I probably haven't set it up properly since I'm...
  10. Wavelength

    Showing Pictures - Can I avoid using gameScreen?

    Thanks for checking this topic out. :) I am trying to show dozens of copies of a graphic onscreen (during battle).  Because of the large number of instances that might be onscreen as well as the fact that the graphics are tied to game elements (so I can't always predict which instances will...
  11. Simplified Title Screen Request?

    Basically I just need the title-menu command window (with Continue, New Game, Quit) to be gone. Instead, I want to be able to just add "Press Enter" to my title's graphic myself and when the player presses Enter it does one of two things: 1.) If there's a save file available it goes to the...
  12. Val

    Is it possible to have a bigger screen (full screen) when you tweak your plugins?

    Hi everyone, I want to know is there a way to resize or have a bigger windows for plugins and other extensions in RPG Maker MV? I really like te software but is there any kind of way to just adjust and have a bigger screen for tweaking plugins and others screens? thank you :D
  13. xXAinSophAurXx

    Tint Screen makes me lag?

    This is only an issue I have had with MV. When playtesting, my game has considerable lag when I tint the screen. I tried replicating the issue with a fresh project and it happens again, no plugins or anything. I wanted to have one of the first towns in my game start at night, so I tint the...
  14. MeowFace

    Start New Game from Load Scene

    Made for a request here. This script allows the player to start a new game inside a Load Scene. Features: Able to start new game in load scene How to Use: [1] Paste this script below Material and Above Main [2] Change the "Start New Game" text in the script's setting area to whatever you...
  15. Mr. Trivel

    Luminus Status Screen

    Name: Luminus Status Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-28   What does it do? Changes how Character Status is displayed.   Screenshots:   How to use? Luminus Status Screen changes background according to the map you're in. Use following note tag in map note...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Progress Title Screen

    Name: Progress Title Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Changes title screen image according to highest game progress among the savefiles.   Screenshots: Nothing to really show here.   How to use? Setup plugin Parameter - Image List - with...
  17. Deklaration

    Remove title screen and menu?

    Hi New to javascript. How do I disable the menu and title screen? I want the game to start without the "Start, option & exit"-options. I also would like to disable the pause menu. Been searching, but haven't found anyhting yet. Oh, and if someone knows the new way to use the scriptline...
  18. How to change hue and saturation of events/screen?

    I would like to know how to change an event hue/saturation, or the entire screen hue/saturation. Instead of creating endless tilesets and variants of trees and everything, it would be infinitely easier if we just changed the hue and saturation of objects we see on the screen. I'm sure this must...
  19. Andrefpvs

    Open Load Screen

    Hi! Thank you for reading my request :) I'm looking for a way to call up the load game screen from inside an event. For some reason, RPG Maker only gives us the option of opening the save screen: <- I'd like to have the option to Open the Load Screen, as well. I'm not sure if this is doable...
  20. Fade-in and fade-out screen on Android

    When fading the screen in or out on a android device, it only applies to the right side/corner of the screen, depending on resolution. This goes for all transitions: starting a new game or loading a game, battle transitions, the transition when changing players position or switching maps or...

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