1. RadDevVan101

    Align the Title Screen Options to the Left [Solved]

    Hi, I'm trying to Align my text to the Left. I opened Scene_Title and changed the 1 at the end to 0, 2 and 3, and nothing happend, didn't even align to the right. So I need some help trying to move the options, thanks. And yes, I pressed Apply, i'm not that stupid. I'd also like to point out...
  2. MeowFace

    Force Full Screen with No Black Border

    This is for the request here. But since it's only a demonstration of how things works. This script only force the game to run in full screen mode with no black borders. No window mode provided. Script writers, feel free to change it as you like. Features: [1] Force the game to run at full...
  3. chungsie

    Character Creation

    So I want to make a game for my schizofrenic brother. and I would like to add a feature to the game. I have no idea how to program in ruby, never done it before. I do know basic and Qbasic. I think it would be nice to add a character creation at the beginning of the game. To allow the player to...
  4. Screen Tint Options

    Hi ! I was wondering if its possible to have better options to tint the screen, for example to have more advanced options like you would find in photoshop or GIMP: setting colour curves, independent colour levels, hue shifts, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc... The reason I don't just...
  5. [RMVXAce] Low Health In-Game Effect

    Hey there! I've been messing around with RPGMaker VX Ace for awhile now and I seem to have got stuck on an idea. I wish to have an effect play over the screen when the main characters health is low. Now, I don't mean in battle, but when the character walks around in game. I imagine a heart beat...
  6. TheDrifter

    Keep mouse cursor in game window

    Greetings, I have been using the Super Simple Mouse Script v1.10 by Shaz in conjunction with the Fullscreen++ v2.2 script by Zeus81. SUPER SIMPLE MOUSE SCRIPT v1.10 by Shaz Fullscreen++ v2.2 script by Zeus81 When testing my project, the Sword-like cursor disappears and reverts back to the...
  7. Geoff Moore

    Invert the display?

    Hi all, is there a simple way to turn the whole game upside down at a certain point? Preferably without affecting the message windows. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hunnyboy

    Radar Chart stat display?

    RGSS3 Script Request: In Making a Radar Chart for Character Stats Hello I would like to ask somebody who is willing to help me make a custom Status Screen that displays character stats in an octogonal radar chart like this: Even if it can be achieved I'd like my Character Status Screen to...
  9. KanaX

    Tinting Screen Time Frames Issue.

    I'm sure this has been asked around a lot (and I have tried searching for an appropriate solution), but is there a way to deal with the problem where the player transitions from a bright to a dark map and there is a slight frame where the tint was like before? I have the tint in a parallel...
  10. EpimetheusGaming

    I need an artist for title screen.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for any type of artist to make me a tiltle screen for my game TRoE (The Rise Of Epimetheus) Any type of help would be awesome. Thanks  :guffaw:   :rock-right:
  11. PlexaryDamato

    Menu - Remove black screen

    You guys know about this, whenever you press X to go to the menu the screen goes completely black. Is there a way of preventing it from happening?
  12. Verdeware


    Hey dere ;3 I was mapping the other day and then finished my map so I could work on events. Something I have noticed though, is when I do a tint event, the screen takes a few seconds and then tints. Is there any way to make this tint instant? Verdeware
  13. Tsukihime

    Create Your Own Pause Screen

    Here's a video tutorial that demonstrates how to create your own pause screen using events. Due to the limitations of event pictures (such as showing under windows and text and some other sprites), you will need scripts to bring it above other things. Originally posted at HimeWorks.
  14. RadDevVan101

    Title Screen PLZ

    I wanted to make a game but with it I also wanted a tile screen... I made a image of how I wish for it too look THIS IMAGE IS NOT IN GAME AND IS JUST AN IMAGE I MADE TO SHOW WHAT I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE AND NOTHING MORE Can anyone help me with this?
  15. zigzack54

    Already existing title screen script.

    I had a post earlier about a caterpillar script I was in search for and I was able to find it thanks to a kind member. I have not used RMXP for a long time and i am having trouble finding some old resources. I am now currently trying to remember a title screen script i used a while back. It...
  16. Evan Finkel

    Small sized RPG (RGSS3)

    Hello, I was wondering if someone know the code to scale down any RPG made in RPG Maker VXAce? * Example RPGs Halloween Flop By Yato Halloween Bash By Yato
  17. Diguito

    Actor's name on screen

    I would love if someone create a script for me. The only thing the script needs to do is show the actor's name on screen. I would like be able to choose the window's position such as it's colours and size.   I know I'm asking a very hard thing(or not, i'm not a scripter) but i really need this...
  18. Equiping Weapons / Armor from Inventory?

    Hello guys, I searched for a long time now for a skript that allows the player to equip  weapons and armor from his inventory. This is usually not possible for the player has to go to the equipment screen in order to equip stuff. In my game i don't want the palyer to have to go to the equpment...
  19. xcom

    Moving choices box

    Hello everyone! This is more of an annoyance then anything else.  I  want to know if there's a way to move the choices box on the screen.  I have a couple instances where the choice box appears in a annoying, in the way spot.  (See the picture in the spoiler for what I mean.)  I would like to...
  20. richter_h

    Tankentai Add-on: Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility

    Screen Effects - Focus Attack Visibility by richter_h (a.k.a. Richter II) Introduction You know, it'll be a more dramatic when a certain spellcaster casts Chaos Meteor that showing rain of chaos in enemy's area WITHOUT showing the rest of party member (who just stand still and watch the world...

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