1. Rink27

    Persona 5-esque Message Option (Temporary Screenshot)

    I'm trying to think of a way to mimic the Persona 5 message options: (Or: The way MV is designed, any code executed after a text message box would remove the message box unless it's related, to my understanding...
  2. tale

    PrintScreen Screenshot

    PrintScreen Screenshot+2012/06/10 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) | (English Translation by tale) Introduction A script that lets you save a screenshot of the game screen by pressing PrintScreen. Features - Press PrintScreen to save the screenshot inside the project folder of RPGVXAce - Adds a...
  3. Allinardo

    Screenshot Function?

    A while back I came across an event-based UI character creator in a RPG Maker MV game, and I couldn't help but wonder how it was done. I forgot about it over time, and don't even remember the name by now, but the thought came back to me recently while working on my current project. From what I...
  4. Emberstorm

    Which one looks better?

    I've got about 180 hours clocked in RPG Maker MV working on my new project, and when I booted it up to work on it today, all my graphics looked dark and murky. I thought it was my monitor settings, I checked and they were unchanged. I compared with some other games, and it still looked dark. I...
  5. Seriel

    Jackus Snippets | 002 - Common event on Load

    Mirror Topic at Hello! This is the second of my 'Jackus Snippets' series!   This one loads a Common Event every time you load a save file and/or everytime you start a New Game.   Anyway....     Screenshots   Demo     Download   License       Thanks for reading! Some feedback...
  6. Serpenter Strife

    Tuna Through Time Screenshot

    Hey @all, here is a screenshot of a game i'm currently working on. What do you think about the art style?

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