1. StephSteamKing

    Else if conditional script help with variables.

    Hi, I am new to javascript and RPG maker scripting (also the forum). Currently, I am trying to convert a dating sim I made in twine, into RPG maker MV but I am rather confused. Currently, this system is supposed to check the character's (you the player are interacting with) affection, then check...
  2. sebarz

    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Hello everybody, i hope you're doing well. I wondering if there exists any script to enable an autosave on my project. Any type of script or similar thing it helps alot. Thanks in advance. Regards
  3. Call operating system window during game play

    Hey guys, i'm here again! sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian and i searched a lot for this but I can not find, weel, is it possible to call an operating system window through rpg maker XP, like in Oneshot? do have any script / plugin? I'm so lost. (hope i have done in the right place now)
  4. megumi014

    [JS] Disable Sprite Button/ClickHandlers temporarily?

    Hiya! As the title says: is there any way to disable a sprite button temporarily? (And activate it later?) Like with this._randomWindow.deactivate(); but for the mouse input? I'm trying to set up a couple of windows on the Title Screen, and I could disable the mouse alltogether but I'd rather...
  5. andrus

    Quest help: x Itens for x gold

    Hi people, I'm new in RPGM MV and i need some help! If you could help me, i'll appreciate it. I'm creating some kind of "collecting quest". So let's say the hero can harvest x numbers of an item. And then he can sell it for 2 golds to a man. So if the hero has 1 item its easy in event...
  6. ScytheX

    MOG's Burst mode

    to anyone who has ever used this i need to know a few things. https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-burst-mode/ 1. is there a way to increase the number needed to enter burst mode and/or the EX bar 2. how do i set up the EX skills for this? 3. is there a way to make the EX skill command (...
  7. ScytheX

    adding commands to Galv's menu

    if anyone has mess with this scripte before would you know how to add other menu options to this? i tried adding one (with what i thought/think was the right call command to use ) but i keep getting errors. also if you happen to know are there any comparability errors/limitations that i should...
  8. LakituAl

    [RMMV] Checking for an Actor's MP in the middle of an attack itself

    Howdy. I'm having a lil' problem with my attack's script. The intended behavior: First a timed hit occurs by pressing Shift (this works fine), then, have the game check if the character has more than 0 MP. If so, allow for additional input (in this case a qcb plus Shift) for a chance to allow...
  9. Hardman5509

    Script Noob needs help with custom parties

    I want the ability to pick and choose from a-many party members at any time from the pause menu, with the main character locked. (20 total) But I can't seem to find, understand or get scripts to work for me. I get it that I need to paste scripts, but often it ends up creating errors, or not...
  10. Change Element Rate via Script Call?

    Hey guys & girls, is there a script call command to change a battlers element rate (increase or decrease the incoming elemental dmg)? You can get these rates by battler.elementRate(<elementId>) but I haven't found a way to change it. Apparently battler.setElementRate(<elementId>, <rate>)...
  11. Script Request :D

    Hi guys, new here :D I was wondering. Does anyone there know how to make a script that will display the "controls" in the lower right corner of the screen at all times. Like press ESC for menu and those sort... THANKS :D
  12. Sato1999

    Status Script Workshop

    hello im YangFly. I am here to aside from giving ya custom script to improve my scripting Also im doing ONLY status scripts. Examples: What you will need: A Mockup(like this:) And a little of patience. :) Terms of use: Free to Use in any game(including Commercial and Hentai games) but...

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