1. Tiffypowers79

    [RMMV] Torch light puzzle problems

    Alright, so...I tried to code a puzzle in which you have to light the torches in a certain color order for it to work. When you get the order right, it works as normal, activating the switch and stuff. When you get it wrong, however, the self switches don't reset, and then you're stuck. This...
  2. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Capability with pop up and item storage

    I am using Vlues Sleek Item Popup now I have a mechanic where enemies pick up items and thought. the player can at least know when an enemy gets an item in a chest. so I have two problems one I can't for the life of me get this to pop...
  3. Moosky

    Hylics/OMORI type fights

    I am thinking of making a game but something is pulling me back. I am a absolute beginner with a learning disability so it's harder for me to learn new stuff but I do my best. So here's the thing: I want a battle screen to be similar to Hylics and OMORI, in a way I want the screen to have...
  4. Rename a File (.png) with script

    Hi, I'm not super familiar with scripting, and I don't see a way to do what I want with the MV. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to rename a file, in particular, a png. is it possible to do this once the game has been compiled? This is so I can allow the player to choose pre-made...
  5. YumiStar

    Soul Gem Life-Like Script Request

    Resource Type: Script Maker Format: RpG Maker XP Art Style: Any Art needed can be added and unique to creator Description: I'll be frank: I am not a scripter and I really appreciate all the people here who can do it. So, I'm asking if maybe someone can make a script for RpG Maker XP, (you...
  6. megumi014

    Black/White background when loading menu picture

    Hi, I'm trying to learn javascript and I've been messing around with the Command Menu (following a tutorial and trying to change things here and there), but I stumbled upon an issue and I have no idea how to fix it because I don't understand what is the engine doing or why. I'm trying to put a...
  7. Simple Sound Script

    How do I play a sound with just the basic scripts? Do I have to do it all in the script databank or can I create a seperate script in the event manager? Im completely new to scripting btw.
  8. IsFutureBright

    Event with Parallel Process and Player Touch at the same time

    Is there any way for that to happen? I'm making a stealth game so every guard would work with a parallel process checking to see if the player's there or if the player touched him (no pun intended :P ). Anyone can help?

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