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  1. JacSkulls

    Yanfly Party System and Vlue's Row Formation

    Hello, everyone! Jac, here! Just wanting to know if there is a way to combine both Yanfly's Party System and Vlue's Formation Bonus (3x3) scripts without truly overwriting anything. Or maybe a certain add on to Formation Fix so that I can actually see the Actors in battle. Or maybe make it so...
  2. Yanfly's Lunatic States help

    Hi, so I'm using Yanfly's Lunatic States for VX Ace, found here. My goal is to create the state Flames, such that when the main character attacks an enemy who has Flames the main character is inflicted with a seperate...
  3. Galv Party Favor Subtracting Enemy and Party Favor Help

    Hello! I am creating a project that relies on the Party Favor System of Galv's an awful lot, but I'm having a number of problems. This script: I hope to make enemies use skills that can subtract party favors, be it their own...
  4. Galv's Jump Ability - Tweaked to only have living followers jump?

    I'm currently using Galv's Jump Ability script for VX Ace as well as the Falcao Pearl ABS. Generally, they seem to play along well with one another. One issue I do run into, however, is that the Pearl ABS script calls for dead followers to be lying in the spot where they died, while Galv's...
  5. lordvalinar

    Object-based Switches and Variables

    !! UPDATED (Working now: Will attach completed plugin in appropriate section) -Original post: So I'm not sure if this should be here or in plugin requests. Basically I wanted to see if anyone could help me as I try to create a plugin that adds "new" functions assigning switches / variables to...
  6. VampireKiller21

    Need help with Yanfly/Animated Battler scripts?

    Hello, anyone who can help. First: I apologize if this is in the wrong area of the forums, I get confused easily and don't always find my way around. Second: Any help with this or where to go is appreciated. Third: I can provide screenshots or more if needed. So I use Yanfly's Battle Symphony...
  7. Solving Console Errors

    Hello! Very very new. Like this afternoon new. I've done a bit of programming in the past, but not enough to know anything functionally useful. Could anyone tell me: 1) If there's a better program for fixing console errors besides just pressing F8? 2) If there's any way to fix console...
  8. Sangreale

    Help with a simple VX Ace Script

    Hey can anyone help me with 2 simple scripts pretty please? 1. A script that allows the currency/gold/dollars to be in decimal system ? For instance 5.66 in all showings (menu, shop, etc.) Instead of 566? 2. A script that allows players to see the class requirements of the equipment they intend...
  9. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question Re: Encounter Weight

    Trying to determine exactly what the encounter weight values translate to in terms of "percentage chance of occurring". In other words, if we have five encounters, each with a different weight numbered 1-5, what percentage of the time will an encounter result in encounter four occurring...
  10. Archeia

    Luna Engine Add-Ons

    Main Menu Window_Command Customization Add-On This allows the user to modify the Main Menu Command Windows. DOWNLOAD LINKS: CONFIG FILES CORE FILE

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