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  1. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Updating a window via another window

    So I'm using Blizzard's Stat Distribution script (Link), and it's divided into 4 different windows. I'm trying to get Window_DistributionStatus to refresh when Window_Distribution refreshes. I'm close to figuring it out, but now I'm stuck. What I figured out so far: To recall a window, I can...
  2. RMMV 1 minute equal 30 second

    how to make the internal clock of the game 1 minutes equal to 30 second computer clock
  3. Yugo_Salkins

    Changing Gamepad Control Default

    I don't know where to start. I am currently using RPG maker and I could have sworn I have posted about this a thousand times, but I seem to keep losing the thread I've made in regards to this. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times anyway because I had done a search for this on and off...
  4. Robert Trent

    Problems with KHAS Message System's script

    Hello everyone. I am currently using the KHAS Message System in my game project. Although the script is really visually pleasing, I am experiencing some limitations/problems with it that are definitely hindering me: - The script changes the font and font size of ALL messages with text, not just...
  5. Taiki16

    [ACE] YEA System Options + Fullscreen [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone, So i use the addon of Oscar92player from the yanfly options script that i found here: The addon: I wanted to know if it was possible to replace the fullscreen options (so the F5...
  6. Gamingstar

    "Load" option from the ingame menu?

    Hello, I need help with adding the a "Load" option above "Save" in the ingame menu. (Without yanfly's menu script) Any help is appreciated!
  7. I need support in Vlue's Basic options menu (RMVXACE).

    Hello, Basically, I want help in two different functionalities I want to add. I am a beginner in programming and don't know too much, as Ruby is my first experience in the area. For first, I would like to add an option in the options menu so I could allow the player to change a game variable's...
  8. Tok.wa

    [VX ACE] Slight delay before opening other windows in the menu?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is something that I could add into the Scene_Menu (or any script in the game) that makes the game wait n frames before opening other windows in the menu? For example, when I press X to bring out the menu, I'd like the game to wait 5 frames before opening the gold...
  9. jordanblake

    Is possible to finish/improve this plugin??

    hello people,today searching a way to improve my game graphics i found this post in another forum of a plugin for 3*3 sprite sheet (battler) and im wondering if is possible to improve this, make it works with 3*12 sprite sheet (kaduki battler style), i tryed to change the height to 12 rows but...
  10. BrandonDeVITO

    Referencing Event Name in Scripts

    All, (Thank you in advance, I cannot proceed without your guidance, and am very grateful for any help) THE PROBLEM I need to be able to use a script check (Event > Script) which checks to see if an event by a specific name is nearby. Because of the style of Puzzle game I created, puzzle...
  11. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Dekita elemental control & Hime elemental status info

    Hello, I have a question, I'm using both scripts: Dekita elemental control ( and Hime elemental status info ( and there is a trouble Of course, the elemental...

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