script adjustment

  1. Willibab

    SumRndmDde - HUD Maker ''Conditions''

    Using to make a battle ui. I intend to replace the in-battle ability/skill pop up menu and item pop up menu with my own background. Created the background easily with the tool but the background is there constantly, i think i need to add a condition that makes...
  2. marbeltoast

    Yanfly's action sequence plugin poses problem for scripting amatuer <RESOLVED>

    Good day, all. I'll be brief and clear. I'm using Yanfly's action sequence pack 1 and also his enhanced TP plugins. I'm trying to create an attack (Let's call it "Momentum Swing", for reference) that uses how much TP the attacker has when they start the attack to determine the damage, as well...
  3. Remember Event Settings

    I found this script that remembers events position and it's exactly what i was looking for: Can someone modify it to make it possible to also remember the events transparency setting and/or graphic setting?
  4. Pearl ABS - a few tweaks/extensions

    Hello, I'm working on a game that would use the Pearl ABS battle system. Here is what I'm hoping is possible through scripting: 1) Only one character can be controlled by the player. Though up to three other party members can join the party and be sent to battle (using the "K" command, as is...
  5. JtheDuelist

    Can someone please help me modify one of Mog's scripts?

    I am wanting to include a Power Bracelet like skill to Falcao's ABS system (, and I found Mog made a Pickup and Throw event (, but it is on at all times...
  6. YEP_CommonEventMenu Combined Windows

    I could really use some scripting help. I'm trying to edit Yanfly's Common Event Menu plugin so that the choice list is layered. (For example, selecting "Gender" on the list pulls up another sub-window next to it which displays "Male" and "Female" choices) I've come real close to accomplishing...
  7. Gamingstar

    "Load" option from the ingame menu?

    Hello, I need help with adding the a "Load" option above "Save" in the ingame menu. (Without yanfly's menu script) Any help is appreciated!
  8. How can I make this pet follower script (by Neon Black) accomdate to multipale pet followers? Hi, so basiclly what I want to have is multipale followers who don't join my party and this script serves the purpose, only problem is that it's limited to one such follower when I would like multipale. Anyone know how...
  9. DeathByGames

    Sprite Animation Help

    (Ok, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct area, but I believe I am so sorry in advance.) My problem lies with the script I'm using. I am using Galv's Character Animations script which can be found here. The script uses the different charsets in RPG Maker VX's sprites to have...
  10. jordanblake

    Help with custom menu development

    Hello everyone, i'm working on "Custom menu" for my game but, i need some help to making this work... 1. I'm working on my screen 1440x900 but of course my menu isn't responsive so i need some help to fix that ( i want to keep the windows in the center of the screen always) , but i want to...
  11. jordanblake

    Is possible to fix and add few functions in this plugin??

    Hello,yesterday i found this plugin what actually fills all i need in my project, the problem is, theres some bugs like, when you press "cancel" nothings happens, and im wonder if is possible to customize the background and add the option to make a access from the menu, the terms are: heres...
  12. jjbones123

    Help with text box backgrounds and font please?

    I tried searching the forums to see if anyone has similar problems and while I couldn't find anything, that maybe cause i'm not entirely sure how to word my question. It's also been awhile since i've posted a question on the RPG maker forums and it seems to have changed somewhat. So please...
  13. Power Master

    How to get the options menu in a different position on screen

    I adjusted the Options List script in VX Ace so it would appear in the middle of the screen rather than the right by combining the Title Screen Choices (which appear in the center of the screen) with the standard choices. I did this so it wouldn't conflict with the Yanfly "Improved Messages"...

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