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  1. Issue with Marta map editor and MGC's FPLE

    I was interested in utilizing the First Person Labyrinth Explorer add-on for RPG Maker VX Ace discussed here: But when I try to use the map editor for this add-on...
  2. How to Script Call party members in Battle?

    Hello, I am having some issues on how to script call the current party member taking an action. I am using Yanfly's Action Sequence Pack 2, and am trying to make the following occur. -Before an attack occurs, the game should display an image depending on the character. -Therefore, I am trying...
  3. Help installing the Victor Engine Basic Module?

    Hi! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I'm super new to RPG Maker, (I've only poked around a bit with some events and conditional branches and such), and am trying to set up some scripts. I want to install some Victor Engine scripts, and thus, am trying to install the basic module...
  4. Kakis

    Help with Triple Triad demo script

    Hello, I have been trying out Raizen's triple triad game: (available here) and was wondering if I could get some help with a few changes to it. I would like to be able to add a description for the cards, when...
  5. Kakis

    Help with Moghunter Battle HUD script

    I've been trying to get a hold of Moghunter's battle Hud script, but to no avail. I've tried going to Moghunter's main website: to get access to using it, but when downloading it, I just get this error message, even though I have VX ACE...
  6. Darkness Void

    Script For Idle Frame?

    Let me be clear as this can be a bit confusing. What I am looking for is a script that can let me use a one frame for when the characters stop moving. For example, here is a sheet I found that works really well for VX Ace. I want to use the first frame of each grid there but so far all the...
  7. redmage1000

    How to use a script call for checking defense.

    Hey all, I want to make traps using events. But when I deal damage I want to have it check the affected member's defense parameter. I have a bunch of different actors and want to check it by the spot in the party they are instead of by actor ID. I'm trying to put this script call into a...
  8. How do I use a variable to determine a characters class?

    Hi, for more information, I am making a game where you catch monster people. And I am using a variable to determine their personalities, and I want there to be a bit of RNG so they aren't all the same. I am also using variables to determine what slot they take over, so I wanted to know if...
  9. svenska_ghost

    I need help with Yanfly Ace Message System v1.05

    i've been trying to use this script but i'm having problems with it, i'm trying to use \n[x] but it isn't working, the character's name box wasn't showing
  10. ♥ azura ♥

    Using item directly from event

    Hi all! I'm having some trouble getting common events to activate when items are used by the script above. From this thread: This is my event, which is supposed to pop up a selection of the available Items...
  11. Luna117

    CSCA Encyclopedia in Galv's Menu Themes Engine? Help!

    Hi! This is my first time posting here, so I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct place. Sorry if I messed up. So I am using Galv's Menu Themes (plus Yanfly's so the Saving Screen and the Items/Equip menus look better) and I wanted to add CSCA's Encyclopedia, but I can't get it to...
  12. SoupRaccoon

    help for an inspect/check skill.

    I am making a dialogue heavy game and i want to add a skill that "inspects" a specific enemy within a troop. I cant make my own scripts so i made a workaround using conditional branches and show choices, but its rather messy and quite frankly embarrassing, so iam asking any who would bother to...
  13. dominik

    [VXAce] Can You help me with a condition?

    hey, I make a game and I need to check if a choosen actor is in the party, I try $[5] == false, $game_actor[5].actor? == false, I am confused, can someone help me?
  14. Help with super simple conditional variable show picture script??

    I'm trying to script conditional branches checking if the variable = 1, 2 or 3, (in this case "cherries2") and scripting a show picture for each result or 'else...' I'm trying to sort out how to script the whole thing, because I've got like 1000 possibilities and will just be terribly long...
  15. TsukiTheLunatic

    Does anyone have a backup of the Bigace World biography script

    I've been trying to insert a profile system into my game that would change with more information than you get during gameplay, I've tried other biographical scripts but they don't seem to have the option to change information during script call at events, this link: https:/...
  16. SparkaFear

    How do I make global classes that can be accessed from a event?

    I want to make something like TBOI (The Binding Of Isaac). I have the guns working and I have the powerups working. The only thing I have to do now is to add mobs. I have already added mobs on to the screen, but I dont know how to give them behavior scripts. I want to make a class that can be...
  17. Jon_Doe

    Changing the color of specific text in Battle

    I'm looking to figure out how to make Specifically this health text (LF: ) and number black, so it shows up better against this background: Is there something I can do to make it show up like that, while not changing the system text color, or battle text color as a whole?
  18. Szibes

    Tied states [Help with Lunatic States]

    I tried to use Yanfly's Lunatic States to make a state that is tied with another one, and will always be automatically added/removed when "parent" state is added/removed I.e.: When State 12 is applied, state 13 is automatically added. When State 12 is removed, state 13 goes with it. The "add"...
  19. Twisted

    Help Plz Variable password = variable items

    Hi folks :P So im looking for a little help as im abit stumped. So i am trying to make it so a player can enter a password/code and receive specific item(s). The code i have so far is this: if ($ == "M") { $gameSwitches.setValue(20, true); } which works fine for...
  20. Is it possible to render graphics outside of the main game window?

    For example, in the game OneShot, at the very end (spoilers) Looking through discussion threads, one of the theories on how this was achieved was the spawning of a secondary invisible window that contained the character's sprite, and the window moved down to simulate the movement of walking...

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