script bug fix request

  1. Galv Party Favor Subtracting Enemy and Party Favor Help

    Hello! I am creating a project that relies on the Party Favor System of Galv's an awful lot, but I'm having a number of problems. This script: I hope to make enemies use skills that can subtract party favors, be it their own...
  2. SushiAssado

    I'm having a bug with the script WeaponOverActor

    @LadyBaskerville when I activate this script and I do not have any equipped weapons and enter into battle, this error appears "can not read property 'meta' of null" ,but when I'm equipped with a weapon nothing happens, sSorry for the inconvenience, I do not want to be boring. ;c
  3. coticka

    Victor Target Arrow Issue...

    Hello friends. My issue- I get this error message upon using the basic attack command. The weird thing is, I only experience this issue if I use the attack command before skills. If I use an actor's skill before using the attack command, then I am free to use the attack command with no errors...
  4. TheFe91

    Battle Freezes when I display a message

    Hi everybody! I have a scripted battle in my game with a Troop of 5 enemies, 4 "side enemies" and a Boss Enemy. What I wanted to do was to make the Boss invulnerable if the user doesn't kill the other enemies BEFORE the boss itself. So I create the boss with the "immortality" state on and...
  5. jordanblake

    Is possible to finish/improve this plugin??

    hello people,today searching a way to improve my game graphics i found this post in another forum of a plugin for 3*3 sprite sheet (battler) and im wondering if is possible to improve this, make it works with 3*12 sprite sheet (kaduki battler style), i tryed to change the height to 12 rows but...
  6. jordanblake

    Help with custom menu development

    Hello everyone, i'm working on "Custom menu" for my game but, i need some help to making this work... 1. I'm working on my screen 1440x900 but of course my menu isn't responsive so i need some help to fix that ( i want to keep the windows in the center of the screen always) , but i want to...
  7. Steven Tran

    The Witch's House menu script

    Hi. I'm a newbie and I'm not very good at scripting. I just saw a script that makes the menu looks like the famous horror The Witch House. But something wrong, when I try to open the key item window I get this crash : Script 'Window_Base' line 549: NoMethodError occured. undefined method...
  8. HopeFragment

    8 Direction movement compatible Player turn-in-place.

    What I mean by turn and move is, I need a script that will allow the player to be able to change direction before walking a step if they press the arrow key for just a small second, like in Pokemon. (Player only, not the caterpillar.) I know there are a lot of scripts that do this, but most of...

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