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  1. mogneto

    [SOLVED]Cure actions damages instead of healing

    Hello again, this time the title is very self-explaining. I want to make a state that makes healing skills and items damage the player instead of healing. Also I want to make this in a script call (probably it'll be in a common event), but if there are better ways to do it I would appreciate...
  2. Eliaquim

    Performance questions with plugins and script calls

    Hi there! I have some doubts while making my plugins and the game. And it is about performance. For example, I know that it depends on the code of the plugin for it to lag the game. But, what is the most thing that can lag a game in the plugins? 1 - A lot of global variables, instead of local...
  3. Uzuki

    What is the Script call to get the current inventory count?

    Hey everyone, due to some conflicting issues with some limit inventory plugins I've had to forgo using them in my current project, but due to the nature of how the game is supposed to be played, I would still like to limit how many items the player can carry with them. This can be achieved...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Problems with Drifty's "Equipment Optimizer" code

    Okay so I wanted to do a common event, bound to a key (using yanfly plugin) that would optimize the entire party's equipment when the button is pressed. Like Drifty did in his game Legend of Driftwood. I even looked at a "tutorial" where he shows the code snippet used in that common event and...
  5. tale

    Space not far - Get all items (& for VX Ace)

    Get all items Creator name: Space not far Overview Get all 99 items, weapons and armor. For debugging. Feature Use snf_getallitem as a script call in the event command. Get all items. However, items with blank names are ignored. Installation Paste this script...
  6. yumekakaro

    Conditional Branch if enemy book entry was read

    So hello first of all! To make it short; I'm using the EnemyBook plug-in. Now there is supposed to be a secret event in my game in which a character becomes your team mate but only if you've seen a specific entry in the enemy book. In the entry is written something that you need to know to...
  7. Calling no. of enemy troops in region/map

    Sorry in advance if I can't see the wood for the trees. Broad view: Generic 'please clear map of enemies to advance game' quest First idea: Use conditional branching event to check for live enemy troops and then turn on switch which acts as success state when none are present. Thing I need...
  8. Kemezryp

    Script call for changing enemy state

    (couldn't find it in ) Anyway, I need a script call that will make enemy of index v[26] get a state of id 37. Tried few things but didn't work. Thanks!
  9. xoferew

    MV script call for movement route based on actor state?

    Hi, I'd appreciate any advice. I thought I could use a script call to make events (roaming enemies) move toward the player unless a certain actor had a certain state, in which case the event would move away from the player. When I look at the script call list I see moveType = 0 for fixed, 1...
  10. Nilom

    Method or Function to return right order of item pick-ups

    Hello! Is there a method or a function in the RPG Maker built-in methods/functions that will return the inventory items in the correct order which they have been picked up? $gameParty._items seems to just sort the items by database ID. I know an array could be used for this but that would...
  11. Displaying Current Weapon - HUD Maker

    Hi folks. I‘m finding it hard to resolve my issue and after 2 days have decided to see if the helpful RMMV community can assist. Im using SumRndmDde’s impressive HUD Maker plugin. Is someone able to inform me of the HUD Maker property value I would need to use in order to get the equipped weapon...
  12. lucofthewind

    Script Call: Checking JUST battle party for status effect

    Hey all, What I am trying to do is set up a conditional branch, in battle, that if the current battle party (game has 12 playable characters so far, and only a max party of 6) does not have a certain status effect, the a force action will happen with the enemy. I already tried setting up the...
  13. Animebryan

    What's the script call for returning an enemy's name?

    I'm using SumRndmDde's HUD Maker plugin & I'm trying to show text that returns a enemy's name based on its Enemy Index position. So far, the RMMV Script Call list shows $gameTroop.members()[enemyIndex] in reference to enemies but how do I use this to show an enemy's name based on its index...
  14. Nilom

    SetMoveMoute Script for Event [solved]

    Hello everyone! I'm seaching the forums and google up and down to find a working script command for moving events with a parralel process common event. What does not work in my case is everything with " this. ". Because I absolutely need the script call to be in a parallel process. Before I...
  15. Nilom

    Change event location to position on the screen

    Hello people. Currently I'm trying to figure out how I can move events to a position on the screen/view field of the player. I know how to move events with a script call: But how can I set the x and y position relative to the screen? I mean something like this: Thanks in advance! :D
  16. Animebryan

    Can't make a item that gives user Exp

    I'm trying to make items that gives the user Exp, but it seems impossible by default. I tried using a common event using the Change EXP option but there's no way to apply the effect directly to the user & there's no option to target the user by default. The only way I see to get around this...
  17. Animebryan

    How to check for 'no weapon equipped'

    I'm running conditional branches to check for every instance of each weapon. But I also need to check for if there's no weapon equipped, but the conditional branch option for a weapon doesn't allow to check for an empty slot. Is there a script call to do this?
  18. BonnieLass

    Getting an Actor's name for an argument

    So I'm having trouble fiddling with a specific plugin, but this is just a scripting question. I'm happy to give you all the details of my plugin usage if you think that will be helpful, just let me know. So I have a space for an argument between [ ]. It takes arguments like the following...
  19. Vis_Mage

    Store Enemy Stat in Variable

    A (hopefully) quick question, is there a script call that can store an enemy's stat as a variable. To clarify, I'm not looking to set an enemy's stat with the variable, just for it to check the ATK stat of enemy 5, and store that value in a variable.
  20. Nerdpago

    Need a little help with ScriptCalls and Party members

    Hello, so i want to know if exist a script call that allow to identify if a specified party member is on a especified region For example, if the second party member is on region id 60 , change his image OR if if the second party member is on a especified map region "X and Y" change his image...

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