script call

  1. KanaX

    Rotating Pictures.

    Is there a way to rotate a picture without external scripts , like a script call?
  2. KanaX

    Determine if Autorun Event is Triggered

    Is there a way to create conditional that activates if there is a triggered autorun event?
  3. metronome

    Total Playing Time Variable Control

    I am not sure if this has been asked or not, but surely I have used Google with "" in the search keyword tail everytime I searched for this question. It could be that this question is too easy to answer or may be I am just bad with keyword searching. Anyway, here is...
  4. Ashtonion

    What's the script call for this

    I'm making a skill where you summon a monster or something, and the monster would be on the same level as the caster. I just need to know how I would make the actor of the Monster the same level as the Caster. Pretty sure it's in a script call?
  5. Solo

    Looking for a more efficient method for modifying parameters en masse...

    Hey, I want to raise or lower many characters' parameters at once when something happens, but this is very cumbersome and will make for absolutely huge event pages if I use the "Change Parameters" command for every actor. I tried using a script call utilizing a range like...
  6. R-Soul

    Retrievable Game Information

    After noticing you can do several useful things via script calls I came up with a question (which may have a rather long answer). What sort of information can I retrieve from the game? (Aiming for numbers and boolean) In other words... Can I...?: Retrieve the number of battles I've been at...
  7. Tiamat5774

    Script Clash: FPLE vs. Caterpillar

    Ok, I discovered FPLE (First person Labyrinth explorer) and wanted to incorporate it into my game for cave dungeons. However, the game crashes when I enter a FPLE Mode dungeon with the "Caterpillar" Script active. Can you turn off/on scripts using a call script event. If so, how? -Tiamat5774...
  8. nairnebear

    Synchronised map and battle BGM?

    I write my own music and would love for my game to have map and battle BGM that fade between one another as though two parts of one whole. (For example, a melody is playing on the map, a battle starts and the melody continues seamlessly, but now we have battle drums on top and some electric...
  9. Kes

    Common Event on parallel process not working.

    Objective The script I am referring to in this is Shaz's mouse script here: but that is not the issue. I want to give the player the choice of enabling or disabling the mouse.  This can be done by...
  10. Jellysaur

    Script Call for Class..?

    Using VX Ace. I was looking for something to keep an actor's EXP even after changing classes, and I found Tsukihime's script call: Trouble is, I'm not sure where to put it. I get that you put script calls in events, but do I put this script call in an event, on the map? : / I've searched the...
  11. Kes

    Specific actor in battle

    A thread almost on this subject was started and closed before I got a chance to ask for clarification. I want to put an event in each troop before the battle starts that enables a particular character (actor ID = 8) to perform a specific action. Essentially it calls up a common event, and...
  12. Hiek

    Picture Effect : Spin

    I am wondering if someone can make me a small script that allows me to "Spin" a picture so that it could look like a Wheel, or Cogwheel spinning around. The Rotate feature in Ace does not do this properly since it rotates around a big circle. I tried Tsukihime's Picture Wrapper But it's not...
  13. Im not fat

    Transfer Player via Script Call

    What is the command to transfer the player to set coordinates and map id? For example: transfer(map, map_x, map_y) This seems like a very simple command, but I cannot find it anywhere. I understand that there is a simple command built into the maker, but I require this command in in ruby...
  14. ShadowFox

    floor damage tiles help (Ace)

    I am using the generic floor damage terrain flag and am in need of some help in 'temporarily' stopping the damage from occurring without actually swapping the tiles around. So I am wondering if there are any script calls that help me out.

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