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  1. Christopher Riel

    Conditional if any Party member is in the Group?

    Hello, lately I have been modifying and looking for more scripts that can be done in the "Call Script" command and the "Conditional Branch", and there is one that I cannot find. and it is the command $game_party.members[0].id to select some actor of the Party. It turns out that I have searched...
  2. valerieplanets

    RMMV script call for whether battle actions are currently being performed?

    sorry for the amount of questions about this recently, but i was wondering if theres a script call that i can use to check if the actions chosen in battle are currently being performed. i want to know because i've made a battle log text box and i want it only to appear when actions are being...
  3. Ratatattat

    [Poll] Formatting/Organizing Plugin Command List in Help Section (see description)

    And/or script call list. Specifically, for a plugin that has a lot of commands/script calls, many of which may require more than a couple lines of explanation for usage. As a plugin USER (not creator), please choose any and all characteristics of such plugins' help sections that you feel grant...
  4. EmmaWatson

    How to have Player Character Spawn an Event that Changes Encounter and the Event stays on that Map?

    Hi, I have a specific thing I'm trying to event and I feel like I am very close but I am falling on the logistics part, so I would love help if possible. The Plan In my game, there is a Statue that the Player obtains, and they can place it wherever they are standing. This statue turns on a...
  5. kyonides

    KFrozenSkill XP

    KFrozenSkill XP by Kyonides Arkanthes I guess there could be such moments where you would love to freeze a given hero's skill :wizard: as a plot device :book: or just as a funny way to bother the player. :D Guess what! Now you can do that! Note: Instructions are already embedded in my...
  6. kyonides

    KInquire XP

    KInquire XP v1.2.0 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Detective: "What have you been doing as of late? I've been investigating some weird events that have been taking place in a small place called Kustom Town as of late. Have you got any piece of valuable information, sir? A contact, the...
  7. Uranium

    RMMV My Favorite/Most Useful Script Calls

    Hi Everyone! I figured this might be something useful for all users including myself. I will keep track of all my Favorite JavaScript calls used in RPG Maker MV!! Feel Free to post comments with your favorite also! This is just starting out as I ran out of time today this will be an on going...
  8. Xenwarrior5

    RMMZ "$gameParty._targetActorId" Doesn't seem to work in battle

    I'm trying to make a skill that applies different states based off of the amount of TP you have when you use it. I thought that setting a variable to the TP of the target actor would work, but every time I run the script "$$gameParty._targetActorId).tp" it crashes. I figured...
  9. Random Panda

    Self Switch Script call for multiple events on a map

    Hi All, I need to use $gameSelfSwitches.setValue([$gameMap._mapId, EVENTID, 'A'], false); But for EVENTID I was hoping to use an array of multiple event IDs so I don't have to redo that code for multiple events. Something like this, but you know, done correctly: var E = [1,5,9, etc.]...
  10. greensdream

    Options for using Scene Manager script calls?

    I have a custom menu called by a common event, and in that event I have four options to choose from. They are essentially, ITEMS, EQUIP, SAVE, and QUIT. In the event I use script calls to take the player to the Items, Equip, Save, and Quit screens respectively [ SceneManager.push(Scene_Item)...
  11. Heirukichi

    Timed Events - Respawn, Activate and more

    Timed Events and Complex Timed Systems by Heirukichi Version: 1.1 Last updated: 04-22-2021 [MM-DD-YYYY] Requirements Scripts: none. VX Ace knowledge: as long as you know how to make basic events, how to add script calls, how to use variables, switches and conditional branches you should be...
  12. RainbowGrenade

    Reading Note Tag Via Script Call

    Is this possible? I would like to use a script that allows for a specific customization I need through note tags, but not script calls or plugin commands. The issue being that I need to make these customization during play. I've reached out to the creator of the script, but it got me thinking...
  13. Heirukichi

    Advanced guide to script calls - no script required

    Hello guys! In this tutorial I would like to give few words of advice on how to get the most out of your script calls. That includes using multiple script calls as a single one, creating your own classes inside a script call and other advanced things that people might not know being possible...
  14. Yulia

    The right code for a script call

    Hi! Programming for me is like some alien language so I need some help with script calls. I want to create a common event that will check if an event with id "1" is close to the player (it's a common event because I need to check this on several maps). I've found two versions of a script call...
  15. Groundon3

    Is there a script call to check an enemies position during battle?

    I've been using Yanflys battle sequences and one problem that has appeared for me (and a few other people) is trying to position the user based on the targets position, mainly further away than the standard choices. I've managed to figure out a workaround this problem but I can't execute it...
  16. Name

    Script call for mouse clicks

    What is the script call for left mouse button click? Like if I wanted something to do something when you click on it with the mouse. I don't want a plugin, just a script call for a conditional branch.
  17. HexMozart88

    Event Name (Or Colour) in Conditional Branch

    I haven't made a thread in here for so long, but I can't seem to find this. I'm trying to find a way to make it so that if two events are the same colour and touching each other, it triggers another event. But, I really don't know how to make a conditional branch for the colour of an event. I...
  18. HexMozart88

    Error Messages On Purpose

    Here I will be showing you how to make your game show an error message and crash on purpose.  So first, we need our message. So in a script call, say msg = "Text." That'll set what text is going to come up.  Next, we need to actually insert it into the message. So in the same...
  19. Sketchward


    Does anyone know a way to modify SceneManager.push(Scene_Shop); so that it calls a shop with the Sell button enabled? I'm calling a shop with items that have randomized prices pulled from variables. Current script var goods = [ [0,18,1,$gameVariables.value(0033)]...
  20. Name

    Script call for Actors

    How do you call a specific actor's status menu? I looked at the script call list, but there isn't a way to do it on there.

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