script command

  1. Nilom

    Method or Function to return right order of item pick-ups

    Hello! Is there a method or a function in the RPG Maker built-in methods/functions that will return the inventory items in the correct order which they have been picked up? $gameParty._items seems to just sort the items by database ID. I know an array could be used for this but that would...
  2. Nilom

    Modify Region IDs with Script Commands

    Good evening! Is there a way to delete or spawn regions through script calls, outside of the map editor? Or does anyone know a plugin which can do that? A little explanation why I would need this: I'm working on a boardgame where events get moved automatically depending on what the players...
  3. Uzuki

    Is There A Script Command To Check The Player's Current Speed?

    So what I want to do is make an conditional branch that checks what the player current speed is. Is there an script command or plugin that I can use?
  4. _Shadow_

    Is it possible to change Battle System in game?

    Hello community. On the Database, below the System Tab, there is an option as a checkbox.Use Side-view Battle. I know how it was meant to work. You tick it, you got a side view battle system. You let it unticked, it by default selects first person point of view battle system. Now look. The...
  5. Rink27

    Game Data (Control Variables) Script Commands?

    1) Is there a list of the script commands for each of the game data options under control variables, such as item possession count, etc? 2) Or even beyond what control variables offer? Having a list of most, if not all, of these ($gameParty, $gameActor, .numItems, etc) script commands...
  6. GogeFD

    Set a new player start position (w/ script command)

    Hi RPG Makers! I am developing a new game. So I need a Script Command that be able to change/set a new player start position. I don't know if it's possible, but if it is... I would like that you write an answer with the exactly command and an example. Because... I'm not a scripting...
  7. _Shadow_

    TILE ID. Changing ground tiles.

    Hello. I was on Steam and saw a question being answered by a very active member there, "Hajami". So I got a few questions arising from his own answer, and since he can not give more insight on that, I decided to move this question here, as my own, since I am interested to learn about it.  ...

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