script editing

  1. ZirconStorms

    [script editing help] Namebox + Variable control

    Script I'm trying to edit: Window.rb (I'll translate the help text at the top of the script if needed, but the script is easy to use without it.) Would it be possible to control a variables for multiple namebox text results...
  2. TheGreenHorse

    Tweaking your menu screen

    Welcome! The aim of this tutorial is to help RGSS3 begginers learn how to change their menu screen according to their wish. This is slightly more advanced and powerful than Tweaking your title screen. It's a menu, and it's a bundle of things. Scene_Menu Class Disable Menu Commands...
  3. HamPants

    RPG Maker VX Ace Basics Video Series

    These videos are amazing, and have helped me explain things that I'm not good at explaining, to those who needed help. Thank you! :)

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