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  1. JacSkulls

    Save Transfer to another file and adding another game to the main game?

    Hello! Jac here! Save Transfer question. Just wondering if there is a possible script for VX Ace on Save Transfer to another game? Like creating a new Save Database that save itself in another game and continue on from there using the same map but different characters? Especially if I ran out...
  2. NehpetsYar

    [Solved] Help with Yanflys Item Requirements

    Hello everyone! I'm using yanfly's plugins and I'm trying to work out how to check the characters level when equipping a weapon using his Item Requirements plugin. I read the documentation and I know its going to require a javascript eval using the <Custom Enable Requirement> </Custom Enable...
  3. dunsparce-encyclopedia

    Possible to make a check/inspect/spy action?

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to create a skill in RMMV that can list an enemies stats or their weaknesses, similar to Jeff's Spy ability from EarthBound. I tried attaching a common event to the skill, but how should the script go from there?
  4. Whitewitchworks

    Puzzel door won't stay locked untill puzzel is solved.

    Ok I'm having a bit of a problem, I'm making a puzzle game and for one of the puzzle rooms you have ts change all the lights to green, I already have the light conditions set so when you walk on them they change and effect neighbouring lights. so the puzzle starts X0XXX0X but say you walk...
  5. SoulSearcher91

    Help with a Plugin/Scripting issue for my game (need Summon Fix and alternate code for side battler

    hello I would really love some advice on an a few issues im having and i want to try and sort them before starting my game properly. this may get complicated but please bare with me (may contain Max noobage) My planned Idea what im trying to do is have Character sprites as battlers instead of...
  6. Queerpg

    Venka Crafting Script 3.8 with Item Hues

    Hi all, I'm looking for an item icon hue/color changing script that works with Venka's Crafting Script 3.8 as I need to color change ores/bars icons to be different colors for crafting tiers. At the moment I have Modern Algebras Icon Hues script but it's clashing with the icon hues call part of...
  7. greensdream

    Script for Screen Zoom help?

    I have been using a script to zoom-in (bring the camera closer) and it has worked great... Up until trying to change the scale! Here is the script I'm using by creating an event and typing this into the script line: $gameScreen.setZoom(Graphics.width / 2, Graphics.height / 2, 2) It works...
  8. Queerpg

    Can I make crops grow after cycle of in game clock?

    Hey friends, so I've tried a few things but none of them have worked. Is there a way of making crops grow after my Days Variable adds +1? (Eg, crops grow the next morning, like in games such as Stardew Valley & Harvest Moon) Such as, once Days Variable = +1 then run below script at the moment...
  9. Dragon Brother

    The Clones wars continue

    Greetings Forumites, Fomar's Clone actor script, easily the most useful of the scripts CTB will be utilizing. that said, I have noticed that the program doesn't seem to recognize the presence of more than one clone, I have a system that changes the appearance of units that are equipped with...
  10. AgentN107

    I have 2 issues with my item pop up

    So I made a script that is a more simple item pop up of just being in a corner and the player can just go about there business it also is used for quests or whatever else. It is called through a script call that can change its Icon and its message the 2 major problems I have are 1 if it runs and...
  11. SakuraMiya

    Help with Moghunter's Chain Commands

    I'm working on a small VX Ace game that uses the Moghunter Chain Command Minigame, but how can I use it in order to open a door more than once? For example, I have to open a door three times and the commands change each time. I tried to do it by myself, but the door still opens even if the...
  12. Skill Sub-menu Script? (similar to Mother 3/Earthbound)

    For a while now I've been trying to find and figure out a script that replicates the PSI and menu in Earthbound/Mother 3. It separates the skills into different categories (attack, recovery, and assist) form of each attack. There will be an image attached so you guys can get the picture As...
  13. RedRose190

    In the item menu when i select an item/key i need the actor menu selecting to hide.

    Hello everyone! i am new here this is the first time i making a post and i need help.. Also i am from Greece and English is not my first language so i'm sorry for my mistakes.. A long time now i am working at making my first own game, i want to mention that i kinda know how to work with rpg...
  14. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Game Updater For "undfined Method > For' nil class"

    So while playing my game, I saved. I added a new script. When I loaded up my save file I got this message: The script works fine if you restart the game from the title screen. But I really don't want to replay through the game again from the point I was at. I know theirs things for...
  15. Bullpup Shooting Engine Weapons

    i have a problem i was creating a game with this engine and i search for put a melee atack i make a zombie but he can not atack only weapon note tags can be used in events example: Armas[6] = [19, 24, 14, "ak47",9, 3] i really want enemys can do a melee atack! not only use...
  16. Daena Grey

    Failing at being Crafty with Stats...

    I have failed at the one thing I have a tiny amount of experience with to be able to handle. I thought. RIP. Alright, here is the issue. While it is rather simple and trivial I am brainless enough to solve this conundrum. I am using Nelderson's Extra Stats script, and I was rubbing my hands at...
  17. sutorumie

    Tsukihime's Window Cursor doesn't dispose at the right time

    I'm using this script: I modified it to work with various windows with different image cursors (basically just changing Window_Whatever to other stuff and copying the script for each window I need a cursor for), but for some windows, the image doesn't disappear at the same time as the rest of...
  18. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Sprite button script help

    So, I've been watching SoulPour777's Sprite Button tutorial: . I am using this as a basis for writing a script which enables sprite button commands in the battle scene (intended for touch screen), and removing the default windowed command system. At first: everything was going great! I had the...
  19. C7A7L7V7I7N

    Script changes not showing up in my project

    I have encountered a major problem in the development of my project: I was making a plugin which enables sprite buttons to activate skills (in a battle scene). After some success I started having to experiment a little (within my own script only) to try make my buttons to work the way intended...
  20. Triforce Mario

    Problem with the Earthbound Battle system

    So, in a game I'm making, I put in the Earthbound battle system by cozziekuns but, when I try to do battles, I get this error message So, I decided to check it out, and it was this line of code that was messing up rect = % 16 * 24, icon_index / 16 * 24, 24, 24) I...

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