script request

  1. Adjust skill critical rate script.

    By default, all skill's critical hit ratios depend on the character's Critical rate, resulting in all skills a character have will have the same critical ratio. I need a script that allows me to make specific critical rates for individual skills. For example, skill X will have a 30% chance of...
  2. Icons before names

    By default, its impossible put scripts before names in VX Ace, even if you use \I[n] I need a script that makes iconsets appear before the names of characters, classes, and enemies. Can someone make a script that does this or know a script that does this?
  3. light614

    RMMZ how to show total damage done to enemy as a variable

    Looking for a way to store damage done as a variable... trying to use this as a way to print Total damage done in multi hit skills.
  4. A Cyber Sleuth-like "Data - Virus - Vaccine" elemental system script.

    There is a game called Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, where there are typical RPG elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, etc. But also have three extra elements: Data, Vaccine, and Virus (there is also a Free element, but it is neutral). A Data-Elemental Digimon, for example, will have all its skills...
  5. Event touch + Player touch event

    I'm trying to make an event + plan to make more events that use multiple triggers which will cause a different outcome depending on which was triggered. However, simply having 2 event pages doesn't allow this, as only one will be active. I tried looking for scripts and had no luck, which makes...
  6. Dracul

    RMMV Looking for a few scripts

    Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster. I'm looking for some scripts that could replicate a survival game. Specifically: -Item Rarity -Crafting System -Weather system similar to pokemon -Cooking system similar to BotW -Changing Class via Armor (Idk if anyone played Final Fantasy 4...
  7. Kakis

    Help with script for Battle Result Visuals

    Hello, So I've been using RPG Maker Vx Ace and I wanted to make a battle result/level up screen that looks like this: to be able to add in the visuals of when a character levels up, but to also add in dialogue of said character levelling up. Like, when a battle is over, it'll show items that...
  8. RMMZ Only erase battlelogs after maximum lines have been reached

    Hello! I've been searching for a while now everywhere (I even went to page 7 of google and did multiple searches on this forum :rswt) for a plugin compatible with RPGMZ that allows me to modify the battlelogs, the x and y, the width, opacity, maximum number of lines and to clear the log only...
  9. Jacoh

    Change one skill depending on which weapon the actor is using.

    Hello, it's me again, I wanted to know if there was a script (aside from Yanfly's since when using Yanfly it heavily ruins how my game works) that could change a specific skill based on which weapon you're using, with change I mean completely replace it, for example, by having a staff, your...
  10. Jacoh

    Show more status effects

    I'm surprised that no one asked this, maybe because Yanfly is overused and has this function implemented, however, I don't really want to use Yanfly and I'd like to know if there's a script that allows me to make more than 2 status effects visible (during battles, NOT during menus). Anything...
  11. BrickleYourFrickle

    [Solved] How can I more precisely position enemy battlers?

    I'm trying to make my battle system resemble the original Final Fantasy on the NES. As you can see here, the enemies are positioned on a grid. I'm trying to emulate this look, however it's not as easy in the RMVXA troops tab. To begin with, the grid that RM uses is bigger than the grid I've...
  12. zubleiko

    Mount & Blade similar trade system

    I'm wondering how could i make an economic system based on mount & blade economics. The price of an item changes accordingly to the Base price of the item and the amount of stock available. Let's say sugar costs 100g, but there is a shortage of sugar in the city i'm trading, i could sell this...
  13. Jacoh

    Equip weight

    Hi, i wanted to request a script similar to Crystal Noel's one, it basically gives an equipment a determinated weight and limits the player from using more than a total of weight points (Which can obviously be upgraded by leveling up). I would download it from his site but it sends you to a...
  14. frosq

    RMMV Blur Overlay?

    Hiya everyone. I've been wondering if anyone knows how I can achieve a blurry edge as the one has been used in Octopath Traveler and few other games. I've created a mockup of how the end result I want to achieve, apparently, there are no plugins or anything that can help me achieve this one...
  15. frosq

    RMMV RMMV Equip Passive Skill

    So I've found a script I've exactly been looking for: problem is: I've invested too many time AND purchases in RMMV that it'd be difficult for me to move to an entirely new engine, hence desperately need an RMMV version...
  16. JacSkulls

    Yanfly Party System and Vlue's Row Formation

    Hello, everyone! Jac, here! Just wanting to know if there is a way to combine both Yanfly's Party System and Vlue's Formation Bonus (3x3) scripts without truly overwriting anything. Or maybe a certain add on to Formation Fix so that I can actually see the Actors in battle. Or maybe make it so...
  17. renguro

    Help Figuring out Which Side-View Battler Script to Use

    Hey all, I've been sifting through side-view battler scripts to figure out which one might be the best option for me to use. I drew a mockup of how I want my battles to generally look, and the finished animations I want for the battlers and enemies to be reminiscent of fighting games like...
  18. Help changing mana points to a different stat

    So essentially I'm making a game where a very core mechanic is "morale" which I want to have multiple effects, and thought one way to do this would be to rework how mana points currently works and go from there. I want it to be stat that can be reduced from things like specific enemy attacks...
  19. MasterMoes

    999+ events on a single map in RPG Maker VX Ace (script request)

    So apparently, it is impossible to have more than 999 events on a single RPG maker VX Ace map. This is a huge problem for my open world game, and I was wondering if someone could create a script or something that can do this. I'm really in need of such a thing, and I am even willing to pay some...
  20. JtheDuelist

    "Link's Awakening"-style Map Display

    I am looking for a way to make viewable maps for both the overworld and dungeons (separately, as items), where the map shows which part of a bigger map you are on (with maybe a window with a name window for that space), with unvisited maps showing as a black square. The dungeon map can show what...

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