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  1. frosq

    RMMV Blur Overlay?

    Hiya everyone. I've been wondering if anyone knows how I can achieve a blurry edge as the one has been used in Octopath Traveler and few other games. I've created a mockup of how the end result I want to achieve, apparently, there are no plugins or anything that can help me achieve this one...
  2. frosq

    RMMV RMMV Equip Passive Skill

    So I've found a script I've exactly been looking for: problem is: I've invested too many time AND purchases in RMMV that it'd be difficult for me to move to an entirely new engine, hence desperately need an RMMV version...
  3. JacSkulls

    Yanfly Party System and Vlue's Row Formation

    Hello, everyone! Jac, here! Just wanting to know if there is a way to combine both Yanfly's Party System and Vlue's Formation Bonus (3x3) scripts without truly overwriting anything. Or maybe a certain add on to Formation Fix so that I can actually see the Actors in battle. Or maybe make it so...
  4. renguro

    Help Figuring out Which Side-View Battler Script to Use

    Hey all, I've been sifting through side-view battler scripts to figure out which one might be the best option for me to use. I drew a mockup of how I want my battles to generally look, and the finished animations I want for the battlers and enemies to be reminiscent of fighting games like...
  5. Help changing mana points to a different stat

    So essentially I'm making a game where a very core mechanic is "morale" which I want to have multiple effects, and thought one way to do this would be to rework how mana points currently works and go from there. I want it to be stat that can be reduced from things like specific enemy attacks...
  6. MasterMoes

    999+ events on a single map in RPG Maker VX Ace (script request)

    So apparently, it is impossible to have more than 999 events on a single RPG maker VX Ace map. This is a huge problem for my open world game, and I was wondering if someone could create a script or something that can do this. I'm really in need of such a thing, and I am even willing to pay some...
  7. JtheDuelist

    "Link's Awakening"-style Map Display

    I am looking for a way to make viewable maps for both the overworld and dungeons (separately, as items), where the map shows which part of a bigger map you are on (with maybe a window with a name window for that space), with unvisited maps showing as a black square. The dungeon map can show what...
  8. Stat Swap status ailment?

    Like the title says, I want to know if there's a script there that allows an ailment to have the temporary effect of swapping a player's ATK with DEF in battle.
  9. Mad_Pumpkin

    Map overlay buildings on other maps

    The request: I am requesting a script that would allow me to place one map on top of another map like a parallax, but with all of the functionality and tile reading from the second map. Details: I would like to be able to use event notes or script calls for the process to work. One event would...
  10. FAGC54

    Restrict the use of a menu option for one actor with a common event

    Hello everyone! I want what the tittle says. I will explain better anyways. Scripts i'm using: So, the problem is this, i'm using the Class System to change classes when an actor equips an item (Armor), for this, the script from Hime calls a common event and changes the class. What i want...
  11. [RMVX Ace] How to create "Load" call script to "Original Commands?"

    For starters, Good 'Day, Everyone! So my question / request is how can... I / anyone create a script like this? I inspired / based my RPG Maker Horror Game on "Witch's House " that's why I also want a simple and similar menu likes this! First picture would be this one: This is the menu option...
  12. Canini

    Change party formation with a button press

    Hello and thanks for looking! I need a really simple (hopefully) script. Say you have a game with two characters, lets call them X and Y. I need a script that changes their formation with the press of a keyboard button (Q). Hopefully these images are clear enough: X is in front. The player...
  13. spacedev

    Basic Picture Command Title Script?

    Hiya papaya I'm making a game and I'd like to know if there is a basic, picture as command title script. No animations, no fancy ding-dongs, just pictures as the commands instead of a window. Like this: If anyone can direct me to a script like this, or put one together for me (as long as it's...
  14. Koi

    Can't use item unless another is present

    I'm going to assume that this would require a script, so here I am. In my game you don't use skills to attack, you scavenge for items. One of the items is a slingshot, and then you find the ammo elsewhere. Is it possible to make it so that the ammo item cannot be used unless the slingshot is in...
  15. Koi

    Garbage Can Script

    I've talked about this before on here, and I've also tried looking up other scripts but I haven't really found anything that suits exactly what I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure any thread that I could have made before this would be locked now because I've been on Hiatus for quite some time. So...
  16. SpakTheComposer

    -Script Request- Form Change

    Hello, i have an idea for a battle system, but cannot figure out how to do it and would assume I need a script for it. Basically, the main character of the game is able to change forms mid battle changing his battle style, with each form being a different actor. I need a command in battle that...
  17. ScytheX

    looking for "Talse Of" style Skit Script

    hello i was wondering if there is a script that does this. like adding little mini conversation events between party members that you can choose to look at or not. and i'f your not sure what i meen i mean something like this. minus the voice acting part of it but you get the idea XD
  18. Anxious

    Team attack

    So, in the game I'm making, I want a way to implant team attacks For example: The World Ends With You, where the player and their party member both do a special attack together, attacking their foes. Course, this is RPG Maker, so I gotta make it make do. Basically, two party members have a...
  19. spacedev

    Shaking Character script? (RMVXACE)

    Hey! I would like for someone to make a shaking event/sprite script for RPG Maker Vx Ace... I want it to be a small, controlled shake as if the sprite is shivering? I'm pretty sure this was possible in Wolf RPG Editor. If you know of any RMVXACE script that does this, please let me know...
  20. Anxious

    Gameplay like LISA: The Painful?

    So, I'm making a game that's simular to LISA, a fan game, I guess. And LISA basically has you platforming around, and I need a script that does something like that. if you know, LISA has a platforming like gameplay, with you treversing the land of Olathe by walking on a cliff, then jumping onto...

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