1. kn1000a

    A script that would show the main actor's full body image when menu is called + other info

    Hi, this is commonly seen in a lot of the japanese RPGM games I played, but I have no idea how to search for it. Instead of just the default menu call that shows the regular options and party members, does anyone know a script that would display the main actor's full body sprite and their...
  2. Yanfly command list script issues

    Hello everyone. Ran into an error while trying to use Yanfly's command list script. Basically, the command names don't seem to work. I am trying to change the command names for a particular actor, and I've written the following in his notes section in classes and actors: <command list> <command...
  3. KayThePianist

    Scripts conflict

    Hello, I wanted to do a 3D loop worldmap. I managed to make work scripts separately without problems but joining them loop is ok going up/left, but going down/right generates a sort of automatic moonwalk effect. I couldn't solve it and I tried extending the map and setting some automatic...
  4. Tsaffrogua

    How to Change Shop Inventory Based on Past Purchases?

    What I want: To update the inventory of a shop based on past purchases/items in inventory. What I have: I have a shop which sells a set of items that have improved sequels. Blessing 1 -> Blessing 2 -> Blessing 3 What I need: A way to make the inventory change as items are acquired. Eg. When...
  5. Using phrases as passcodes?

    Hi, I have a couple of puzzles in mind where the solution is a phrase. What would be the best way to allow the player to input the answer? Is there some script or should I utilize the name input option? Should I scrap the idea altogether? I'd really rather not, but I haven't found any resources...
  6. How to efficiently manage a large number of bitmap objects——tiles

    Hello, creators, I am a Chinese peer game developer. My English is not good. The following machine-translated content may have some grammatical errors. I hope you can understand. I'm working on a new map loading mechanism. If it is completed, it can theoretically achieve universal multi-layer...
  7. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    RMMV Mario & Luigi Style Attacks for MV

    Does anyone know of a plugin or a way to insert attacks in the style of the Mario & Luigi saga, for example a jump attack where you have to press the X key at the exact moment? I use RPG Maker MV
  8. bluechuii

    Window Screen changing size during game

    Is it possible for there to be an event/ script that can make the windowed game screen get bigger, mid-game? Is there a way to trigger the screen to get bigger or smaller? I know how to change the size of the game but I'm just wondering if there's a trigger or something to make it get bigger...
  9. bg400

    Trying to add attacks, but it's not working

    So, I've got this random Mario fangame that I'm trying to see if I could make a game of my own out of, using it as a base. I've been trying out using common events to create a new attack, but I've been getting an error. Here's what I'm dealing/working with right now. Any clues on how to fix this?
  10. Custom script in vx ace

    Hello everyone, I found a script for writing Arabic in ruby but don't know how to use it in vx ace, here's the link of script: Link I mean, what kind of changes does it need?
  11. PachucoCadaver

    Increase battler size when attacking?

    Hi! Is there anyway to increase the battler size when they're attacking? Just as an indicator that they are attacking. I feel like it's needed to help the player understand which battler is performing the action. I feel like I've seen this before in RPG-maker games. I think maybe Lisa has it...
  12. GatoPedreiroGamer

    RMMZ I need plugin or script for gamejolt trophies.

    Eu estou precisando de um plugin ou script que tem conexão com o sistema de troféus do gamejolt, eu procurei e não tinha achado nada. I'm in need of a plugin or script that connects to gamejolt's trophy system, I've looked and haven't found anything.
  13. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Help adding a custom command in-battle

    I've made a "Status Glossary" which lists all the states in my game that has a rating of 2 or greater. I then have Conditional Branches checking for the name of the index you're currently highlighting which then shows a description of that state in another window. I want this to be an option in...

    How to Store Previous Attack's Damage in Variable

    Hello, I want to add an achievement that's given when 10,000 cumulative damage is outputted by actors. To do this, for every attack that is done by an actor, I need to add the damage that was done in that attack to a "totalDamage" variable. How would I receive the damage value of an attack using...
  15. hram

    Modifying Equip Window Layout and Hiding Attributes

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to change the way the Equip Window looks like in Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine. I wanted it to look like this: But the best I could do is... this mess: I am not script savvy, I just fumble around with it until I find a solution, which I wasn't able to do this time. Does...
  16. PedroCardoso

    Remove debuff through scripting

    Hello, again. I'm trying to make an offensive skill that transfers any user's debuffs onto the target. The problem is I don't know how to remove the user's debuffs. So far, I have written this: def witch_hunt(a, b) z = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] for i in z if a.debuff?(i) #...
  17. hoboayoyo

    Using yanfly After Eval for debuff and include targets debuff resist.

    How do I account for a targets resistance for a debuff when trying to apply them via after eval? <After Eval> var result = target.result(); if (result.isHit() && Math.random() < 1.5) { target.addDebuff(3, 3); } </After Eval>
  18. Hawf

    Animated cutscenes using the battle animation system

    I'm using Shaz's looping animation script to effectively play animated cutscenes, but I am finding it difficult to get the behaviour I'm after. SETUP: Animations are rendered from blender, exported from photoshop as a gif, and then converted into an animation tilesheet. Two tilesheets are used...
  19. Static parameter without plugin

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to add static values to parameters temporarily. For example -> ATK + 5 and not ATK * 5 There are already ways to add static values, but these changes are permanent. I have already searched various forums, but mostly only external plugins are recommended...
  20. hoboayoyo

    Script - Get element of active skill

    I'm updating the substitute function in rpg_manager and I only want the substitute to activate if a skill does damage (i.e if the element is not 0. Not for status skills like sleep and silence). How do I the active skills element? BattleManager.checkSubstitute = function(target) { return...

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