1. ZodiacStories

    Use Item in a Certain Spot Scripting Help!

    I want the player to use certain items in certain spots, so I used this script $gamePlayer.x === 8 && $gamePlayer.y === 18 && $gamePlayer.direction() === 2 && $gameMap.mapId() === Cabin But its not working, Here is how I set everything up below And incase I also need to add this: The red...
  2. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV Is it possible to format a variable to separate with commas?

    Hi all. As the title suggests, but of course I will elaborate more. What I mean is, by default, the engine stores variables like: 123456789. What I would like is for the variable storing a digit large enough to separate every 1,000. Example: 123,456,789. I'm unsure if a script is needed or if a...
  3. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Trying to call a variable number in another script... (MV)

    Hey all, I am unsure as to how to actually use a variable number in the middle of a script after setting it. $gameMap.event(10).canPass(x, 14, 4) Basically I just need to know how to make "x" in this script be the number attached to variable#78. (I realized now I should've put this under the...
  4. Help with a script call, please?

    Hello all, I'm trying to make this script call transfer an event (a taxi cab) that has just driven off screen back to its point of origin on the same map, so that it can be recalled at will. $game_map.events[id].moveto(new_x, new_y) I've tried keeping the "new_" as well as deleting the words...
  5. Lykan_3D

    Check Phases in battle

    Hi everyone, i have Hud Maker Ultra ( not pro ) and i want to check if the emerge message was clicked before making the battle hud appear. I want then that it disappear when i press attack or skills and the windows with choosing target or skills pops up, in order to not overlap with the battle...
  6. ChershireHatter

    RMMV Script Steal from NPC

    Hello! I want to make a possibilty in my game, that you can sneak up behind a NPC and steal out of it's pockets. I have used some scripts from hime and yanfly to sneak behind the NPC and press a button to start the "steal-event" I searched for scripts like that, but I didn't find something I...
  7. RMMV window msgbox plugin help

    First of all, please understand that English is not my mother tongue, so I use a translator It's a script that worked well on VX Ace. This is a script that lets you pop up a Windows message box and include icons, titles, and content that you want. As I moved on to RMMV, I used Opal, Online Ruby...
  8. FoxInHiding

    Play Video during Title VX Ace

    I am looking for some way to insert a video into the titlescreen before the player presses Start Game. I have not found a thread about it. It might be different for VX Ace compared to MV. But from what I have seen I would change the ruby 1.9 code. Has Shaz or someone else done this before...
  9. Scripts not to use Move Route

    Hi ! I'm looking for scripts equivalents for Move route functionalities, to be able to chose the "moving" event with a variable. For exemple : I want an event to wait, but the event is "$game_map.events[$game_variables[812]+121]", and I can't choose that in a Move Route. I can via script, but I...
  10. PaulaCucumberuwu

    A status effect that gives TP to whoever removes it.

    This is quite simple but I can't figure out how to do it. I just want to make a status effect that gives 10 TP to whoever removes it, can someone help me please with this? :(
  11. Save Game During Choices

    Hello, all! I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to scripts and forums and the like, so I'll try to be blunt. I've been developing a VN (visual novel) type game with RPGMaker VX Ace, with Galv's visual choices and Yanfly's save engine. Working with existing scripts and patching some lines of...
  12. CaptainGameMaker

    Eval for checking if a skill is learned by skill name?

    Hi all! I'm trying to create something of a utility menu in my game. I have two options for finding out if I had learned a skill: by its ID # or by typing it out. I got the ID part working great, but the eval for finding a skill by a string typed out is where I need help. Any reply to help would...
  13. Mr-Kangaroo

    Is it Possible to Make Enemy Specific BGM?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is some hidden setting that allows BGM to change to the random encounter ID? The desired effect is just having enemy specific music. I'd rather the butterflies not have the same battle music as the wolves. :') Could I somehow make it location dependent as...
  14. Random Panda

    RMMV Clear specific cached images

    Hi All, I was wondering if there was a script that can be called to remove specific images from the cache? I know you can use ImageManager.clear(); to wipe everything, but I would like to clear specific items at specific times. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. miiktoon

    Executing the script before game closing

    I send the value of a variable to the .ini file, and I need it to be set to 0 when the game closes by any reason. Is this possible?
  16. xeneeve

    Script to check if message is showing

    Hello! Is there some kind of script that can check if message is showing right now? I need that for a custom menu that i made without plugins, that is mapped on "cancel".
  17. RMMV Array returning undefined?

    Ok so i'll start off saying i'm not good or knowledgeable with neither arrays or script calls in MV (Or in general, really) so i'm sorry if the solution is some really obvious one i haven't found. I set up two script calls in an event ↓ Which i thought would result in it saying "Placeholder...
  18. Ahstval

    RMMZ Multiple Timers with Gauges, need help

    Hello folks! Thank you for reading this. I am trying to implement on field spells (invisibility, levitation etc) These field spells are called for via common events, and I have VisuStella's button common events plugin, when the player presses a particular button, it triggers a common event, and...
  19. ChershireHatter

    Writing 2 variables in move route

    Hello! I want to change the movement speed of an event in his move route. But with variables, and I need 2 of them. (like to get an 3.5 or 4.9) Each variable is set random before and I tested that the move speed can be 3.5 (for example) I think I don't write it down correctly and tried alot of...
  20. If Variable value = x then assign text

    Hello Just downloaded RPG Maker MZ and had a question that I'm struggling to resolve myself. I am completely new to the software and coding - so please be gentle. I'm trying to create a pie eating contest in a carnival, I'm using RPG maker as a graphical aid for a D&D session. I have a few...

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