1. Niko097

    RMMV how to save player stats

    Hello, I am working on a script, within a common event I have managed to save the values of max HP, max MP, ATK, DEF etc. of an enemy in battle, however I don't know how to do this with the player's stats below the script: let nxtTrgt=$gameTroop.aliveMembers()[0]...
  2. Can't evaluate scripts anymore

    Hello, I have a massive project I have been working on for a long time. Since the last startup none of my script lines are working anymore. I can't call external scripts, nor it will execute any script lines even the simple ones. For example .. skillpoints are determined on the character level...
  3. Niko097

    how to add the condition: "if there is only one enemy"

    I have added an ability to my hero, for now I have managed to make it work, but I need this to be performed only if there is 1 enemy in battle, and if the enemy has low HP (maybe 30% or less) below I show how it works: (sorry for my english) In short, I want the ability to be successful if...
  4. Arise501

    I need help with a script "Loop"

    while () {stuff} I dont know how to use it. I use the event command, but when I pass it to script I don't understand it. This would be the example, using event command: ♦ Loop ♦ Variable control: #0011 Hp += 3 ♦ If: Hp= HpC ♦ Break loop ♦ :The end ♦ : Repeat...
  5. need help on script in locking enemy and use special skill in battle

    So I create an enemy that transforms on death. that transform on death is a success, but problems are 'locking' it. using Hime plugin, add enemy from troop 30 which is ----- now the main part. as you see below, every 3 turn there will be rng. hit 2, add var for 'next event'. (the checkpoint...
  6. PlanetTzero

    RMMV change the Opacity Battle status?

    Hello i search for a Way to change the opacity only for the battle status? is there a way to change that, with adding a script or something?
  7. MathyK450

    Help with Yanfly's Enemy Target Info

    As the title says, I need a bit of help with this script, link below. Script You see, the window that pops up during Target Selection(Window_ComparisonHelp or "Press SHIFT to see target info") is just too small. I tried messing around with the script, and I managed to make the drawn rectangle...
  8. Jacoh

    Requesting a script that unables item usage

    Hello there, i looked a bit inside the forums and i couldn't find another request like mine if not for MV, so i'm gonna request a script for VX Ace if anyone has it, what i need is a script that makes the player, when affected by a specific status, be unable to use items, every help is appreciated!
  9. How to make a "select a grid on map from a given range" function?

    So I need a function that some skill and item allow the player to teleport to a near place (like an available place in 5*5 region)/ jump to a custom direction/ blast a fireball in an enemy on the map. You are given several available grids(like a 5*5 square in the teleport example), and you can...
  10. ScytheX

    need help witha moded script [Mode 7/Vehicle interiors]

    hello i'm making this to see if anyone would be willing to help me out with a mod script or remake one i'm using mixed mod that uses both MVC's mode 7 Script and CSCA's Vehicle Interiors links down below the modded versions that i'm using down below in text files. Original unmodded versions...
  11. Robert Trent

    [VXACE] Neon Black's Victory Results/Aftermath compatible with Victor Engine

    Hi everyone, I got a little of a problem with Victor Engine Battle System and Neon's Black Victory script. At the end of battle, I get a fun bit where the Commands window is opened adove the victory window, showing the battle commands (Attack, Items etc) and that's quite annoying as sometimes it...
  12. Robert Trent

    Enable/Disable Battle Commands in Victor Engine

    Hi everyone here. I am using Victor Engine as battle system for my project and now in the process of creating some sort of tutorial to explain different commands during a battle (such as attack, defende etc), and I would like to know if there's a way to disable a command via script (e.g...
  13. Guczo

    Sp regeneration / damage sp skills for RMXP

    Hi! Anyone have a script that allows you to create skills that deal SP damage instead of HP? I would like to create skills that will allow you to restore sp points with another character from the team. I tried to do it through events but it's probably impossible. Can someone help me? P.S Sorry...
  14. Sinnisterra

    Force Save and return to title screen.

    Hi all, hopefully I'm asking this in the right spot. I'm running RPG MV, doing a very short project, I've tried googling and no luck. Does anyone know how to force a save and return the player to the title screen? I must be doing something wrong, I found this script in a previous thread but it...
  15. CuddleFox

    [VX Ace]How to make a scene wait?

    I tried the classic solutions found everywhere on the internet, they don't work. I'm programming a skills scene. The problem is that I have to let the player make a choice that can't be handled using Window_selectable as usual, so I tried to program it myself. There's the cursor on the left...
  16. Geroto

    RMMV TP Points trigger a State

    Hello, I'm work in a werewolf game when TP repesents the RAGE. My idea is when TP is full (100) the character goes frenzy and attack everyone. I create a state call Frenzy, but i don't know how to link that to TP pool so the happens how I want. Any idea or pluggins sugestions? Thanks.
  17. Demi_Fiend

    Script that changes battle HUD

    Hi, I'm looking for a script that changes the default battle HUD. I was recently using Luna Engine, but the amount of bugs and incompatibilities made it impossible to get working. I tried mog's HUD script too, but it also conflicted with some other scripts I had. If anyone knows a script of this...
  18. ccarmine

    MV - Conditional Branch that controls if the mouse input = position of event

    Hi guys! I made an event which follows the player around the map (like re2 mister x). I want the player to be able to stop this event for a minute (by shooting him 5 times) before it starts to follow the player again. The problem is I can't get the mouse input and the event position right. I...
  19. RMMZ [MZ]How to lock a character into a certain formation slot?

    I'd like to force an actor to always be in the 1st formation slot. I saw that visustella has a party manager, but I don't want to pay $10 for a single feature in that pack. Would anyone know a way to do this?
  20. Call Menu while in an event

    Okay, maybe that one i can only achieve with scripts, but here goes nothing. What i want is to call the Menu, the one with Items, Skills, Weapons, Conditions, Formation, Save and Exit, like when you press the ESC button while walking nowhere got it? But in an event. Well, at least i just want...

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