1. bluechuii

    Can you make a trigger that adds and deletes files?

    I don't even know if this is possible for RPG Maker MV, But I thought I'd ask. The best way I can explain what I mean is with Doki Doki Literature Club. When a certain event happens; A word doc appears in the files and then It'll be changed or deleted after another certain point. And I was...
  2. Scripts for naming events

    Hi there! I'm in the process of creating game where the player can create villages, towns and cities on the world map. When the player creates these events, they have the opportunity to name them, or a random name can be chosen. I've blocked off variables 101 to 500. These are to be used to...
  3. RMMV Get Actors (even those not in party) biggest level then put it in variable

    Is there any way to get Actors (even those not in party) biggest level then put it in variable Example: Actor 1: Level - 10 Actor 2: Level - 15 Actor 3: Level - 99 ... - 12 ... - 10 Variable 1: 99

    RMMZ Prevent Fast Forward (MZ)

    Hey Devs! Hey guys! Me again. Is there anyway to stop players from, being able to fast forward through text and speed up autorunning events by holding enter or z? I want my players to get the full experience and not skip through anything.
  5. Random Skill

    I have been trying to create a skill which chooses, randomly from all the skills in the game, and executes the skill. If there is a script or plugin that could allow me to do so, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Class-changing item?

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to make an item change a character's class? I can get it working via common events, but then I'd have to list every character there, including ones who aren't in the party yet. It would be much easier if I could use "Thief Scroll" or something in order to...
  7. [VXAce] Master list of names for the icons

    Hello, I was wondering if there exists a master list for the names of all the icons in the IconSet graphic? I know I could just make up what they are but I am curious as to what all the icons are supposed to represent (especially the plants), Thank you in advance in you can help me!
  8. can someone help me write a script

    In my game, I want there to be an NPC that tells you how many of a certain enemy was killed. I have set up a variable that increases by 1 every time the enemy in question is killed. what should i do here?
  9. DeyJay5

    Script to calculate attack success rate by skill

    Essentially what I need is a script that allows certain skills to have a success rate calculated by the characters stats. For example, I would like a skill that has a hit success rate of 100% - victims luck. So for example if the players luck was 47, the skill would have a 53% chance of hitting...
  10. isaias20

    RMMV Visual Inventory Script issue - MV

    Hi. I'm using visual inventory script by Pheonix KageDesu on RPG Maker MV. the following happens: -> I start the game, then open the inventory with I key and I close it and this error appears. can anybody help me? I already contacted the creator by private message but he doesn't respond.
  11. [VXACE] Battle Log with Window

    Hello, anyone can help me to make a script so battle log show with window? Like Dragon Quest Battle Log. Thank you!
  12. Kristina

    RMMV Shield Script Moghunter Chrono ABS

    Does anyone know the script for using the shield in Moghunter's chrono engine ABS? I have the attack, item, skill script. I need for the shield to change the last button, but unfortunately haven't had any luck with it.
  13. RMMZ [Question] How to Disable Button Long Press?

    I have been looking over scripts on how to achieve disabling the in-game feature of long-pressing a button in a given event. I have thought of—for example—a code like the one shown below to get the job done, but to no avail. if (Input.isPressed("down")) { return false; } However, RPG Maker MZ...
  14. DarkGTX88

    RMMV Yanfly YEP_ItemCore Bug

    Hello, everyone! I seem to be encountering a bug in Yanfly's "Item Core" plugin (YEP_ItemCore.js). The issue has been replicated in a clean (new) project with no other plugins enabled. I am using Item Core v. 1.30 — This appears to be the latest version after checking Yanfly's website. The...
  15. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Change battle equip plugin use turn.

    As in the title, for Yanfly Change battle equip plugin is there a way to expend the users turn once they equip something / open the equip menu in battle?
  16. [VXACE] breathing script player actor sprite in field or map

    Hello RM members! could you help me please to make my player actor in field have breathing animation? Note: without breathing sprite, just use script. THANK YOU!

    Hello RM Members, I need help for my project. is there any script for slideshow title screen? I need my picture of title menu can change/move like slideshow. Note: its okay though if the script also have smooth fade in/out transition. :ehappy: Thank you!
  18. VX Ace Script Window_Selectable Error

    I start a battle then it says this error :( Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError occured divided by 0 This is Window_Selectable line 61 def row_max [(item_max + col_max - 1) / col_max, 1].max end
  19. How to make "ors" in gamescripts

    I have this script that goes $gameParty.leader().actorId() === 4 What if i want it to be === 4 OR 5 OR 34 Is that possible?
  20. a question about scripts and $gameVariables

    i just wanted to know if " $gameActors.actor(1)._level = $gameVariables(880) " is something that works, because im trying to make a way to choose what level to grow to, and i found an "input number" to script would work best, but apperently it isnt

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