1. Ina00

    enemy info system

    Hi. I can't do anything with ruby, so i'll ask you, maybe there's a way to do this also with events. I want to add an ability in battle named "INFO" that used on a specific enemies displays a text. I think the better way to do this is displaying the notes in databese. I mean, i write in the note...
  2. PaganoCristo

    [JS] scripts for controlling variables via calculation

    Hello everyone, I am a new RPGmaker user with basic JS knowledge for web design, I'd need to learn how to get and set game variables and how to alter them via calculation. The specific situation here is an in-game clock mechanic (based on steps, NOT on playtime) I'm trying to get to work: once...
  3. NatePlays

    [RMMV] **SOLVED** Help with scripting loop code sequence

    So, I think MV uses JavaScript, which I have little idea how to write in, and I don't know how to call stuffs from rpgmaker as well ($game functions). Basically, I want to save myself hours found this in event language as it's very cluttered, so a script should compact it: var actor = 7; \\my...
  4. Tushin

    How to make new events by script?

    I can use a pre-defined event (I can see here), using: >> $gameMap.event(EventID, EventPage).start(); I can re-use event using, but it is not working: >> var event = $gameMap.event(EventID, EventPage) >> event.start(); However, I could not re-use it after changing map or returning for it...
  5. Darth Equus

    (RGSS2) Names of some items not visible on custom store menu.

    Hello. Hope someone can help me with two slightly annoying problems. I'm using a custom script for a synthesis shop, which I posted a bounty to fix a major problem for, and it seems to be working fine now. The only issue I have now is that the names of any items below the window are either cut...
  6. MikeMakes

    YEP_SkillLearnSystem - Switch MP and JP Cost Display

    Hi, I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and would like to show JP cost instead of the MP cost next to the skill name. Also, the MP cost would be displayed in the adjacent learn cost window instead. I can't seem to just swap around the drawing of the texts and need help with it. Please see attached...
  7. Narch

    RMMV MOG Char Particle Effects - Particles priority (layer) tied to event. Seeking help to make it independent.

    Hello. As said in the title, I'm seeking help from someone to modify this MOG script to allow particles to be displayed on one of the 3 layers, independently of the event layer. Plugin commands includes: "EVENT_ID : MODE : POWER : BLEND : X : Y : POSITION : FILENAME", but there's no option for...
  8. Formulas using self variables

    So, in my game I'm making upgrade-able skills, where variables are used to change the cost, potency, number of hits, etc. I quickly realized that this approach under normal means would take up a most of the variables in my game (about 20-25 skills took around 100 variables between them), so I...
  9. SolidSilver

    Detecting actor MP value

    I'm making a sort of "Overheat" mechanic for an actor in my game. Is there any free plugin or script, etc. that I can use to detect when my actor's MP is full? (At 5 MP) I want to both detect it at the very start of the battle, and when his MP is full (I'm using an MP Regen every turn), so I...
  10. issues with heal on level script Rpgmaker XP

    Couldnt find issue in script help forum and everyone for the post i found the below scripts from said everything worked perfect for them so im at a loss on what to do... Sorry if this is stupid but im having issues getting my script for heal on level to work, i used a previous post to find the...
  11. Difficulty finding function and script locations

    I am digging into the scripting trying to figure out how the system works and I am having a really hard time following the paths that connect the scripts. For example, I want to have complete control over how my game reacts to battles but I am having the hardest time finding where the battle...
  12. Adding a mouse script to someone else's game resizes the Images. Anyway around this?

    Tried it with Amaranths, Jets, and Falceos mouse scripts and all have the same result. All of the images within the game get resized and are too big for the window. Has anyone run into this and know of any fixes. Thanks.
  13. TWU_Games

    Critical Hit Animation

    Hi all! First post! So, I've been attempting to find a plugin that will play an animation on a critical hit and while I've found one plugin that'll do it really well (\) sadly it conflicts with...
  14. remainderstudios

    Victor Script Footstep problem

    I am using victor script to play sounds when character walks. the problem is that the enemies also reproduce those sounds (events with battles in real time). The tag "<no step sound>" does not work for enemies (other events). Script: can anybody help me? Thanks.
  15. The_Sarah

    Creating additional Actor Command Windows in Battle (now with pictures!) [VX Ace]

    Hello All! I am trying to make an additional Actor Command Window for a subset of "quick" skills that you pick from after you've picked your Actor's primary action for that turn. Then, when the turn plays out, your Actor will do both their Primary Action followed by their "quick" Sub Action...
  16. ccarmine

    [MV] Scripts in Show Text using Variables

    Hi everyone, i'd like the event to say the name of the weapon i have equipped. //in the event page I save the script in a variable: V002 = $[0] and then in the show text i put -> \v[2] but when i'm in game it gives me the text [object Object] instead of (in this...
  17. thecursedcometh

    Actor begins the battle with a state?

    As the title says. Looking for a plugin that will cause an actor to gain a state as soon as any battle starts. It'll be removed after battle, but I need them to regain the state as soon as a battle starts. Very important: This effect cannot start from the beginning of the game. It needs to be...
  18. Exit event processing from another event or a common event?

    Is there a wat to exit event processing from another event? I have some conditions baked in to another event (parallel process), and when they are true I need to end an interaction that the player COULD have with another event. Any help is much appreciated :)
  19. Arise501

    Use script as a conditional derivation

    Hello group, I am sorry if this does not go here. I am having a problem, I want to represent Conditional branch math operations, but I don't want to use the event command, I need it inside script.if (origen_y < 0) {origen_y * (-1)}; Is this the correct way to write? If "variable" <0, multiply...
  20. Mxrio

    [MV] Adding extra variables to Game_BattlerBase?

    I'm trying to add some extra variables that can be accessed in Damage Formulas and other code pieces via Battlers. I'm experienced in code but not making plug-ins or javascript specifically so I just modified rpg_objects.js for this attempt. Specifically, this is in Object.defineProperties() for...

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