1. thecursedcometh

    Actor begins the battle with a state?

    As the title says. Looking for a plugin that will cause an actor to gain a state as soon as any battle starts. It'll be removed after battle, but I need them to regain the state as soon as a battle starts. Very important: This effect cannot start from the beginning of the game. It needs to be...
  2. Exit event processing from another event or a common event?

    Is there a wat to exit event processing from another event? I have some conditions baked in to another event (parallel process), and when they are true I need to end an interaction that the player COULD have with another event. Any help is much appreciated :)
  3. Arise501

    Use script as a conditional derivation

    Hello group, I am sorry if this does not go here. I am having a problem, I want to represent Conditional branch math operations, but I don't want to use the event command, I need it inside script.if (origen_y < 0) {origen_y * (-1)}; Is this the correct way to write? If "variable" <0, multiply...
  4. Mxrio

    [MV] Adding extra variables to Game_BattlerBase?

    I'm trying to add some extra variables that can be accessed in Damage Formulas and other code pieces via Battlers. I'm experienced in code but not making plug-ins or javascript specifically so I just modified rpg_objects.js for this attempt. Specifically, this is in Object.defineProperties() for...
  5. cirnoe

    (VX ACE) strange door duplication glitch when using Himeworks connected maps script

    Hello! I am using the following script by Himeworks ( here ) in order to connect two maps in my game. It works like a charm- except for some reason the door events in one of my maps duplicates to the other connected map. I know they are duplicates because one of them opens to transfer the...
  6. remainderstudios

    Problem with any Spawn Event scripts on RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hi I have a very frustrating error using spawn event scripts. It doesn't matter which event spawn script i used, Galvs, EST - DECOR AND BUILD v1.2, Yanfly, etc. Either of these scripts has a fatal error and I was unable to fix. 1. I spawn a seed (previously created in another map with...
  7. KineticDog

    Text Horizontal Translation Effect

    Hi there. I would like some script that could generate text and display on screen. Then the text could translate to right slowly, and disappear after a while. It would be more perfect if the display and disappear could be a fade in/ fade out effect. This feature will be used to reveal actor...
  8. AncestralGuitarist

    Game_Map Event restart

    Hi again guys! I need some help to create a new Scene. My target is to don't stop map event during a command_scene. For example I want change event graphic, transforming to a breathing animation in a jumping animation. In map, before the command script when I call the scene, I change the...
  9. JacSkulls

    Tactical Battle System

    Hello everyone! Jac here! I'm sorry if this question has been asked! But I was wondering if there is a TBS similar to Suikoden 3 tbs (More RPG style, not the game itself) and Suikoden 4 grid system (they way it moves like chess). Basically, I just want to know if there is a way to control...
  10. KineticDog

    How to Force Action Multiple Times in the Same Turn with Script

    Hi there. I would like to implement a skill that can randomly chain one or more other skills right after it's been used. After some consideration (Explained in the bottom) I choose to use the function Game_Battler.forceAction, called from a phase tag provided by Yanfly skill core plugin. Now the...
  11. Josuec

    Stealth/Detection System

    Hello there! I have been trying to find a plugin that allows me to create scenarios where there is a guard patrolling an area and you have to sneak in order to prevent a fight or a game over. I know what you are thinking, there's a couple (Or more) plugins about this, BUT... These plugins are...
  12. KineticDog

    Trigger Damage Popup Manually

    Hi there. I'm making a game that has an extra gauge despite of the traditional hp, mp and tp. It's like another mp gauge and there are skills to make damage to this gauge. I have kept the value of this gauge in a game variable. Now the problem is: When a target receives damage on hp or mp, a...
  13. astrobunny

    Display a number on the map

    Map Number Displayer v1.0 by astrobunny Introduction This simple script places a number on your map that you can manipulate by changing a switch and a variable! Features - Easy to use and manipulate with events! - Fast, does not kill framerate - Customize your text image How to use Video...
  14. Menu board

    Hello guys,i want to know if there are any scripts can use to change the menu board in the middle game? For example : I will use mogeko castle as a example This is when the menu board in the beginning of game(first picture) and it change in the middle game(second picture)
  15. Pulling with passable check

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a rock pullable if player can move backward direction if ($gamePlayer.direction() == 2 ) { $gameVariables.setValue(6, 8) } else if ($gamePlayer.direction() == 4 ) { $gameVariables.setValue(6, 6) } else if ($gamePlayer.direction() == 6 ) { $gameVariables.setValue(6...
  16. iCed

    Inn price per member

    Hi there ! I just wrote my first (newbie) script to calculate the price of an inn depending on the number of members in a party, and wanted to share it, to read from you about improvements that could be made. Basically, I created an event somewhere in the map, in Parallel mode, with the...
  17. _Shadow_

    Double Dimension arrays.

    I found a solution on one of my major issues I had, while I was thinking of implementing an idea into an actual game. Here goes the solution on the thread I opened for your reference...
  18. BCj

    Script port request (VX -> VX Ace)

    Hi! I found a script which lets your battlebacks be maps instead, hence they can be animated without using an animated battleback script. I was wondering, could anyone port it to VX Ace? It's located here: Thank you!
  19. Only after certain time

    Hi, I have found a way to create a battle system for my new game on my own (attached below). I would like to know how to make the "game over" message appear (via event) only 4 seconds after the click on the event.
  20. EclipseVRP

    MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin - Skills

    Hello! So, I'm using MOGHunter's BattleCry Plugin, and well, I've come to an issue that I'm sure is extremely easy to fix, but considering I have no knowledge on Java Script, or whatever it is, I have no idea what to do! I'll let the Screenshots do all the talking! So this is the default...

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