1. Decrease Variable While Walking

    Hi guys! So, in this game I'm making, I try to reduce variable energy if the player walk or dash. I use this command in my common event However, when I test the game, each step decreases CurrentEnergy variable by 30. Can someone help me out? Maybe it is related with my scriptcall? Thanks in...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Simple math with variables and script calls?

    Okay, maybe this isn't really Javascript? Maybe it is? I dunno because I'm a complete chump when it comes to programming (and math in general), but I think this might be the correct section of the forums to ask this. At least most people on this board probably know how to do what I'm asking...
  3. Cherrylux

    Issues with a custom weather script

    Hello! I am rather new with scripting, and I'm having some problems with a script I pulled online, I'll link the script bellow. Link: I keep getting the following error whenever I try to call for a weather effect...
  4. BlueMage

    check if a window is opening?

    Hi guys, I want to ask for a way to check if a window is opening (on Map scene) for example to check whether Key Item window is opening or not? Thanks = D
  5. 22pepperjack

    Battle starting test command?

    Hopefully this is the right forum, and hopefully a fairly quick problem to fix. I'm trying to put together a common event that runs the moment a battle is initiated, whether that be randomly or by force. However since a conditional branch for "is battle processing?" doesn't exist, I'm not sure...
  6. Mesajia

    Autorun on scriptcall?

    Hey everybody, I wanted to ask if there's a script call, which checks if an autorun event is running? I want to create a Hud with SumRndmDde's Hud Maker, which indicates that the player can't move at the moment. Thank you :)
  7. leoroura

    Random Roulette Plugin/Mechanic?

    Hello! It's me again :p This time i want to make something similar to a roulette that stops randomly... Now, i know there are some plugins out there but i couldn't find a way to recreate exactly what i'm aiming for... Ever played a mobile game where you spin a roulette to get an item? Well, it's...
  8. styx92

    Change item maximum ingame

    Hey guy,  My sugesstion is in the title. I use yanfly core and item core, but there you can only make notetags. But i want to change the maximum amount for an item ingame via plugin or scriptcalls. This would be awesome if someone can help :)
  9. Jonforum

    how exit commonevent ? in script ?

    hi  How exit commonevent with script ? For call a commonevent the script is  $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(n); but for force to exit is what? i try this  $GameTemp.clearCommonEvent(n); no work tanks for help my reason is this. I need to force out if this variable are...
  10. Jonforum

    Rmmv Noise filter

    Hi guy who know a plugin filter to make some animated noise. ? This is a example a map theme am trying to do. I wish I could apply a very very light animated noise, to give an effect similar to a movie. I would also like to play with different option for some experience. If a...
  11. Jonforum

    $ = true; ? other way ? (solved)

    Hi guys. This other way to do thats. $ = true; $gamePlayer.refresh(); Because when hide, this make move the actor(2) to the actor(1) position. I need to set him transparent. Tank you
  12. Ayuda con un script call (Cerrar juego)

    Good I come to see if I can lend a hand with a question "grademente small" ... What is the call script to close the game in rpg maker MV? I am creating my own title and just do not give this code as do I need ... I've gotten the "SceneManager.exit" but this is not working. Help me plz: 3

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