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  1. nio kasgami

    NKEA {Basic AI module} V.0.1 BETA

    ■ Nio Kasgami Engine Ace N.K.E.A -"Basic AI module" V.0.1 Author: Nio Kasgami Introduction: This script is a dev tool for permit to allow more interaction between the player and the NPC in special Scene. If I explain do you not find boring and generic to always just buy and sells your goods...
  2. Mithran

    Text Cache

    Text Cache v 1.03 by Mithran Introduction VX Ace is a huge improvement over VX in many different ways. However, although text processing has a number of new features, it has also introduced a number of new bugs. - Text is squeezed when drawn to the rect given by text_size. Subsequent text...

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Turns out 4 layers is A LOT.
I noticed random Japanese dialogue in the FF7 remake while playing in English. More than once. Just now I saved a vid where Tifa spoke Japanese after a battle. We all make mistakes lol, this is kinda funny though
I wonder if the new RPG Maker will have a built-in ABS for maps or a light effect system plugin out of the box.
Not having false expectations, but if it has both, then wow. I am gonna party all night. Nah I lie. I will party all night anyway, just searching for a good excuse. :stickytongue:
And BAM!, the moment you do understand Python setters by studying JS prototypes. That's called SERENDIPITY, coming with something when you was searching for something else. From "The three Princes of Serendib", a persian novel.
The sinking feeling when you realize your grandmother probably isn't long for this world, and the frustration when you know that this pandemic will take her away...not because she has Covid, but because no doctor is willing to see a patient to even run simple diagnostics anymore if one of her symptoms happens to be a recurring fever, even if her primary care physician gives her the test and it comes back negative.

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