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  1. nio kasgami

    NKEA {Basic AI module} V.0.1 BETA

    ■ Nio Kasgami Engine Ace N.K.E.A -"Basic AI module" V.0.1 Author: Nio Kasgami Introduction: This script is a dev tool for permit to allow more interaction between the player and the NPC in special Scene. If I explain do you not find boring and generic to always just buy and sells your goods...
  2. Mithran

    Text Cache

    Text Cache v 1.03 by Mithran Introduction VX Ace is a huge improvement over VX in many different ways. However, although text processing has a number of new features, it has also introduced a number of new bugs. - Text is squeezed when drawn to the rect given by text_size. Subsequent text...

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Do you find them to be an enjoyable obstacle or a bit of a nuisance?

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