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  1. Random Panda

    Making an armor piece that allows you to use two different items

    Hi All, I have been doing my best to make a unique piece of equipment that would allow the equipped actor to use two different items in one turn. Similar to W-item in FF7. I have made a little bit of progress, but I definitely need some help. So far my biggest lead seems to be utilizing this...
  2. Random Panda

    RMMV Finding the element of an attack for Buffs and States Core

    Hi all, I am trying to set up a state that does this: Enemy gets a state If that enemy gets attacked with a specific element while in this state: increase a specific game variable. I am using yanflys buffs and states core and am trying to set it up like this: <Custom React Effect> if...
  3. Random Panda

    RMMV Yanfly Battle System ATB Scripting help

    Hi all, I am using yanflys ATB system and it works well. I've come to a situation where it would be helpful if I could call on certain functions through scripting rather than in an action sequence. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to call on these two particular Action sequence commands...
  4. Move Route: Move Toward Event

    I would like to know if there's a way I could write or find an existing script that allows events to follow events and players to follow events. Similar to Alissa Advanced Move Route/Galv’s Move Route Extras V.1.9, but one that's actually compatible with RMXP (and works), since I'm using Pokemon...
  5. Trouble with parallel processing for a timer

    I'm working on a puzzle that involves moving boxes along a conveyer belt. The idea is that there's five boxes that move in sequence and then loop. I've come up with an event that icrements a variable called 'timer' by one (ideally automatically on loop, but for debugging I have it ticking once...
  6. Keeping a consistent character throughout a game.

    Hello! I'm creating a game that will have a character selection at the beginning of the game. It turns into a visual novel style however that will be the same game throughout, but the images for the full sprites that appear in a visual novel would have to be different each time the character...
  7. V-DeLuna

    Revival Item

    Hi I wanted to find out is it possible to create an item (similar to a Zelda Fairy) that revives a party member on use, but also is automatically used when all members of the party are knocked out? Does this have to be a plugin? Is there a plugin available that already does this? The idea was...
  8. Daphne04

    Script panic meter

    Hello everyone, :kaohi: I'm looking for a script to create a panic/sanity meter in the right corner of the screen. The idea is to use variable 23 to change how the meter/counter behaves. When the variable is 0, the meter is also 0. As the meter goes up to 100, the color gradually changes from...
  9. Lizardcats

    State/Scripting Help

    Hi sort-of newbie here, I need a bit of help with some mechanics in my game, hopefully I can explain my problem well. Basically, my game has five elements, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Hitting an enemy with an elemental attack gives them a weakness to the next element along the "chain"...
  10. RMMZ Action Sequence pulling id from actor who used skill?

    tl;dr: What script do I need to write into a Conditional Branch in an Action Sequence to have it detect if the user of the skill is affected by a state? ------------------------ So I'm currently working on a skill that toggles a state. Let's call this state Tank Stance. The skill uses an...
  11. Need Help with CG Gallery!

    Hello everyone. I am new here! Also I'm an extreme beginner to VN maker, though I'm a bit familiar (and i mean a only a tiny itty bit) with the commands due to rpg maker in my past! I was actually wanting some.. kind of intensive help. Sorry if this is a simple and silly thing. So...
  12. Mallowbird

    Checking if Player's Items Inventory is Empty

    Hello! I suppose the the title says most of my question already, but how can I check if the player's Items inventory is empty? Preferably this would be either via a script call or otherwise as a condition in a conditional branch (which is how my event is set up so far, but if no such method...
  13. RMMV Equip Menu; Removing MV Core Stats For My Own?

    Heyas! I've been looking around, but have been having trouble finding an answer online. I use a different set of stats (6) than MV uses (Strength, Defense, etc), and unfortunately, MV's main stats show up in the equip menu. Is there any way to either hide these stats entirely or replace them...
  14. Shuck

    Check if enemy has a state, ANY state?

    Hello, I am creating an item that can be used against enemies to remove a state of choice. The player will be able to tactically decide which status effects to maintain or dispel on a given enemy. How can I use script to check if an enemy has a state, ANY state? I have experience using...
  15. razzored

    importing using shaz lazy tile script

    So i have this problem, that whenever i put the importfiles inside graphics/tilesets they are deleted the second i save. I have not found anyway to do this without them being deleted, they also cannot be imported since they are not image files.
  16. NeptuneTron

    Disable sprinting/dashing using scripting

    So I have a certain map that's set to allow the player to dash, which I think is preferable, as it's somewhat large. However, during certain times, I need to disable dashing. Anyone know how? I looked through all the scripting references and documentation I could find, but I'm probably missing...
  17. Aidmen

    RPG maker MV script

    Hello everyone ! I hope this is the right place to post this if not i'm really sorry. I have a question regarding the source code of the embedded functions in RPG maker MV, i'm not sure what to call it but for example if i waned to make an event in the game without using Javascript...
  18. [Help] Random Generated Contracts

    Hey everyone! Quick description of what I am trying to do. I have Job boards across my game and I want then to have a section of random material gathering contracts that if filled will payout a good amount of gold. This is going to be a clear separation of actual story quest and just option...
  19. NeptuneTron

    Finding how many actors are in a project using scripting

    This is a rather unusual request, but I want to be able to find out how many actors there are in my game project using scripting, so I don't have to update the number every time I want to add another actor. I tried using $gameActors.length(), but this did not work, I think in part due to the...
  20. KPanda

    Help with "Display a red square on screen" (Scripting tutorial) [SOLVED]

    Hello. I the Setup a Test Bed tutorial at the beginning of the Scripter's Guide tutorial ( for input ) I followed the instructions up through "Display a red square on screen " However, I can not get the red...

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