scripting issue

  1. Ratatattat

    The same command chain works for some variables but not others? Please help!

    Hello! I just made this account and though I've read lots of threads here before, have never posted. I am also very new to Javascript although I've picked some things up. So I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, or my terminology is off, or anything like that. I'm creating an alchemy...
  2. Lord Vectra

    RM XP - How to make new stats

    So I'm attempting to make new stats, and I can't find anywhere to learn that information. One "stat" I made was in Game_Battler 1 SOLUTION FOUND!
  3. Shop Steal free buy problem

    This should (and hopefully) be the last Shop Steal problem I have. So as you might know, I'm a amateur at coding, but I can still figure things out (RUBY can make so many more problems) The problem is that when buying stuff, the items are free when the window opens. The script only adds code, so...
  4. FishStickMystic

    [VXA] Problem with Skill-Based Scripts

    Hello! :LZSsmile: Sorry for the vague title. I have an issue with Hime's Casting Time script and a script by GreatRedSpirit (on rmn) that is supposed to remove states on skill usage. Here are links to both if you need them: GRS': Hime's...
  5. Adding new variables to Game_Party? (SOLVED)

    After taking a few days to ensure that the necessary objects are working properly, I've run into problems adding a variable to Game_Party to keep a glossary of important information in RPG Maker MV. The idea is that I should be able to access the new variable via the Script command in events to...
  6. Kira

    Hirion engine + Gathering Nodes problem

    Hey guys! While being pretty sure this is a simple fix, I'm not good enough at scripting to do this myself. So the problem is this: Activating a gathering node in the world as you start to "gather" it, pressing the open menu button any time during that gather event the game crashes saying...
  7. VE-Animated Battler Scripting Advice needed

    Hello just recently joined the forums in order to understand a couple scripts I have inputted into my game and have had a decent success rate at getting what i need accomplished. My understanding of scripting is rather limited, but sufficient in getting the rest of my Game Core operational and...

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