1. Abalue

    Frost Walker Spell script help

    Hi everyone, TLDR - I have successfully implemented the Frost Walker enchantment from minecraft but the scripting I used is inefficient and glitchy. I would like an experienced opinion on how to improve this. Abalue here with my first post on this forum. I've joined seaking some helpful advice...
  2. TheChatotMaestro

    Hub Game That Launches Games?

    I'm doing some dark computer science with a friend of mine, trying to link multiple games together to prototype a chapters system that plays better with provide-an-exe-for-us-to-launch platforms like Steam as opposed to upload-whatever-weird-files-you-want-lol-go-nuts platforms like Itch. This...
  3. Technical404

    How do i use Engines for VX Ace? (Or learn to script)

    Hi there. I wanted to try doing a rpg with PTB battle system, but im not very experienced with scripting and stuff, so i wanted to try it out after getting out of my exam's week. Is there a certain engine most people use, or a way for me to learn scripting? I found some Battle Engines, but idk...
  4. Looperdooper

    Damage Health Scale

    Resource Type: Plugin/Scripting Maker Format: MV Makers I Own: MV Description: I'm trying to add a sort of damage scales with health plugin that will apply to one character. EX. (100% health = Less damage, 20% = More damage) with a customizable threshold if so. You can also think of it as...
  5. Lord Vectra

    Help with scripted after-damage effects

    Hello, so my Game Battler 3 is getting quite large from the after-damage effects, so I decided to add them to a method that I can call. Issue I ran into is the user of a skill is "user" in the code and the user of the normal attack is "attacker" in the code. I already have a global variable that...
  6. kyonides

    Kyonides & a Bunch of Oneshots

    First Story They Keep Coming For More! By Kyonides "Boss, we've got a problem!", the young guy suddenly uttered. "What makes you think we've got a problem? You're the one that'll get fired if you don't do something to fix it", the old guy replied. "Huh? How am I supposed to solve it on my...
  7. Domireso

    The script that makes the Picture show after the Player starts the Game [Presses Play Button]

  8. Domireso

    How to make Auto Save for Rpg Maker that does it without showing GUI For RPG Maker XP?

    How to make Auto Save for Rpg Maker that does it without showing GUI For RPG Maker XP?
  9. Domireso

    How do I remove my Menu and show only End Game Options when I press "Esc"?

    I know it requires scripting but I have no clue how to do that.
  10. cellicom

    cellicom's d20 tools - Rolls a D20 with animation and text

    Hi to all, I have developed a plugin for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. cellicom's d20 tools RPG Maker MV Plugin cellicom Features ● Roll a d20 and return the result (and store it in a variable) ● Show an animation or text (or both) during the roll. ● Roll a d20 with...
  11. Omarproductions

    How to use conditional branches to check a value of a variable, and set a number for another variable, then use Yanfly's Event Call to call an event.

    Hi guys, how are you doing today? I'm having trouble figuring out how to use conditional branches to check the value of a variable, then set a number for another variable. I tried earlier with a different event, using nested if else conditional branches, but to no avail, it would only show the...
  12. JadeTheurgist

    RMMZ Need help with targeting for a constriction skill using Visustella.

    So I'm trying to make a skill that constricts the target to prevent them from moving. My thought process for the skill is this: 1)Actor/Enemy uses the ensaring skill on a target on opposing team. 2)Target becomes 'Constricted'. In this state, they are unable to attack, guard or use skills or...
  13. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to make an enemy that is a clone of a party member?

    In my project, there is a late-game dungeon that culminates with a boss battle against four "Shadows" of the four party members. The idea is that the Shadows would scale with the player character, and would use spells & skills those characters have access to. I considered making them...
  14. dennis_the_tennis

    Change the current character on the Status screen

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to do something that I feel like should be pretty simple, but I'm stumped. When I'm viewing the Status scene, I want the player to be able to press left or right to move to the next actor and view their status screen as well, without having to go...
  15. Kay_ande

    Random scope between enemy and ally

    Hello,i've wondered if it's possible to create a random chance(let's say,with a percentage of 50%) of an item to affect either an enemy or an ally. And to be more specific,i'm trying to create an item that will deal 100 damage for an enemy,but if the ally is chosen,it will deal 50 for the ally...
  16. Kay_ande

    Different actor images for idle and walk

    I've read other similiar threads,followed the answers and made this. It works as it intended to be,but it has bugs,such as keeping the walking image when bumping into a wall/object. If anyone knows,how can this be done better?
  17. Is it possible to render graphics outside of the main game window?

    For example, in the game OneShot, at the very end (spoilers) Looking through discussion threads, one of the theories on how this was achieved was the spawning of a secondary invisible window that contained the character's sprite, and the window moved down to simulate the movement of walking...
  18. JadeTheurgist

    RMMZ Blue Mage adaptation code issue

    So as the title of the post implies, I'm trying to recreate a system akin to FF's Blue Magic. I know Yanfly made a Tips and Tricks for how to do so for MV, which I've referenced when making this, but I wanted to see if I could adjust it to use common events instead of having to write out the...
  19. Is it possible to draw events on Battle BGs?

    Hi, I'm quite new to scripting, I was implementing this feature that lets the player modify battle BGs generation via settings (the swirl that generates for when you choose no battle pictures) and I've noticed that RPG maker doesn't draw any events onto the BG's whatsoever. Is there any way I...
  20. Shawnyadeadhomie

    FREE REQUEST Need a decent amount of help. Will fully share credit and creative control.

    So I have a pretty ambitious project to make the kind of game that's in the vein of the sorts of games I love. I have already purchased a commercial license to the Alpha ABS system, all of Yanfly's plugins, as well as a few resource and music packs. I have also compiled a list of plugins that I...

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