1. RMMZ How to use Event ID in a Move command

    Hello! I have a problem. For the first time I need to use script commands in my game in order to make it work efficiently. My problem is: I need to set a Move Command from an event which Event ID has (already) been stored in a variable (let's assume Var:20). And I want the move command to be...
  2. Extra paramaters plugin. [Mz]

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin for mz that would allow base paramaters to do different things. Eg have agility affect evasion rate or luck affect crit rate. I see plugins for mv and vx ace for this but not mz. Thanks!
  3. FrogScholar

    RMMV Single Follower Plugin [RPG Maker MV]

    You know how in Pokemon Heartgold and SoulSilver you got to walk with a single pokemon even though you have a full team? I really liked that feature and would love to see it realised in the form of RPG Maker MV. The following party member would be dependant on whoever is in Slot 2 of the Party...
  4. RMMV How to make conditional derivations with the HP of the enemies?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an ABS style battle mode with the MOG Chrono Engine add-on, but I would like to make events during battles, for example when the enemy's HP reaches 50% or up to that point, something happens, a dialogue or something like that, I have achieved it with the actor through...
  5. ccarmine

    [MV] Scripts in Show Text using Variables

    Hi everyone, i'd like the event to say the name of the weapon i have equipped. //in the event page I save the script in a variable: V002 = $gameActors.actor(1).equips()[0] and then in the show text i put -> \v[2] but when i'm in game it gives me the text [object Object] instead of (in this...
  6. Xyonel

    knowing eval code inside text dialogue through yanfly scripts

    hello, using messagecore, messageevaltext and keynameentry i got this dilemma: in eval text i cannot do new line by enter like bottom example, cause don't work the evaltext syntax. plus, i cannot use apostrophes cause this is a syntax key. plus i cannot use \n for new line. any suggestion...
  7. Xyonel

    personalizing menus

    Hi, after trial and error i got a conclusion regarding the use of variables as param, I discarded this opinion. Now I'm using the basic param, using "Strength" as attack, applying an algorithm that inrease the strength as final attack value. If an actor have 20 strength he gets 69 attack, with...
  8. Can't save in-game due to script

    Hi! I recently found one of Zetu's scripts that allows the player to select pictures as choices and I've found that it interferes with saving. I tried to see which part of the script was causing the issue and I think it may be this part: However, while I am able to save the game upon deleting...
  9. minonna

    rpg maker mv scripts on vx ace?

    ive been developing a game on vx ace for a few days, and i already have all the plugins i need problem is, these plugins were made for mv and often dont work any solutions?
  10. Help with Scripts

    Hi so i'm new here but please bear with me :) So as many other people have done I am looking to re create Pokémon Fire Red with a few modifications. I've been messing around at first with maps, events and a few minor scripts. However I am now stuck on an area that is frustrating me a lot. In...
  11. Telemindred

    Issue with Combat Initiation (Yanfly Scripts)

    I'm relatively new not only to this forum, rpgmaker or scripts, but also windows and game making. I've been practicing a while and recently started implementing Yanfly's scripts and learning how they operate and work. However this is something that I can't figure out and would like to ask for...
  12. Crazy Rob

    Common event during battle equip command?

    I'm using a lot of Yanfly's scripts, in this case the command equip script. I'm trying to make it so that when the command equip window closes, it calls a common event that adjusts the actor's HP and MP if they equipped something that changed certain 'crystal stats' from another script. How it...
  13. Tramon81

    Choices with image and description of the options.

    I'm making some type of attempt at a pokemon mystery dungeon fangame and I'm looking for a choice layout that allows to see a list of pokemon to choose as your avatar and an image and description of the pokemon when the cursor is on it. to illustrate I'm looking for something like this.
  14. Xyonel

    card image instead of text

    Hi, I've managed to get some of previous work about my personal album window, but now I'm stuck at this problem: how can I change the names of the cards into images?(the command list button will represent every image of single card, for those unknown instead will be shown card back. the command...
  15. Xyonel

    how to center this background call?

    How can I center the image on a wide screen ? Scene_Album_TT.prototype.createBackground = function () { this._backSprite = new Sprite(); this._backSprite.bitmap = ImageManager.loadTripleTriad(this.image_list['AlbumBackground']); this.addChild(this._backSprite); I tried ...
  16. Xyonel

    about plugins and internal configuration

    Hey, I'm wondering if plugins can create permanent bug in some areas of rpg maker, cause working with a triple triad plugin inside a list full of yanfly scripts has gone crazy. i tried to reset plugin, turning off, re-copy original triple triad and testing, the graphic is unaligned. some values...
  17. DarkSeraph

    Resetting magic to 50% before battles.

    So I'd like to have the game reset each actor's magic to 50% of their max at the beginning of each battle. The actor's regen magic throughout the battle allowing them to use weaker skills over and over but they would have to save up MP to cast more powerful spells. Anyways. The core game...
  18. Xyonel

    Counting digits of a number

    Hey guys and ladies, today I ran into a problem using <before eval> inside a skill(rpg maker mv) using skill core plugin from yanfly, of course. My problem is relative of a lack in competences about javascript where I must compact a script that read every target statistic(example target.hp...
  19. Xyonel

    Taller battler generator(or graphic itself)

    Hi! 1. I'm looking for taller battler sprites(not in-game sprites, only battle) of course if we could work together to create a generator would be nice ( I can help with graphic) 2. I do not have sprite characters ready, so it's a work that need to be made throughout the way. 3. the style...
  20. Xyonel

    permanent stat allocation script??

    Hi there, I use yep stat allocation, it works well but... "Why the holy sanctuary" there isn't the permanent allocation function? it can be worked around but, some suggestion how to better handle that? Thanks mates.

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