1. PolvoT_GamesVX


    HELLO! I am makin' a game with pictures only, and you can write your name in the game, so, I would like to know if I can make the name appear in the screen, without a bubble text, somethin' like this: The player name in the picture is obviously made with Paint.net, I'm lookin' for help to know...
  2. Kingofdemons666

    [Shin Megami Tensei Project] Tsukihime's Enemy Talk Command Help

    Hello everyone. As the title says, im trying to make a shin megami tensei fan game and i want it to be as similar as the games as possible. If you don't know about this franchise, there's a mechanic which allows the player to talk to the enemy and request things such as money, items or even...
  3. Replace Gameover

    I would like to know how i can replace the scripts in BattleManager that sends me to the title screen when my party dies from random encounter, by teleporting the party to an inn instead. I have looked for it but i found mostly stuff for MMV and not XVA
  4. sianko389

    Help with visuals

    I'm currently making a bite-sized game as a side project, i would like to make it look more fancy than a normal basic game. I'm searching for some visual/ aesthetics scripts, and any of them would help! (mostly looking for the main menu and battle scene scripts)
  5. A way to know which skill an enemy will use?

    I'm looking for a way in game, through a script or plug in to let me know what skill an enemy has selected for use. I know I can manipulate weights of skills to make them more or less likely. However, I want to know exactly what skill will be used and use that in a conditional branch later...
  6. How do I check for which actor is using an ability?

    Trying to make a skill check for which actor is trying to use it, then call for a common event based on the actor. I'm new to scripts and only know the very basics, how would I do this?
  7. socks

    Help With Picture-Based Menu - Events

    Hi all, Based on this tutorial, I'm trying to create a picture-based menu for my game using events. I have so far been able to get the result I was looking for, creating a Common Event that uses a series of images that can function like the default menu in MV. The problem I'm now facing and...
  8. Scripts for creating your custom menu

    Hello. Are there any new scripts for creating a custom title menu? All that I have seen are no longer working, or cause errors.
  9. RPGVXAce or RPGMZ?

    So, I've been using VXAce since 2017, and I'm reluctant on changing to MZ. On one side, it's a new engine that will likely still be up to standard by the time I finish my 1-2 year project. On the other side, it's a script heavy project, and since I know nothing about scripts, I mostly rely on...
  10. RancidPast

    RMMV (SOLVED) Press Shift to Force Close Choice Box

    Hello, I'm trying to code my own very basic menu using 'Show Choices' functions to open up menu boxes and I would like to know how I would be able to force close specific choice boxes with the Shift key possibly with a script call before the 'Show Choices' function in a common event? Any help...
  11. Forgottendruid

    Adding Scripts

    Hello Please help! I am trying to make a pacman game in Mz and I found a script: class Game_Player < Game_Character attr_accessor :lock def update_scroll(last_real_x, last_real_y) if $lock!=1 ax1 = $game_map.adjust_x(last_real_x) ay2 =...
  12. TopHatGuy

    Mother 20XX

    Hello, I'm currently making a game called Mother 20XX, I'm Currently Trying To find a way to make moving battle backgrounds in VX ACE Every forum, Every video, Nothing. Can someone give me a script for VX Ace Pls? It will be helpful. Thanks! -TopHatGuy.
  13. Agent334

    How to use pictures for faceset text ?

    How do i make pictures show like facesets in normal vx ace resolution like this? (Sorry if I couldnt explain better or post it in the wrong forum request i am not good at english)
  14. Shuutaa

    Adding multiple languages on title menu.

    Hi! I want to translate my game into another language. After a while, I found out how to put the "languages" add-on in the title menu, and now the title menu looks like this. So here's the problem: I only know how to add it in, I don't know how to make it work. Also, this is what I added in...
  15. RMMZ Script that adds menu backgrounds?

    I want to change the background of the option scene and and of the load scene on the main title. The only plugin that I found add more features that I want. Is there a script that can do only that?
  16. Creative ways to break the 4th wall/mess with the player in MV?

    There's been a few game gems over the years that have broken the fourth wall in fantastic ways. OneShot is one of them, Undertale is another, and there have been a few others. I know that MV runs in JavaScript which is a bit limited, but there are a few things that one can do to try and spook...
  17. yawk

    Any mod support script? [VX ACE]

    Hi! I would like to add mod support to my RPG Maker (VX Ace) game and I have not found anything, it would be cool if they made a script about it, I have found plugins for MV but I use VX Ace so it would be cool if you could pass me some script about this or that they did, thanks for reading :D
  18. RMMZ Create a Custom Turn-Based Battle System (Movement + Range)

    Hey guys, I am new here. We are trying to create a custom turn-based battle system for our game. We would like to know if creating and mixing these concepts would be possible: Concept 1: We want to implement a tile based movement mechanic for both the player characters and the enemies. They...
  19. RMMZ How to use Event ID in a Move command

    Hello! I have a problem. For the first time I need to use script commands in my game in order to make it work efficiently. My problem is: I need to set a Move Command from an event which Event ID has (already) been stored in a variable (let's assume Var:20). And I want the move command to be...
  20. Extra paramaters plugin. [Mz]

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin for mz that would allow base paramaters to do different things. Eg have agility affect evasion rate or luck affect crit rate. I see plugins for mv and vx ace for this but not mz. Thanks!

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