scroll map

  1. danielrobertcampbell

    Scroll Camera from Edge of screen to Player Character?

    I know how to scroll the map / camera using the "Scroll Map" function, but how would I make a scene where the camera scrolls to the Player Character rather than using them as the starting point? I suppose that's the crux of the question; How do I make a different event the "starting point" for a...
  2. ovate

    Map Scrolling Expansion

    Map Scrolling Expansion 2015-05-03 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction Use a script call to move camera to any direction. Instructions: Script call- start_scroll(direction, distance, speed) Feature - Possible to move camera diagonally. About: direction: 7 8 9 distance: scroll...
  3. Aezriel

    Map Scroll

    I use RPG Maker MV but wasn't able to find an area to post this for MV so sorry if this is the wrong place. Whenever I make an event that scrolls up at a certain speed, then back down at a different speed, the second map scroll speed doesn't change and goes at the same speed as the first map...
  4. Tayruu

    [RM2k] Scroll Map offsets from Player?

    I'm not sure if this is a new bug or maybe it's an issue that's always existed, but I'm finding that if I scroll the screen for a cutscene, move the player, then set it back, the screen will be offset from the player until a new map. Here is an example of what I might do: Scroll Map Up 9 tiles...

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