scrolling text

  1. ovate

    Opening Crawl (scrolling text)

    Star Wars style scrolling text Creator name: Saara Terms of Use Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: you may feel free if you're careful Redistribution: credit required Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: credit required For RPG Maker VX Ace Script set up In Customization-...
  2. ovate

    mo-to - Item Destruction Rate, Scrolling Text Pause

    Item Destruction Rate - 2015-10-27 (basic ver) 1.01 Creator name: mo-to Overview Set consumption rate of consumable item. How-to In the database for item when Consumable is set to "Yes". Put <destructRate: n> in the Note box. n can be 1 to 99 for probability. Example) If you put...
  3. ovate

    mo-to - Item Destruction Rate, Scrolling Text Pause

    Item Destruction Rate - 2012-03-26 (Ver.1.11) Creator name: mo-to Overview You can create items that are used with probability. If percentage kicks in, subtract the quantity of that item by 1. You can keep using the same item without losing quantity until % happens. How-to In the item's Note...
  4. RPGXP Scrolling Text

    I'm brand new to the RPG Maker. I have not a single clue on how to modify scripts or other kinds of program changes. I'm trying to find out how to create a scrolling text in the game, or a way to flip through text information. Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks!!
  5. megumi014

    [MV] Skip Scrolling Text

    Hi! I've been trying to look for an answer for this but I can't find it: Is there any way to stop a scrolling text command in the middle of it pressing, for example, the escape button? I have tried with loops, autoruns, conditional branches... but nothing seems to work. Thank you.
  6. ovate

    Scrolling Text Speed Control

    Scrolling Text Speed Control 2014/10/09 Creator name: Nana Overview A script that controls the speed of a scrolling text by pressing a certain key. Features - Speed setting for 3 button controls (A, B, C) and default speed. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script...

    Scrolling Text Customization

    A few quick questions about the RPGMaker MV Scrolling Text Object. When my game screen is square (400x400) I can center the scrolling text object text by manually placing spaces at the beginning of each line (very inefficient). However, I extended the screen using YEP_CoreEngine Plugin (that's...
  8. Show scrolling text still not working for me on 1.3.4

    Show scrolling text for an intro is still not working for me. The event plays on a dark screen and no text shows up. I have the event set to autorun on the starting map. After a while the player transfers to the next map (Intro) as though the event was working normally and the game continues...
  9. Myrmidone

    Scrolling Text Box Opacity

    Hi there, I'm having a problem with Scrolling Text being difficult to read when overlaid on a map, but find that increasing the opacity of the text box makes the text look less classy as it has a border, and doesn't look as good when playing over a blank background, such as during an intro...

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