1. How do stop event sprite from scrolling with the map?

    I'm very new to this, I just started developing yesterday, and I'm running into an issue where when my character moves through the map, it scrolls down, but an event sprite also scrolls with the map--and it ends up standing in the trees--when I want the event sprite to stay exactly where they...
  2. AeghtyAteKees

    Lock Screen Scrolling By Axis

    Hello! I'm in need of either an add-on to Galv's Cam Control or a compatible snippet that allows me to independently lock screen scrolling per axis. For example: a designated game switch or a script call that keeps the screen locked on the current x coordinate, regardless if the player changes...
  3. Moving around during one NPC text

    I'm working on an NPC of an old dude who follows you around telling you his life story. I need the text to be scrolling while you're moving around interacting with other NPC's and other things. I have tried Galv's Messages Without Wait V.1.1...
  4. Sythian Bard

    Multiple Scrolling Backgrounds below Tile Layers

    I would like to have underneath the main tile layer 2 scrolling backgrounds. Basically, Tile Layer - World Map (Continents and such, like floating islands in the sky) Background Layer 1 - Scrolling Cloud Layer (Clouds just beneath floating islands) Background Layer 2 - Scrolling (only when...
  5. tale

    Speedy Input.repeat for Menu

    Speedy Input.repeat for Menu+2011/12/25 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) | (English Translation by tale) Introduction A script that speeds up the scrolling in the menu. Also it can slow down if you want to. Features - Adjustable scrolling speed for menu For more details, see the item settings...
  6. Milena

    Scrolling does not accept decimals as scroll value

    Has anyone noticed why rpg maker vx ace does not accept decimal values for slower scrolling? For example: class Scene_Title < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Background...
  7. Parallax Scrolling effect (images with different speed)

    Hi, i am really really new to RPG Maker in general so please excuse the probably simple answer but i searched the forum and found several threads that seem to contain the answer somehow but i fail understanding it due to my lack of experience. sadly i need the answer for deciding how i will...
  8. moon-boat

    Hand-drawn map scrolling issues?

    Hello. I am trying to use my own hand-drawn background as a map. I am not interested in using tilesets to create a map (unless it is necessary to helping me solve my issues). I want to draw a big map where the player can walk around and the screen scrolls with the player. I created a transparent...
  9. Bahamut20

    Touch Screens and Scrolling

    I'm testing a game I finished recently on my phone and the menu navigation, especially scrolling, is awkward and difficult to get right. It's really hard, for instance, to select an item in battle if you have more than a few items and you have to scroll because the item selection window is so...
  10. nio kasgami

    Rhyme Map Smooth Scrolling MV (conversion by Nio Kasgami)

    Rhyme Map Smooth Scrolling Original author : Rhyme Conversion and improvement by : Nio Kasgami & Quasi Version : 1.00 Introduction :  feature : smooth scrolling scroll in all the 8 directions with simple scriptcall. Soon feature :  compatible with 8 directionnal...
  11. Text scrolling

    I was wondering if there is a way to make text print out letter by letter. As in I don't want the text to show up right away. I want the text to come out slowly. It would also be good if I could somehow control the speed in witch it comes out. For example one text box that prints text slow and...
  12. Quxios

    Quasi Scroll

    [Quasi] Scroll Version 1.00 MV by Quasi What it does: This plugin lets you scroll at different angles as well as scrolling directly towards a character. Using Quasi Scroll: Using Quasi Scroll with frames: Links: Github Terms of use
  13. himechan

    Map Scroll Issues

    For the beginning of the game I want it to pan over to where the player will start walking from a little ways. I attached what I want to be done. :'D The first picture shows where I want the scroll to start and where I want to end up. The second picture shows what I have as that event in that...
  14. Kes

    Scrolling Battleback?

    The title says it all.  I am wondering if it is possible to set a battleback to scrolling, rather than static. If it is not, and I suspect that it won't be, my alternative would be to transfer the party to a map with a scrolling parallax.  However, how would I stop the Battle Processing command...
  15. ♥SOURCE♥

    Scrolling Help Descriptions. No more squeezed text!

      This script makes the second description line displayed in Help windows scroll if the line is wider than the window.   By default, the text is shrinked to fit it into the window, but using this script, the text will be kept in its perfect dimensions and instead, the line will cycle...
  16. Josephkhland

    Battle Log window

    How can I make custom windows with scrolling text?  I want to make one to be active during battles, like a battle log. But I don't know how to make custom windows... Is there any good tutorial for making windows with scrolling text ? 
  17. mephistox

    [RGSS3] Meph's Map Scrolling System

    Meph's Map Scrolling System 1.0 Mephistox Introduction This Script allows you to block the map scroll for certain maps, or even for specific part of the map at some x,y point. Also allow you to determine the part of the map visible when you are teleported. This is useful to create several...
  18. _Shadow_

    [Sharing Solved Issue ] Graphics performance issue (blurry scrolling) on VX ACE

    Are you a person that has VX Ace and map scrolling has a jitter, like blurry graphics instead of smooth that makes the game look like trash? Do not worry. It's not VX Ace. It's the AMD CPU you use. It seems AMD CPUs have some performance issues, when it comes to RPG Maker. So what you...
  19. Auron's Scrolling Help Windows

    Auron's Scrolling Help Windows v1.01 AuronAD Originally ported to Ace by Xypher, originally created for VX by BigEd781      Introduction I needed to be able to write longer descriptions for my current project, but the problem was displaying it in the help windows. So after searching for quite...

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