1. Kyuukon

    Play SE in subfolder

    So, I'm planning on featuring voice acting on my game but since there are tons of sounds it'd be convenient to have them in a subfolder (let's call it "VO") inside the default "Audio/SE". The problem is when I try to point to that folder. I tried lots of commands but none seems to work. It...
  2. Goldschuss

    Error in this script call

    Hey guys, I get the error that "reflection" is not defined. here's the script call I used: { AudioManager.playSe(Reflection, 100, 100, 0); } However, I do know, that I have a SE like this in my folder.
  3. Kyuukon

    [AG] Character Noisy Steps

    Character Noisy Steps by Akumu Games (me) Description: This plugin makes characters produce stepping sound effects when they move on the map terrain. Instructions about how to use it are explained in more detail inside. Plugin: (save as "AG_CharacterNoisySteps.js" in your plugins folder)...
  4. wrigty12

    Poison Flash on Damage Fix (Now with Customization!)

    TDW Poison Flash on Damage Fix - v 1.01 wrigty12 Intro - After installing plugins, I noticed that the typical red "flash" on a map when taking damage from states like Poison did not end up working. Upon research throughout the forums and internet, I could not find a fix. Thus, I created...
  5. Rei Yumesaki

    I Distribute Free Materials (BGM, SE, Girl Voice, a few Graphic)

    Hello! My name is Rei Yumesaki. I'm a Japanese indie creator. I distribute free materials at my site. Yesterday, I made the English Menu and the Terms of Use. Re:I Materials Because I wanted to give this news to overseas people, I wrote in here. I’m sorry if it was a mistake...
  6. Cjdgame

    Where do YOU get your non-RTP BGM/SE for games?

    So I really want to incorporate audio and sounds that aren't RTP into my MV project. But since I may end up taking my project commercial I want to make sure I won't run into any trouble with copyright. I get that the safest bet is to record or mix your own sounds. But if I'm in a bind for a...
  7. Sinnistar

    Sinnistar's Resource collection

    UPDATE: Someone has literally just Copyrighted Sinnistar and that was the reason all of my resources got taken down. I've reuploaded my master collection so the link should work again, but if anyone else has problems with any of my resource links send an email to...
  8. Rinobi

    Actor Damage Sounds

    Actor Damage Sounds by: Rinobi Version History 1.00 [12/05/2015] Initial Release 1.10 [12/06/2015] ATB Compatability Update 1.20 [12/08/2015] Fixed occasional crash when enemy attacks. 1.30 [12/09/2015] Fixed crash when unarmored actor is damaged. 1.70 [12/10/2015] Major update...
  9. IdarG

    Soundtracks in MV

    Hello, forum! BD  I have a question for you. I see that in my project folder in RPG Maker MV; I have both .m4a AND .ogg files in the audio folder. When/If I release my game sometime. Will it have to have .m4a files of the music included, or isn't it necessary? Because when I run it, it works...
  10. Lecode

    Random Audio

    Random Audio 1.0 By Lecode Introduction This plugin allows to play randomly and automatically SE, ME, BGS and BGM. For example playing the SE "Damage1" in any way (animation, audio command, ect) will play instead a random SE between Damage1, Damage2, Damage3, Damage4 and Damage5. How to Use...
  11. Jtanooki

    Balloon Popup Sound Effect

                                                    Balloon Popup SE                                                                                               by Jtanooki   Introduction This plugin allows you to play a Sound Effect when using the Show Balloon Icon on events.   Features Along...
  12. crackedthesky

    crackedthesky's Hinterland Set (Music, SE, Tiles)

    Hey guys! Since the RPG Maker community has been infinitely helpful to me, I decided from the gate that I would do my best to return the favor and contribute. Basically anything I make for my games will most likely end up being posted for use by others as well. I recently finished and...
  13. MakoTorii

    Fade SE

    I have been taking a look at the Script Call Collection topic and have noticed something about the sound script calls: BGM, BGS, and ME have fade-out script calls but SE does not.  While SEs are usually only a second or two long, there should be cases where they last longer than that and may...
  14. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...
  15. Female voice (single laugh)

    I'm looking for a female voice for a villain character.  While an adult, she's got a very childish personality, and is generally very mirthful about what she does.  She has a fairly soft, relatively high voice (think something like Midna from Twilight Princess), and I'm looking for a childish...
  16. [CLOSED] .OGG Sound effects don't play anymore?

    So today I wanted to work on one of my projects but all my imported sound effects didn't work anymore? All my imported sound effects are in a .OGG format just like the default sound effects. Thanks in advance! --Destrik
  17. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Jump SE

    class Jump SE(version 1.0)     def Initialize:        Designed to save me a time. This allows you to assign a sound effect or SE to play everytime you use the move routes jump command.   end     def Features: Assign a SE to move route's jump command.   end   def How to use:        This script...
  18. Zazu

    Characters with sound effects

    Hi there, in my project I want to have a little farm with animals and stuff. So I added a few event-animals who are walking around randomly. Now I wanted the animals to have sound effects. So i simply just added in the event region: Plays SE for example "Chicken". I ticked "Action Button" and...
  19. Mr. Trivel

    Hurt Sounds

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Hurt Sounds Created: 2014-06-30 Version: 1.0 Request by: Rimaka    What does it do? Enemies and actors will play Sound Effect when getting hit.   Requirements: None   Instructions: Add <Hurt: SE_name, volume, pitch> to your Actor or Enemy note box. Example...
  20. Zazu

    Weapons using different SE?

    Hi, i have a little question to the advanced scripters and mappers among you: Is it in any way possible that for example 2 different weapons make a different SE while attacking? My idea was to have several guns which should all have different SE while attacking because they are shooting with...

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