1. [Ace] Help with script calls for this script?

    Hello, I found this wonderful script by FenixFyreX which makes sound effects play when text is displayed in the message window. If possible though, I would like to have the SE change when different characters are speaking, so each character has a different "voice". I know this would be done...
  2. neoscully

    SE volume change over distance

    Introduction This little script calculate the distance between an event and the player and the volume for a sound that can be played by that event. Features - Friendly little helper   How to Use Simple put a call script command in your event. In my example I use a cat as an event that randomly...
  3. Genocidal Dave

    Battler SE when taking damage?

    Hello. I've been looking all over the internet and I can't find a single script that allows you to assign a sound to a character/enemy that plays when said battler takes damage. Actually to be honest, I found one, but it doesn't work for some odd reason. So if you could help me find one...
  4. Noctura

    Question about Text Boxes + SE

    Hello! I am very new to RPG maker and game creation, and am using VX ace. I just started learning yesterday, so I apologize for the noob question. I am trying to make an introduction using pictures, text boxes, and one SE. I wanted the SE to play 3-4 times while the text box is up, and I...
  5. Koi

    Sound effect causes walking lag.

    I decided to have puddles in my game make sound whenever stepped on, however, now the character lags while walking on the puddles since it waits till the soundbyte is finished. Is there any way to take away this wait?
  6. thomas_surles

    Thomas's Stash *Updated 08/25/2013*

    Here Is my stash of Music and art. Free to use in commercial and non commercial games with credit. I Can take requests but no promises I'm not a good pixel artist. But Music I can do.  :rock-left:   :rock-right:     Credits: Thomas Surles and Knight yamato for the blank sprite template.    ...
  7. mobychan

    MSS Text SE

    Text SE - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.07.23 Updates: N/A Script Description: This Script plays a SE you define in the module at the top every x letters. These settings can be made in a module: SE File Name Pitch Range Volume Interval(x) List of methods: Compatible Scripts: Should...
  8. ♥SOURCE♥

    Sound Emitting Events

    Sound Emitting Events (v.2.1) Introduction This little script allows you to set up events that will play BGS/ME/SE (you could try BGM, but..) if the player gets close enough. The volume is based on the distance between the player and the event, so the closer the player is to the event...

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