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  1. ddejan90

    RMVXA Forgotten Memories- Secrets of the past

    Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. I put over 1150+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 8 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some...

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I have to fix a little more.
Or maybe a lot. Yeah, I need to make the characters look a little bit more fit in some poses.
There once was a man whose name was my own
Who tried to make games for console and phone
But after ten years
Some blood sweat and tears
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I go out once every two weeks. My bf works full-time. Why is it only ever me getting sick? T_T
I've been debating on this as the title screen for a while now...

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