1. Poryg

    POR_Asset encrypter + decoder

    Plugin that serves to fight pesky resource stealers. Encrypt your game assets if you don't want to be relying on MV's default encryption. The encrypter can be used once and then removed, provided that you use it right before releasing the game. The decoder, however, naturally needs to stay with...
  2. Poryg


    Just as the name suggests, the plugin encodes your database files. Or in particular all JSON files it finds inside the data folder of your project. That means any JSON files that are outside of this folder (and hence any plugins that use them) are incompatible with this. The purpose of it is...
  3. Poryg

    Safeguarding your assets from getting stolen

    I don't think it's unknown that MV files are badly protected. MV editor allows image and audio encryption, however it's so weak that it's very easy to break through it. And due to the nature of MV code it's open for edits and vulnerable to code injections (as we could see with the episode where...
  4. AnimaScorpius

    Military/Swat/Security experience

    Anybody ever was a military/swat/security member? I would want to talk to you so I could make my game more authentic. I could use anybody who's ever been in the security business too. I of course would not want to talk about anything classified I just want to know how military/security personnel...
  5. KanaX

    Getting Private User Information.

    I use scripts that read the player's username and time.  However I'm standing at a stalemate, thinking whether I should remove them in the final version, or not. First and foremost, the matter of privacy. I think that some people would be rather upset if they saw their username appear on a...
  6. Evan Finkel

    Making the Forums more Secure

    I don't thought this forum is more secure then it should be. My silly brother had an easy travel here and posts a spam thread here using my account. I would suggest to disable preview of all forums here, but I believe that it is something which affects the guest visitors here.. Thank you...
  7. Frostpunk

    Help for the Log-in

    I am Wondering if there is a script for Giving Log-in Form or something like you need to register in order  to separate the another user  If there are some clarification on my thread please notify me Thank you Hoping to answer my question :D

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